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    Cuomo calls on wealthy to return to NYC

    "and will even buy them a beer or eat dinner with them. " F... him. He's so full of himself. Eat dinner with him? I wouldn't even want to be seen in the same restaurant as him. Prior to the pandemic people left NY because of him. With the pandemic, more have found a better quality of life...
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    I guess I don't really need a permit on me

    On a renewal, If they're going to take your permit they should issues a temporary one (document via email..?) like DMV does with a driver lic renewal. But hey, that would make too much sense (sarcasm.) I would make copies of the old one and your appl before sending it in. just in case.
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    No gun sales to New York?

    Here's the post discussing grab a gun pausing firearm shipment to NY.. When cuomo requested the closure of non-essential businesses during CV19 many/some LGS were closed (temporary). And some...
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    My bad. fixed it. I don't have a problem with a friend or family member borrowing a long gun as long as I feel they can handle it safely. Who's to say they didn't inherit or purchased it before the safeact (if they get questioned.) I've borrowed a friend's rifle barrel shotgun for deer hunting...
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    As for lending a long gun to a family member or friend (assuming they never handled/owned a gun before). For me it's not so much that they keep their mouth shut about borrowing it. It would be whether the person is capable of handling the firearm safely. (I have a few friends and family member...
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    Legally ship shotgun

    This is your son's shotgun. He is having his shotgun mailed to himself. (it's not a transfer.) you both have the same last name and (previously) had the same address. put your last name as the sender. mail it to him insured with signature required. It is legal to ship a long gun to yourself...
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    Shotgun Storage

    If you're looking for a locking storage box.. stack-on lockers run around +/- $150. Keep in mind a locker/ safe does take up space. Being that you only own the 1 shotgun and have no plans on expanding your firearm collections. Keeping it store in a locked closet maybe the cheapest route. Or...
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    Truck/car setup....

    Not a problem. I have friend that has shotgun shells rolling around the floor of his truck left over from last hunting season. I call him lazy. I asked him why doesn't he put them in the ammo box that he has in the back cab. IDK.
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    Thoughts On Wearing Gun Logo Apparel

    +1, I don't care for walking billboard look. I don't even like wearing a sport team logo, because of the debate over which team is better. (it's ok, everyone like something/ someone different.)
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    Truck/car setup....

    I have set up my truck for weather related emergency. but nothing for doomsday/combat related. because I don't like to keep any extra guns in my vehicle in case it gets broken into or stolen while the vehicle is left unattended. Or if I need to get the vehicle towed (break down/ accident). It...
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    The lever action as a self-defense gun.

    Lever action rifles has been used for home defense/ self defense since 1866. Many folks across this country still use a lever action rifle for hunting, ranching, home/self defense. Lever actions has been one of my favorite rifles. I own quite a few in various calibers. But if I was to pick...
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    Just Bought A Virgin Lower, What Are My Cans And Can’t?

    You will be find. So you purchased a stripped lower. And say you take it to PA or any other State and build it there. You will not be subject to NY safeact as long as you keep it there.
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    Rental Property / Legal Question

    I'm not a lawyer... If the landscaper is a licensed landscaper/business he should be insured. he should have insurance for when he or his worker gets hurt on the job. As far as the tenant- hiring the landscaper to make changes to your property.. you will need to address that with the tenant.
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    How Much Is The Transfer Fee For Pistols?

    (Some place else)There was a whole (FU) discussion about jerry's. Jerry's use to charge less. Someone contacted him... it seems jerry is not interested in doing transfers any longer. hence the extremely high price (he's busy selling his stuff.) FFL transfer fee is going to vary from one FFL to...