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    New Gun Control Bill Encourages Financial Institutions to Report 'Suspicious' Firearm Transactions

    Next Bill will be to report ANY firearm or accessory purchase
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    Berkeley’s gas ordinance

    This has been done before. My first house was built in 1975 during a gas ban. I forgot how wide spread the ban was but I lived in Rochester suburb. 950 sq ft raised ranch. Cost a small fortune to heat with electric base board. Second house 2 miles away, built in 1962, gas fired boiler, 2200 sq...
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    Security Camera Thread - Home Solution Write Up

    Is there a higher grade Swann system you would recommend? Or should I go with the hikvision or dahua?
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    Security Camera Thread - Home Solution Write Up

    NYGUNS In your first post you recomend Swann. I am looking at this setup. 4 Camera 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD NVR Security System Or one of the other similar. What do you think of it? Poe, 4k, 2t hard drive, different camera options available Thanks for this thread and your knowledge
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    Someone please enlighten me

    Yes you still need the Brady check done if it is a private sale. How do I know? The last few years my pistols came from a ffl A couple of months ago I bought a gun from a friend. We went to the clerck together to do the transfer and Because the last time I did the Brady check was about 10 years...
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    Corgi Karma! Torkmag magwell adapter

    Put me in. Sounds like a fun project And thank you for the karma
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    Gun Cleaning Mats - brand comparison

    This right here. At the moment an old white towel And an old orange shirt both headed for the trash. I like the contrast to better see the parts
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    New York eyes a ‘breathlyzer’ for texting while driving

    What if you stopped your car and parked in the middle of your trip to use your phone?
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    Sick deal on Glock 80%

    Out of stock already!
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    Remember "Defund the ATF"?

    I call the guy I used a few years ago a Coffee Table FFL. That's where he worked, in the living room, at the coffee table. But that was not out of disrespect.
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    Rochester Rifle CLub

    It's warm in the winter, any non magnum pistol, available 24/7 unless an event is going on, I do shoot 22lr and some pellet. It's easy for me to get to. It's not to costly. For me the positives out way the negatives. I also belong to Ontario Rod and Gun Club for the benefits of a longer...
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    Pistol lower to Rifle

    You could buy this Polymer80, 80% Pistol Frame V.1 BLack And this Glock Carbine Conversion Unit - MechTech Systems, Inc. MADE IN USA Along with whatever other parts needed and don't finish the lower Until if/when it is needed. If it is not finished it is just a piece of plastic. The...
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    I hope this is a joke