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    Single stage press.. but which one?

    I would go with the RCBS Rock Chucker Kit. You have everything you need except the dies.
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    Vote on this poll

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    Screwed By A Bumper Sticker?

    I'm still stamping "Cuomo Must Go" on ALL my greenbacks!
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    Our Next Senator from New York a dipstick

    I bought one of the "Cuomo Must Go" stamps also. I've been stamping EVERY bill that goes out since shortly after the UNSAFE ACT went into effect. I keep my change seperated and stamp them at the end of the day. NOTHING leaves my pocket without the stamp!
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    First gun you shot and first gun you bought

    Mine was a Marlin 56 LEVERMATIC .22 that my father bought me at age 14. The first one I bought at age 16 was a Ithaca Model 37 featherweight in 16 ga. Still have both of 'em.
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    Reloading 45acp with small primers

    ^ I do the same 200 gr LSWC over 4.0 grs Bullseye..
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    2017’s States Most Dependent on the Gun Industry

    Oriskany Arms is in NY..
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    Co Ownership of Handguns

    I am under the understanding that both permit holders must live in the same residence..
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    A Muzzleloader - A New Kind Of Longarm For Me

    I have a T/C Hawken .50 cal. Have only used patched round balls with 70 gr of Goex ffg. Accurate and loads of fun to shoot. Good luck, have fun and be safe..
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    NYGF Handgun Pictures Gallery: Show off your Pistols and Revolvers !

    Here's one of mine shown with a Kart .22 conversion