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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    Yes indeed, that's the one!
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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    I had two on the list, a Ferguson rifle, which I built last year, and a Johnson rifle, which I'll probably never find a a price I can afford.
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    Knife Sharpening

    I have one of those too and it's pretty good, but I am particular about sharp tools and admittedly like the hands on aspect, even though it's guided by the fixture. Backward evolution?
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    Knife Sharpening

    I just got mine delivered yesterday. I'm a long time Lansky user, this Worksharp tool blows my Lansky set away. The choice of angle adjustments alone is worth the money. They could, maybe, use a few more grits of sharpening stone, but the 320 and 600 grit diamond stones worked fine. And the...
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    Pelosi Reelected as House Speaker in Tight Vote

    Why am I not surprised?
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    Anybody ever buy anything on Guns international?

    In that case use a postal money order. I have bought off the site twice with no problem.
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    30 carbine questions

    There are 10 round magazines for the carbine and there are strpper clips too for reloading the magazines.
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    30 carbine questions

    The front sight is held on by a pin. Push the pin out, remove the sight, take off the front barrel band with bayonet lug, replace with repro type 1 band, found cheap on line, reset front sight. Under a hundred bucks total, not safe act controlled from that point on.
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    What is a good age to introduce Shooting Sports and Gun Appreciation to your children ?

    I started with a .22 at about 6 years old. Our kids started with bb guns at 5 and .22's at about 6 years old. They learned safety from the start and have not forgotten it.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Probably the only true thing he's mumbled in 40 years and everyone said " Oh that's just Joe."
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    Petition William Barr to demand States AUDIT THE VOTE!

    Signed it but have no confidence Barr will take any action.
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    Cuomo Issues Lockdown Orders on Private Homes Just Before Thanksgiving

    Well, the dogs have to eat too.
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    School me on dies

    Hey, if you can bolt it to the dining room table, and live to tell the tale, I'm all for it!
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    School me on dies

    The Forster press will make the most of those high quality dies. Been using mine for years. Some prefer a separate crimp die, I have done seating and crimping in one set up for a long time without problems. Good choices for your bench!
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    Jersey man arrested in bear poaching

    I've got to disagree with you there! Bear, cooked right is good food! Stew, even roasted on a spit over a camp fire, more then once actually, don't recall anyone not liking it. A couple folks got a little "thoughtful" about it when they found out what they ate but nobody complained about how...
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    I believe it's called satire.
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    Single stage press.. but which one?

    The Forster Co-Ax is hard to beat, a little more money but a great press. Die changes are fast and no shell holders to keep track of.
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    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - The gift that keeps on giving

    Seriously sounds like desperation coming from AOC but then she has a lot of less than intelligent things to say at any time.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Can you spell dementia? Or maybe just dumb ass?
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    The Deadliest Marksman’s Cold, Brave Stand

    That is a great book, just finished it.
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    New development in black powder hunting

    You still have to load the bullet from the muzzle. Just another sort of in-line.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Wallace needs to be reminded he is only a moderator not a participant in the debate.
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    In Preemptive Defense of Future Justice Barrett

    Blasey-Ford will be back " She held Kavanaubh's beer..." This will be ugly and may end up costing the democrats votes. At least I hope it will.
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    Interesting night shooting

    Those Coonan .357's are something aren't they, I would like one but the price, well, I could sell a few things! I've had both the hot brass and ricochet experience but not in the same day!
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    OL' Remus was right more then he was wrong and I think he was right on this.
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    Easiest way to remove Berdan primers?

    Get a Mighty Armory decapping die. I hit a few Berdan primed cases in a reloding session, punched out the primer and made a nice centered hole at the same time. The pocket needed swaging afterwards, military cases do.
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    Trump Suggests Delay of 2020 Election Over Mail-In Voting

    Huge mistake right there. Now the left has a Trump wants to cancel the election drum to beat through November. With the economy suffering, all the lying about covid going on, and "summer of love" events going on in cities all over the place, there's enough to deal with. Biden is capable of...
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    Help Needed- Muzzleloader Cleaning Products

    I understand that, if it doesn't have a flint it's not interesting . And black powder substitutes just don't work as well without a "cap."
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    Help Needed- Muzzleloader Cleaning Products

    I recall a mix, equal 3rds of peroxide, alcohol and Murphy's Oil soap. Cleaned blackpowder well, just don't cork it up tight and leave in the sunshine, the rumor mill claimed a few exploding bottles. 2 to 1 Ballistol and water is the right mix, works great.
  30. J

    Help Needed- Muzzleloader Cleaning Products

    Hot water has worked as long as there's been black powder. But, Ballistol is excellent for cleaning and preventing rust in and on your barrel. Personally, I'd avoid WD40 on b.p. guns.
  31. J

    What should I get?

    Just for the hell of it, a Coonan Arms .357. Someday I'd like one.
  32. J

    Polk Co, Florida not messing around with rioters.

    Polk county has a good sheriff there.
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    Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma — and New York’s economy too

    Thank you. That's theft, straight out theft. Looks like my idea of a Hefty bag for the old girl might work better. At least Cuomo won't get the rest of the box.
  34. J

    Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma — and New York’s economy too

    Could you tell me what pretext they used to seize a funeral account? We are setting one up for the mother in law, or maybe not if the state can grab it. Thanks.
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    New tumbler

    I've used the Lyman tumbler for many years but the next one, when this one goes, will be a rotary tumbler.
  36. J

    Need some reloading advice.

    Ehat's all good gear, put it to work.
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    “Shoot Them Dead”: Philippines President Duterte Orders Law Enforcement To Kill Citizens for Violating Corona Lockdown

    Interesting to hear, I thought it would be the usual political rhetoric leading to nothing.
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    “Shoot Them Dead”: Philippines President Duterte Orders Law Enforcement To Kill Citizens for Violating Corona Lockdown

    That's his go to answer, he said the same thing about drug dealers. Simple, to the point, wonder how that's working out.
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    Rensselaer County Telling Cuomo How It Is

    Last night's news said 14 corona/covid patients had been sent to Albany Medical Center.
  40. J

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says He Will Not Run for President

    If Cuomo's mouth is moving he's lying. And the Democratic party never had a rule it wouldn't toss out for more power in America.
  41. J

    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    It might be easier to like Cuomo if you've never lived in NY. Or only have 2 functioning brain cells.
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    New / updated 4473 on the way...

    At one time having a NYS pistol license took care of the need for the instant check and then NY screwed it up. Line 29 brings the license item up. Is it possible ATF recognizes NY pistol licenses again?
  43. J

    Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?

    Why the hell not, Cuomo is as useless as Biden or Sanders. I don't see him winning any of Bernies bros and doubt he would be appealing to voters elsewhere in the country.
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    Albany 2A rally

    Why wait until the last day of the session? Stupid question, but I will plan on going even if it's a waste of time in this state.
  45. J

    AOC to lose her house seat?

    She'd blame it on the weather. Racist New York weather.
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    Spyderco Sharpmaker reviews?

    I agree with the Lansky sharpener, but occassionally use a ceramic stick set I got from A.G. Russel to refresh an edge quickly. But then I like the Ken Onion work sharp system and Arkansas stones too! Everything has it's uses.
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    My 16 year old wants a sword-any recommendations?

    Would your son like a historic reproduction? I have a Rev-war period officers sword in need of a new home. It could use a good polishing, but sword and scabbard are in good shape. If interested let me know. I'd like to see it somewhere it would be appreciated.
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    Latest knife restoration with my son. Italian

    That came out looking great, tell your kids they did a fine job