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    fair carry?

    Anybody carry at the state fair?
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    yardage? (for hunting with a handgun with iron sights)

    How many yards are your setup for hunting with a handgun with iron sights.I,m going to start shooting at 25-35 for hunting.Will be the same as my ground blind set-up.Much farther than that is tough with iron sights.Will be using my glock 10mm.What is your yardage and gun ?
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    underwood ammo?

    Anybody use this brand ammo in 10mm?If so what grn.Is it worth the money?
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    Sig Sauer V Crown 10mm ammo?

    Anybody use this ammo?Picked up some hollow points and ball ammo both are 180grn. they shoot great and have a good punch for factory ammo.Going to try them out this fall in my glock 20.
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    open carry?

    Thanks for the info just making sure before I buy the holster.Old school here people can,t keep up with the new generation.
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    open carry?

    Hello everyone I,m a newbie to this forum.was wondering is it legal in the state of NY to open carry during gun season.I have a 10mm glock that I would like to hunt with this fall using a chest holster.