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  1. tgenec86

    "Foregrip" vs. Pistol Grip vs. what the he** can I use?

    Sorry because I know this probably has been asked many times, but the search I did was completely inconclusive. I have a VEPR AK with a Carolina Shooters Supply aluminum forearm. Very nice, but it gets hotter than hell after a few magazines. Is a flat "foregrip" like this "legal" (FUAC) or do...
  2. tgenec86

    Salacious introduction

    So, in the last post I read about getting Participation Trophies 'cause EVERYONE is special, and I can get lots of extra attention by posting provocative candid photos. So, that being said, here's a picture of my boobies and my ass for your entertainment: Oh, and greetings from Utica.