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  1. repete

    Steal of a deal!

    Found a listing on Farcebook for #10 cans of Mt. House foods, guy said he WAAAY more than he needs and selling them for $10 an individual can or $50 for a case of 6 cans. I thought if sounds to good.... But I figured it might be worth the risk so I ordered 3 cases, they all came in in perfect...
  2. repete

    WTT Small pistol primers for trade

    I have a few extra boxes of Fiocchi small pistol primers, each box contains 1500 primers. I figure I can part with up to three boxes. Will trade ONLY I don't need the money and they don't eat much so if I don't trade them I'll keep em. NO SHIPPING! Face to face only and would prefer trade to be...
  3. repete

    WTB Small ring Mauser action

    Looking for a small ring Mauser action, barrel is unimportant as is wood, all I really want is a receiver, bolt and trigger assembly for a project. Ideal candidate would be one of the 1890's Argentine, Mexican, Brazilian ectara. Some rust is no problem but cost is. What do you have kicking...
  4. repete

    Let them eat cake!

    This may not be necessary for survival but face in a stressful time what else makes you feel good a s a nice homemade snack? All you need is your favorite unfrosted type of cake mix like pineapple upside down, pound, or cinnamon streusel and some WIDE MOUTH Mason jars lids and rings. Prep the...
  5. repete

    Harvest Right, anyone have one?

    As the title says, I've looked on the web and seen good and bad but I'd like to know from some verified experiance. So anyone use a food freeze dryer from them?
  6. repete

    FREE Cleaning out the gun room, Free and not so free stuff/

    Some of this stuff I can mail out but some will have to be picked up or a meet up. I live in Rochester but travel thru Syracuse (5pm and 1Am) Binghamton (at the Loves 6pm and midnight) and Chester NY at 9 pm so we can make arrangements. First "I'll take #____" gets it! For stuff that gets...
  7. repete

    Lets talk reflex sights

    I've scoped a few handguns before but never used a reflex sight before and never used anything on a semi auto other than open sights. Now as I get older my eyes have a problem picking up the front sight and I'd like your thoughts on reflex on a 1911 in .45acp (flame away). I don't compete and...
  8. repete

    Gun safe to small? Product review

    I like many here have found out the hard way that a 20 gun safe really won't quite handle 20 LONG guns, so I've been looking for a better solution. I found RIFLE RODS from Liberty safe(.com) I picked up the 10 pack starter kit, it's bit pricey at $39.95 but thought I'd give it a shot. Well plain...
  9. repete

    Bunker Hill ammo box review

    I picked a couple up about 2 years ago and had them out in the garage next to some Mil-surp cans all filled with various calibers. I went out and checked them all and the humidity indicators in the two Bunker hill boxes where pink (BAD)while all the indicators in the mil-surp. boxes where blue...
  10. repete

    Gun buy "backs"

    I've got 3 POS hand guns that aren't safe to shoot and aren't worth stripping any (more) parts. Any body know of an up coming buy back? I really can't think of a better way of saying FUAC than to get state or local money and then spending it at a local gun shop! I'd prefer Rochester area but I...
  11. repete

    WTB old single shot shotguns

    Just like it says, older single shots .410-12Ga. NO DAMASCUS! Prefer old dented bent rusted barrels, so in other words I want them cheap. My goal is to remove the bbl (to avoid running afoul of the ATF) and cutting it down short and then rebarrel it to various pistol/rifle calibers like .37 Max...