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    Classic Firearms Chinese SKS In Stock $299.99

    Nice. good luck. please post pictures when you receive it.
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    My Mossberg 500 and Ruger PCC coolification project

    Traditional wood stock. I like the trench gun look. I had a similar pistol grip setup on a Moss 500. it wasn't for me- had to change my grip to work the tang safety (I ended up going back to the wood stock.) wouldn't be an issue if it was a Rem 870 because it uses a trigger guard safety.
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    Best option/mag lock or spur & ny triggerguards ?

    I did a maglock conversion for a friend. Took about 5 mins. for a very simple install. (you can go the hardware store route - nut and screw, but my friend wanted the maglock.) He (friend) considered his options... he wasn't happy with the spur grip or patrick trigger guard, he didn't like the...
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    Hello from Queens County

    1st. All "NYC" long gun/shotgun owners must posses a NYC long gun/shotgun license and all firearms must be registered. You ask if it is "legal"? the answer is NO. You and your friend live in Queens/ NYC. NYC (5 boroughs) require ALL long guns and shotguns to be registered and the owners MUST...
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    12 or 20 gauge for deer?

    The Savage 212/220 rifled barrel bolt action shotgun is a great choice. I know 2 friends that have a Savage 220. Both said it is very accurate. A while back I was shopping for a Savage 220, but came across a rifled barrel 12ga pump at a price I could not refuse. All my shotguns are in 12 &...
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    NYU Prof Slams SAFE Act As Example Of “Symbolic Politics”

    "New York University law professor James Jacobs has been studying the law and its effects for years, and he’s come to the conclusion that the law is a failure; an “exercise in symbolic politics” rather than a real public safety measure." That's what we've been saying all along, but they didn't...
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    There goes the neighborhood

    I would not. for two reasons.. he sounds lazy and would let his wife get stuck in the driveway and they never say thanks. I'm happy to have good neighbors. I help shovel my neighbors d-way. One of my neighbors is much older and a democrat, but he "never ever" talk to me about politics. They...
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    Upstate 400 acre hunting camp for sale

    It's a shame. years ago I would be interested in purchasing hunting property in NYS. But now-a days I can't wait to leave NYS because of the libs, politicians, taxes... I recently met a old friend at a family get together. his girlfriend's mom is selling 93 acres upstate. I didn't even bother...
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    Ruger Precision Rifle in NY

    No. you're GTG. The RPR is a bolt action rifle.
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    Population of One: Living Alone in an Abandoned Ghost Town

    It might be an abandon town. But as she stated, she gets unwanted visitors and she has already had an incident that she didn't want to discuss. Even the friend said whether you're a man or woman, you don't want to be out there unprotected. That's not a safe place for her. it's only a matter...
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    Police: Family worried after finding military weapons in elderly couple's Montgomery County home

    Society has become stupid. The cops & media turns these seizures into a shit show. portraying they did something great for the community. Meanwhile all they did was steal an old man's vintage rifle collection. People collect coins, stamps, paintings, vtg toys, baseball cards, cars/ bikes...
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    Police: Family worried after finding military weapons in elderly couple's Montgomery County home

    Arsenal, really? The guy was probably a collector of mil surplus rifle. ( here we go, now we can't be a collector. WTF. ) The one neighbor said the old guy doesn't speak to any one. May be it's because his neighbors are a bunch of pansies. this guy liked to keep to himself too...
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    New shooter trying to navigate the NYC laws regarding ammo

    Trying to buy ammo online & get it delivered to your "NYC" address is going to be difficult. Many/most online ammo retailers will not ship to a "NYC resident address". even if you were able to find someone that will ship to your NYC address. NYC rule/fire code only allows you to have 200rds...