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  1. Depick

    Must have tools for upper build

    Need some advice I’ve been researching building an upper and almost every source has a different tool list. I’d love some input from you guys on what was an absolute necessity for your builds and what I can do without.
  2. Depick

    F/S FREE!!! Drywall DONE!

    I have 8 and 3/4 sheets of drywall I want out of my garage. They’re 4’x10’x5/8” ultralight and firecode X and absolutely FREE!!!! Please come and take! VERY HEAVY! Can’t be shipped local pickup only
  3. Depick

    DONE Weatherguard truck toolbox

    Trying to get rid of my used weatherguard toolbox. Came off an ‘06 Tacoma so it is meant for smaller trucks or maybe mounted to a trailer. I’d say it’s 5 to 6 years old and still functions like new. Both locks work flawlessly, shocks have no problem holding the lid open, still seals up well, has...
  4. Depick

    DONE BNIB Mossberg 930 security barrel

    Brand new barrel that came with my 930 spx. Has a gold front bead sight 18.5” length. Looking for $150 shipped or $125 face to face. But I’m open to offers. If anyone is interested feel free to message me. 930 12 Gauge Security Barrel - 18.5" - Matte
  5. Depick

    I think I ruined my PC carbine

    I was reassembling my pc carbine after a cleaning and it took a spill off of my work bench onto the basement floor. The barrel assembly was almost fully seated into the receiver when my butterfingers went into full effect. The barrel assembly took the worst of it. The piece that fits into the...
  6. Depick

    FREE Free patio set

    free to whoever wants to pick it up. Wrought iron style furniture. It’s in good shape could use a coat of paint. (4) chairs and (1) table. If you want it send a message and we can arrange a time.
  7. Depick

    12 Gauge ammo question

    So about 6 years ago I purchased quite a bit of buckshot and slugs. I stored it in my basement in a metal container it wasn’t airtight and my basement is pretty dry. I know I didn’t store it right but it all looks the same as when I bought it. Am I overthinking this and should I just run it...
  8. Depick

    AR lubing guide

    I was looking for some info on where and how much to lube my AR and stumbled on a few simple guides and figured I’d post em up.
  9. Depick

    Assembled my first lower

    Aero Precision lower PSA lower build kit minus a few parts YHM extended take down pins Magpul trigger guard Next I’m going to add a magpul grip and stock. Im going to DDs ranch tomorrow to pick up a mag lock which will be utilized with a magpul pmag. I like how easily the baseplate can be...
  10. Depick

    DONE Mesa Tactical Remington 870 LEO adapter

    A like new 870 Leo adapter. Comes with all the parts it originally came with along with a generic stock. The adapter needs a buffer tube, castle nut and grip to be utilized. I’d like to get $60 shipped or would take a trade for a black magpul 870 stock in similar condition with all the parts...
  11. Depick

    Glock 43 issue?

    So the recoil spring in my G43 doesn’t always stay fully seated in the notch on the barrel. I noticed when this happens the slide lock won’t fully operate. Is this normal ? Or should I be contacting Glock.
  12. Depick

    F/S iPhone plus case

    Looking to get rid of a case I mistakenly purchased. It’s a UAG pathfinder case. It says it will fit an iPhone 6s+ 7+ and will most likely fit an 8+. It is brand new. I’m looking to get $20 which includes the cost of shipping. PM if interested and we can work something out.
  13. Depick

    Picked up my 1st 1911 today!

    I stopped by the gander mountain in Tonawanda on a whim and ended up buying a Remington 1911 R1. It was 30% off so I got for $600 out the door with a $100 rebate.
  14. Depick

    Getting restrictions lifted in Erie

    So It's been two years with my permit and I'd like to upgrade it. I've got the paper work printed out and started filling it out. Any body have any advice? My main reasoning is to be able to carry from time to time when I'm working. Im an electrician and mainly work solo and in some of the...
  15. Depick

    Opinions on Outdoor Tactical Supply

    Somehow I ended up on their email list and saw they have some good prices on uppers and have considered picking one up. I'm wondering if anyone here can comment on their products as far as quality goes.
  16. Depick

    WTB Mosin Rifle Crate

    I recently saw a mosin crate that was repurposed into a coffee table and I would like try my hand at doing so. If anyone here has a crate in good condition they are willing to part with I'd be happy to discuss purchasing it. I'm located in the buffalo area and would prefer to avoid shipping.
  17. Depick

    Zore gun lock

    Stumbled on to this today seems like an excellent idea for keeping a pistol nearby and secure. ZØRE X | ZORE
  18. Depick

    Anybody working on anything good?

    Anybody got any good projects going at the moment? Myself I'm working on my G43 nothing to crazy Talon grips and a couple grip extensions.
  19. Depick

    Glock + Trumpet = Hilarous

    Saw this and I could not stop laughing The Proper Way To Play The Mario Theme Song
  20. Depick

    Excited to be here

    im sure happy to have a new forum to participate in!!