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  1. Curmudgeon

    Class Review: Defensive shotgun

    Drove out from the other end of the state to take defensive shotgun with @OnSight Firearms Training at Blue Mountain today. I'm exhausted, sore and smiling. I have a ton of shit to work on. Today was experiment day. From hand loads, to side saddles, Streamlight TI racker, ammo carry, etc. Ben...
  2. Curmudgeon

    examples of woke culture

    The guy that voices Cleveland on Family Guy steps down to allow a black guy to voice a black character, Halle Berry declines a role as a trans person cuz she still likes the D. Feels like the "Spanish Inqusition" bit on Monty Python. What other great examples of woke culture have you seen?
  3. Curmudgeon

    Happy Killdozer day!

    Marvin Heemeyer was a hero to most...
  4. Curmudgeon

    We need to spread the hate around...

    ... this forum doesn't hate on Kathy Hochul enough. I heard she eats babies and beats puppies. Can anyone confirm? Who else should be subject to the two minutes hate?
  5. Curmudgeon

    Home defense adjustments

    That feeling when you realize your current setup doesnt match reality... Home defense rig is a mossberg 500. I'm a lefty so the tang safety works well for me. However.... I have an elzetta tube mounted flashlight that I activate with my support (right) thumb via the tailcap. Walked through...
  6. Curmudgeon

    WTB Flip up front sight.

    Have a magpul flip up rear. Need a front if anyone has something.
  7. Curmudgeon

    The calorie game.

    From another thread.... How many calories do you need to survive? For a month? For a year? A pound of rice, on average has 685 calories. A pound of beans on average has 580 calories. Flour has about 1650 calories per pound. So if you have a pound of each, you have 2915 calories. Let's say...
  8. Curmudgeon

    Know Imperial Firearms in Roch?

    Curious if anyone has feedback on them or has ever dealt with them. Thx in advance
  9. Curmudgeon

    shotgun range time

    I'm scheduled for a shottie class outside Pittsburgh in June. Thanks @OnSight Firearms Training! But I'd really love to find some peeps I could go to a range with where we could push each other to get better. Literally, I want somebody I can work with to come up with complicated drills and...
  10. Curmudgeon

    Safariland 784 AR mag pouch

    Anyone have any experience with these? Just grabbed a couple off Amazon so review to follow when they show up.
  11. Curmudgeon

    Defensive posture changed?

    Just curious if any of what's going on has made you change your standard defensive posture? Mine has changed slightly. I live in the country so we're pretty spread out. Locked up my garage which is usually unlocked, put the key to the gun safe around my neck, covered basement windows, moved...
  12. Curmudgeon

    New spring gun.

    Gonna grab a lower and start a build, buy another Mossy 500, or a 10/22. Not sure which though. Any opinions? Have all 3 already, so I'm just laying in depth at this time. If I get a lower, I'm probably going to do a .308.
  13. Curmudgeon

    Lock her up!!!!

    I mean, nevermind. Nothing to see here. Move along kindly...
  14. Curmudgeon


    The WTB and "The Bar" badges are the same color. When scrolling through quickly, it appears like someone is looking to buy huge juggs. Also, while you're in there, could you ensure we post the pronouns of the individuals in the Huge Juggs section as well as their written consent to be...
  15. Curmudgeon

    Happy Birthday...

    ... Eugene Stoner.
  16. Curmudgeon

    $23T in debt! Congratulations America!

    If you back any politician you are nuts. National debt hit $23T today. Good luck great-great grandkids! Thanks Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson and Kennedy. You all deserve a torturous death. MAGA!
  17. Curmudgeon

    Presidential seal... this is pretty funny

    I love mischief like this...
  18. Curmudgeon

    Gun raffle at Boston Fire Hall. Anyone going?

    Have a ticket, not sure if I'm gonna show up or not. I'm not typically a winner of stuff like this.
  19. Curmudgeon

    Ever buy Wise foods online? Gov't now has your name

    Looks like as part of a class action suit they settled they had to turn over their customers records. Link – Wise Food Storage Turns Over Purchase Records To Government As Part Of Shocking Class-Action Lawsuit | Notes From The Bunker
  20. Curmudgeon

    General Firearm Talk - Erie county

    The other thread where I posted the suggestion is ridiculous. So busting it out here. Tim Hortons - either 20A (southtowns) at the 219 exit or NFB at creekside (northtowns). Pick a day and location next week and we'll meet up to shoot the shit. My suggestions: Monday March 4 at Noon at NFB...
  21. Curmudgeon

    Murder/Suicide in Hamburg, NY

    Murder-suicide shocks Hamburg neighborhood Is that really a suppressed single shot shotgun?
  22. Curmudgeon

    congratulations to Troy, NY!!!

    Sen. Gillibrand eyes Troy, New York, for 2020 campaign base You did it!
  23. Curmudgeon

    The ultimate bubba insult gun

    I get peeps bubba'ing Mosins and SKS'. There were tons of them. But I have found what may be the ultimate bad idea. The asking price and location are kind of funny. ARMSLIST - For Sale: Custom Schmidt Rubin K31 Swiss Rifle
  24. Curmudgeon

    Felons can now vote in FL

    What do you think about it? Personally, I think it's a good call, but still think voting is useless.
  25. Curmudgeon

    NY Senate democrats look toward "common sense" gun laws

    NY Senate democrats look toward "common sense" gun laws From the article...
  26. Curmudgeon

    It's a cartel. Or why your calls, letters and votes don't matter.

    Politics is a cartel. Maybe two if you see a difference between the D's and the R's. There is always a smaller group that controls the rest. You can vote some out, but the new ones voted in have two choices, to quote Rush- conform or be cast out. By doing what you're told by the uppers in the...
  27. Curmudgeon

    Here's how it's going to happen...

    I'm calling it... - USD loses status as world reserve currency - US markets shut down after a week straight of losses and circuit breakers halting trading - US economy tanks. Inflation skyrockets. Depression begins. - US cedes financial control to oversight by IMF, World Bank, etc. - People...
  28. Curmudgeon

    DONE Sino Soviet Type 56 SKS - numbers match

    Asking $450. By traditional dating standards this is a ~1959 plant /26\ letter gun. All numbers match. It's in good condition for a milsurp sks. Out of Cosmo and shot recently. Comes with a sling, cleaning kit and oiler. Also have the good stripper clips, chest rings and some x 39 of varying...
  29. Curmudgeon

    DONE Chinese Type 53 Numbers dont match

    First $100 takes it. Numbers dont match, never been fired by me or headspace. F2F to 03FFL or at LGS if you pay xfer. Erie area. Trades considered, MSR lowers, 5.56 ammo, .308 ammo, GP11 all good.
  30. Curmudgeon

    DONE 1942 Mosin matching numbers

    1942 Numbers matching Ishevk Mosin laminated stock and 2 spam cans with 1 opener. Willing to separate. $350 takes it all. AMMO IS SOLD. $250 FOR THE M91/30. Prefer F2F in Erie county area to valid 03FFL or F2F if you pay transfer Trades considered, MSR lowers, 5.56 ammo, .308 ammo, GP11 all good.
  31. Curmudgeon

    WTB TAC Star side saddle for Mossy 500

    Actually, only need the screw that goes through the trigger assembly, but I'll buy the whole thing. Coulda swore I put Loctite on that shit.
  32. Curmudgeon

    Anybody in Erie reload 20ga and want some free hulls?

    Have a box of 100+ by my estimate. Some of them probably aren't usable. Previously fired pickups from a class I attended recently. Not shipping. Free to anyone in or traveling to Erie
  33. Curmudgeon

    Anyone training this weekend?

    I'm taking a defensive shottie class with Iron Sight at Alden Rod and Gun Sunday.
  34. Curmudgeon

    OnSight Defensive Carbine class review thread

    Yeah. A thread. I'm still digesting the class and there's a lot to share. If you're interested follow along. In short, @OnSight Firearms Training and @Dauntlessgroup put together a great class at an awesome facility. Let me get the negative (only one) out of the way first. Try not to let your...
  35. Curmudgeon

    If you could shoot one these full auto guns, what would you pick?

    I'll be in AZ this week and have some evening time to myself. Thinking I might try my first gun with a giggle switch. It's a stand up range, so I'm not going to do a belt fed. Thinking the krink or MP5. Anyone care to opine? Scottsdale Gun Club - Machine Gun Adventures
  36. Curmudgeon

    The maths...

    School shootings, Russian Hackers that try to influence elections better than our government does in other countries, RINO's, hashbrown metoo, black lube matters, thermite, build the wall, etc, etc, ad nauseum. All distractions from the real issue - within a few years our national debt will be...
  37. Curmudgeon

    Hi. You probably won't like me.

    You didn't at the other place. No. I'm not SCOSGT. The caliber increases the more you post? Impressive.