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  1. Toecutter

    Decent inexpensive rechargeable flashlight

    Been using this for work about 6 months now, found it at walmart for around $30 .It is 800 lumens , low /med /high settings, micro usb rechargeable metal flashlight . Battery life is good I use it on/off all day and charge it at night. Figure may be good for someone who doesn’t want to spend a...
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    Another business raided by oathbreakers

    Marine Vet business raided for opening. All he asked is to share his story.
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    No first amendment in NYC

    Will police in NYC do the right thing ? They should be arresting the Mayor .
  4. Toecutter

    NYPD arrests people over social distancing

    First amendment violation? Charged with unlawfull assembly vs the right of the people peaceably to assemble.
  5. Toecutter

    FBI seizing property (ppe)

    What do you guys think of this?
  6. Toecutter

    Man wearing swastika cap

    This is kinda crazy two sightings in white plains and ardsley. Wearing a red cap with a yamika on top with a hand drawn backwards swastika. My guess this has to be some insane leftist trying to make his merica is full of trump supporting nazis fantasy come true...
  7. Toecutter

    Shoulder holster

    Thought id try a shoulder holster this winter. I ordered an Alien Gear rig today 99 dollars and it works with all my AG shells. From the photos the thing looks very well made. I'll let you know what I think when it arrives.
  8. Toecutter

    Ar500 sales

    If your prepping in a budget and looking for armor. Ar500 is having a sale . Level III Flat BOGO
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    F/S 06 harley sporster

    Selling my bike. Thought id tgrow it up here see if anyonea interested. 06 883r converted to 1200 10:1 piston runs good waa riding it last year. new tires , new battery last year.needs speedo and igniton switch. Aftermarket chrome is a little pitted but I have all original parts that I took off...
  10. Toecutter

    Man in Maga hat slashes so one's hand

    Guess this guy won't be grabbing hats for a while. I can imagine the look on someone's face is priceless when you pull a sword on them. I just done fucked up. Man in 'MAGA' hat slashes man's hand with sword in Calif.
  11. Toecutter

    Active shooter lower Westchester

    Active shooter in Lawrence hospital. Bronxville. I know cops that are there now. Swat is sweeping the hospital.
  12. Toecutter

    Guns In VR

    Can't wait until there are proper controller gun stand ins . Tech like this can be a lot of fun in games and good Training aids.
  13. Toecutter

    Student harrased by teacher over maga hat

    Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. Toecutter

    Historic accounts of handgun stopping power

    If only they had the 45acp .
  15. Toecutter

    2 cops shot serving warrent at wrong address

    2 Officers Shot Went to Wrong Address to Serve Warrant Here is another situation where 2 cops were shot serving a warrant at the wrong address. Another incident where a CI gave bad info and police acted on it with what seems to be very little investigation. Lucky no one lost their life. Another...
  16. Toecutter

    Congressman supporting Antifa.

    I know we can't vote him out but share this around.
  17. Toecutter

    Free Tommy Robinson

    The British government is scrubbing this from the media . dont let them silence this . Spread the word. This man has been in the front line exposing the atrocities happening in Britain . He has been arrested sentenced to 13 months in prison within the hour . For reporting on Islamic child rape.
  18. Toecutter

    Tomahawk vs machete

    I've been clearing the woods behind my house. its over grown wisteria wild grape and all sorts of bushes. Ive been clearing a bit at a time over couple of years I pick put an area in the spring and just go to town. I have tried many differnet tools and the machete seems to rule supreme. I want...
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    First time working with kydex

    Wow this stuff is so easy to work with . used a press made from a kneeling mat glued to 2x6 and two clamps. Thanks to owning an alien gear 2.0 ( anyone who owns one understands) I have a ton of hardware . I made these with like 5 dollars work of plastic . The CZ shifted in the press ,you can...
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    Mock Cuomo Thread

    I know he is a sensitive cupcake lets poke some fun at him. Post jokes ,insults and memes for the world to share.
  22. Toecutter

    Catalonias independence

    While we argue about the NFL Catalonia is voting to separate from spain to form its own republic. it doesn't seem Spain is having it. I just need of this a few days ago antone have info on the situation. Catalan leader opens door to secession from Spain after vote
  23. Toecutter

    When life gives you sigmas....

    Paint it like boba fett armor. Got bored last weekend and sprayed my sigma with krylon and hobby paint .
  24. Toecutter

    antifa petition

    I don't like tge idea of the term domestic terrorist but something has to be done about these people. Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
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    Next hidden gun idea

  26. Toecutter

    Trump/ CNN videos best yet

  27. Toecutter

    Hidden nightstand drawer

    Was a slow day at the office today. I built a hidden drawer into my nightstand. Havent figured out a locking system yet.
  28. Toecutter

    bathroom gun

    Anyone have a gun stashed in the bathroom, I feel that the shower is a very vulnerable place and the only place I usually don't have a gun within reach. I wanted a good spot maybe a hidden panel that I can access a handgun if need be. Am I dreaming or has anyone done thus .........ideas input?
  29. Toecutter

    a new use for super colibri !

    Shooting giant icicles hanging off your roof :flag: Only in America !
  30. Toecutter

    In the Bronx today

    Took some work in the bronx today. didn't carry for the first time in a couple of years . had this I left my wallet home feeling all day. Sucks the one place I might have the need to defend myself , I cant carry my shooting iron, er plastic .
  31. Toecutter

    New cz striker fired pistol

    BREAKING: First Look At the New CZ P10 Pistol
  32. Toecutter

    Job opportunities

    philadelphia jobs "trump" - craigslist
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    Oath Keepers CALL TO ACTION to Spot, Document, and Report Vote Fraud or Intimidation

    We need to be vigilant and watch over our republic Oath Keepers CALL TO ACTION to Spot, Document, and Report Vote Fraud or Intimidation on Election Day, 2016 - Oath Keepers
  34. Toecutter

    Liberals beat up homeless woman guarding trumps Hollywood star

    So tolerant of them .
  35. Toecutter

    Democrats caught on tape admitting to election rigging

    Part two of the video I posted yesterday ( how low will the DNC sink)
  36. Toecutter

    How low will the dnc sink

    We all knew this kinda shit was going on here's proof.