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  1. repete

    Sig Primers??

    Do they really make their own ammo or is it subbed out to some ammo manufacture?
  2. repete

    CZ currently negotiating to buy Colt

    You really want big brother's fingers in more pie's? Gvmt has NO business in business!
  3. repete

    DONE LEVERevolution powder 1 pound. $25.00

    PM on the way.
  4. repete

    Forbes Says It's Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

    Shame that kind of thing happens but how do you control it? I'm sure the locals know how good the place is and that's who really supports a small biz like that.
  5. repete

    Forbes Says It's Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

    No! His parents were married!
  6. repete

    Gun control in the ’21 State of the State

    Great, another feel good law
  7. repete

    Article Of Impeachment Against Trump To Be Introduced Monday In House

    She's such a cold miserable bitch that floe would soon turn into an ice bridge!
  8. repete

    Lee Bulge Buster

    I must've missed that part! Personally I've gotten away from the real hot stuff as I've gotten older and my guns and my right wrist and hand thanks me. (all joking aside)
  9. repete

    ⚠️Self-experiment in snow and ice - Overnight only in underwear at -5 ° in the hay

    Self-experiment in snow and ice - Overnight PHHTT, did that as a kid in Boy Scouts but we wore clothes. Hay and straw are GREAT insulators.
  10. repete

    Lee Bulge Buster

    Yes, most defiantly. Darth, that brass is BAD! something is wrong, might be the chamber maybe the load or maybe the brass itself. I have a bunch of Starline brass in .45LC that some will not even go into the sizer die and the ones that do fit so tight that I've never completely resized one. My...
  11. repete

    First Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Nice! Now I'll send you my brass to clean.;)
  12. repete

    Lee Bulge Buster

    I've used them in 9 and 45 with good results when used before loading, I tried like others to use them on loaded cases to "iron" out imperfections like a bullet started a bit crooked. It worked but it also has a tendency to "iron" out any crimp and size down the (lead)bullet and that doesn't...
  13. repete

    Stepping Things Up With Chy-Na, Re: Taiwan

    Yes, but it will be politically embarrassing for him.
  14. repete

    Lynch: As Donald Trump is driven from the White House, he should find no safe harbor in golf

    Also I kinda doubt that he charges himself to play at his course.
  15. repete

    Sen. Lindsey Graham is Working with Democrats to Prosecute ‘Thousands’ of Trump Supporters for ‘Sedition’

    Sen. Lindsey Graham should be arrested for impersonating a public servant!
  16. repete

    Teen shot in head in latest Poughkeepsie violence

    WOW! They actually printed some real info.
  17. repete

    Mixing Smokeless

    I use the 8 pounders but then I refill a couple of 1 Lb cans to keep in the house, the 8lb'r live in a wooden cabinet in the garage.
  18. repete

    Old or New King Cobra?

    I have no real way of knowing but I'd bet the older ones are smoother and tighter (at least if not abused)
  19. repete

    I think Biden is going to try to arrest Pres. Trump

    Yeah , they want all that but they'll also want start him to donate money in a year or so.
  20. repete

    "Gun Control" is on its way - via Georgia Senate vote

    Plenty of blame to go around, I blame you!
  21. repete

    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    That sure looks familiar! Hope it goes to a good home, I just couldn't get used to it.
  22. repete

    NY State Assembly Bill A416 (communicable disease camps)

    I really hope those pompous ass's trip over their over grown ego's and fall down the steps repeatedly!
  23. repete

    Winter Survival - Solo Survival Overnight On the Open Prairie like a Hunter!!

    Anyone stationed at Ft. Sill Ok. knows about range fires, unbelievable how fast one can start and spread. My unit lost a lot of equipment in one fire that started close by (cigarettes'?) we had to do an emergency displacement and didn't even move our camo nets before driving thru them...
  24. repete

    Cindy McCain admits 'we all knew' about Epstein

    SCUMBAGS! all of em.
  25. repete

    Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’

    I thought for sure somewhere down near the bottom it would say "I am a mean ass son a bitch" :)
  26. repete

    Tactical trap gun case

    Seems nice, but I just keep my gun on the end table by my chair. No kids in this house hold.
  27. repete

    Is this even real? $1,000 for a used glock.

    What ya all bitchin about? Just use your gvmt. cheese! That will help bring it back to reality. ;)
  28. repete

    Reminder to check your compass

    I've had a small pin on bubble compass pinned on my hunting coat for years and just this last season noticed it was way off, it's small so it's not really marked in degree's but if it was it would be about 45 degrees off!
  29. repete

    State Police investigate domestic incident resulting in a Trooper involved shooting

    Damn! From the headline I thought some trooper caught Jody boinking his ole lady and shot him!
  30. repete

    Buffalo, NY shooting increase over 100%

    Both of you are wrong, it's the damn soccer moms in mini vans!
  31. repete

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Damn, I watched that for a good five minutes :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL:
  32. repete

    Magnum Primers in place of Regular

    Unless your at or close to the max charge for that particular bullet I'd use them, if you are at the max then back off a couple tenths for safety sake. Whatever you I bet you'll very little if any difference in poi.
  33. repete

    H.R.5717 Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 soon to be 2021

    I feel like the dog that gets kicked so much that he just hangs his head tucks his tail in and hides in the corner! But you just never know if or when that dog will bite back!
  34. repete

    The truth of the "Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act"

    In a way your right, but time is the key here. Over time guns will break and parts wear out so little by little they start getting the guns and locking owners up just like the (un) safe act. Just one guy at a time!
  35. repete

    WTB Ruger Mini 14 Factory Wood Stock

    I hate to say it, but have you tried evilbay? I've seen them there a lot. Of course that leaves out a trade.
  36. repete

    Hypocritical Dilemma!

    Don't tell me, they were "edited for content" and that edit changed the whole concept didn't it? Been there and had it done to me.
  37. repete

    Any New SAFE firearm restrictions coming our way in 2021 ?

    umm, ok I'll bite. How?
  38. repete

    Looking to purchase a 2nd handgun , 45mm... NY.

    I have a round for that, make you a good deal on it.
  39. repete

    Looking to purchase a 2nd handgun , 45mm... NY.

    Because they don't make a .46 !
  40. repete

    WTB Old Style Lee Primer Arm

    You don't need that to operate the press, that's why they are so hard to find that and they're a PIA to use. Most Lee users use an 'off the press priming system' I used a Lee hand primer for years until I wore it out. The one I have now is made by RCDS and is sooo much nicer then the Lee, Lee...
  41. repete

    Single stage press.. but which one?

    Right now thats as good a deal you'll find. Not hard to set up at all, just screw in one set of die's in a turret and then adjust each separately as per directions. When you want to change from say .357 to .44mag just put in a new turret and insert die's, while the .357 die is sitting on a...
  42. repete

    These hacking groups are eyeing power grids, says security company

    I don't know about the "industry" but I've seen a local power outage close a couple of truck stops down, pumps down and store closed.
  43. repete

    2 Snakes For Christmas (HK and Cobra)

    It's heavy so when you miss with both shots you can throw it and knock em out!
  44. repete

    Cuomo Christmas gifts to criminals pardons and commutations.

    Why can they use that as an excuse but the DA can't bring up prior crimes?
  45. repete

    Cuomo signs automatic voter registration law.

    Lots of stuff my kids don't know about, quite a bit I've never told my wife either. And NO , I've never cheated on her!
  46. repete

    Cuomo signs automatic voter registration law.

    Loved to use that, another good one is " I'll rip off your arm and beat you to death with it"
  47. repete

    Show us your armorer tools!

    While yer going to the post office how about sending me the mill, I'll send it back. Honest!
  48. repete

    Congress Agrees to 2.3 TRILLION Spending Package,

    Just follow the money, Who in congress do you think is getting a piece of Sudan's $60 mill? How big of a piece? How about Vietnam's 169 million? Central America's 505 million? Some son's of a bitch's in congress or family members will be getting rich(er) with this! And it's all on our and our...
  49. repete

    Cuomo signs automatic voter registration law.

    They say you have to be a citizen to vote yet at the bottom of the press release... If your an American citizen you shouldn't need a translator! Contact the Governor's Press Office Contact us by phone: Albany: (518) 474 - 8418 New York City: (212) 681 - 4640 Contact us by email...