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    Biden AR-15 Tax Plan Would Hit Gun Owners for Up to $3.6 Billion

    Or April 19 1861......what is going ro happen on April 19 2021?
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    Hunting shotgun

    If your plan includes waterfowl and coyotes then your going to want a 12 guage 3 1/2". I use a 3" 1100 for ducks but geese and coyotes is a 3 1/2 870. I have several chokes for the 870 including a carlsons rifled choke tube and a buckshot tube that fires nice groups at 80+ yds. Coyotes are tuff...
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    Rare W. Hurley Thompson .22LR

    Whats the value on that? My friends brother in law has one of them down in Louisiana. Always thought it would be cool to own one.
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    New development in black powder hunting

    The pic the OP posted is a breech loaded black powder. Essentially a single shot rifle. Not loaded thru the muzzle. Not legal in ny. And not all states have the same regulations. But since this is a ny forum id point out that it isnt legal. Like the new arrow guns. Cool and might be legal...
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    New development in black powder hunting

    Cool gun and idea but what for? Ny hunting says muzzleloader. Not black powder. Altho cool and all it wont be legal for ny muzzleloader season.
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    AR Caliber Compatibility

    I built a .450 bushmaster last year for deer and possibly bear. The doe i hit blew rib bones out the other side. Made a mess but not much meat loss. Had i hit both front sholders it would waste a bunch of meat. Also mags like to jam with this caliber. 300 blk was plug and play and fires real...
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    School me on Muzzle Loaders, I want to get one before next season....

    I've had a few muzzleloaders over the last 25 years. I really liked the muzzleloader barrel on my mossberg 500. Had that gun for years and used it for everything. Had a couple cheaper muzzleloaders and a few better ones. If your not going to clean it often then get the cheapest one. Cause once...
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    Who makes 16" .308 stainless ar barrels?

    All I could find is the long barrels. The only reason I never finished the build is I just do not like the thread protector or the fake muzzle brakes. It might sound dumb but I'm about to just order a long barrel and have it cut and re crowned.
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    Who makes 16" .308 stainless ar barrels?

    I've got a .308 ar 10 build ive had before the safe act and never finished. It started as a 16" standard rifle kit. Since then it has just been a box of parts. Bought the original thordsen. Just been a box of parts. Since I have an extra receiver I was thinking of finally finishing this...
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    .308 16" stainless bull barrel

    Who makes a 16" barrel without threads for the ar10? I've been looking around and can't find one. Somebody has to make one. Ive had this receiver for years and I'd like to finish it. I guess I could use a black bull barrel but really want stainless for this gun. It's already going to be...
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    Cerakote - i need a new project

    I like that paint job on that rifle. I also like the folder on it. It's my next add on for my beater gun. You should look at the cmmg 22lr conversion. It will fire with a the stock folded and has been reliable to me with any ammo I've given it. Let's ya shoot for pennies and don't go deaf doing...
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    What’s the Rules on Shotguns?

    What would keep you from putting a 6 round mag or a drum in that gun? How about building an ar10 with a 12ga upper?
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    Cerakote - i need a new project

    If you have no supplies it will be expensive, and no experience it's real easy to mess up any method. If I were you and never painted before but want camo with detail then try dipping it. Paint needs to be mixed perfect. Primer and base coat applied. Stencils added for most patterns then...
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    School me on all I need to know to understand AR pistols....

    Is there a minimum barrel length on an "other"? If you pinned the brace fully extended could you put a 7.5"? Anybody have an ar 10 other?
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    Unemployment Question?

    If your reason for not working is health related you might need to contact disability and put a claim thru them. I think you can get both but pretty sure you need to get disability first so unemployment can adjust payments according. That's how it worked before all this.