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    Delay (NICS/Background Check)

    It seems that the cleaner you are, the more "suspect" you seem. Probably because they've tried to set up the system with its myriad laws to intentionally entrap every good citizen somehow, and are perplexed when some people remain untainted. </tinfoil hat>
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    NYGF If you use Chrome browser on a laptop/desktop, the site logos have probably been messed up for a long time and should now be fixed.

    Not to burst your bubble, but this is how my logo displays on a desktop using Chrome v. 103.0.5060.114, with color mode Basic Dark. The other color modes do appear correctly, however, so thank you for your work!
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    Delay (NICS/Background Check)

    In my own anecdotal experience, I never used to get delays in Massachusetts. Had an LTC no restrictions/all lawful purposes, yadda yadda. Then did a personal xfer once maybe 5 year back for an FN49 Turk (old school surplus rifle) at an FFL and got a delay. Then got a proceed in a couple days...
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    NYGF Long Gun Pictures Gallery: Show off your Rifles and Shotguns !

    That is so freakin awesome that it's making me want to buy another 10/22 to do this! For extra "wtf" factor, I can display it between my real M1 Carbine and the other 10/22. Sweet setup (I even like the tri-mag)!
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    Buffalo man arrested for ghost gun, body armor, SAFE violation

    Straw purchasers and drug dealers are scumbags and get zero sympathy from me. But the problem I have with these headlines are the vilification of: sporting rifles (assembled or not), quantity of a protected item outlined in the Bill of Rights, and the goddamn fucking asinine description of body...
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    Help choose some calibers for the user title ladder (just for fun)

    The only government you can trust.
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    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    I choose pistols at dawn.
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    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    I may be incorrect, but not absolutely. To your point, objective morality may only exist in limited amounts. What I think is right, you may think is wrong. Or, what both of us think is right (or wrong) may be for completely different reasons. Therefore not everything can be filed into...
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    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    But then there are some people that believe two wrongs make a right. Someone steals their things? They steal someone else's things. In American culture, this is not generally accepted because stealing is against the law. But that person might feel better from their theft, which is justified...
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    Shooting at Uvalde Texas elementary school

    The problem with this argument that you borrowed (and I respect Penn and his political talking points immensely) is that this assumes objective morality. How is it there isn't a source for morality -- that it just is?
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    seating depth question

    To oversimplify ALL of this and other posts: the only numbers that matter between the comparator and the seating dies is the delta (change in) measurement (bullet type specific).
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    State lawmakers call for ammo production tax in New York

    If I didn't have any morals, the money would be rolling right in. You know how many 9mm I have? Hundreds. Literally... hundreds. :sob: (Obscure reference: )
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Got a pretty great gift today from my sister who knows me pretty well, obviously: I plan on using it someday if the end times are near and they start actually saying something about me being maskless (I have yet to be asked to put on a mask while I go about my business in box stores).
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Antarctica is a desert.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    While a sensationalist meme and poorly written, it is stating that the Earth's population could fit into the area of Alaska if it were as population dense as NYC. The acre-per-person is referring to "habitable land" on Earth, not Alaska. While estimates of "habitable land" that discount...