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    Todays walmart score

    Thks, that's what I figured. Being at the right place at the right time. lol
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    Todays walmart score

    Nice find. What's they're supply like? Did they have more?
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    New, unfortunate member.

    I assume your son does not live with you (under the same roof). (If he does live with you, they probably won't transfer his guns to you because your son can/may access to them.) I suggest calling your FFL to get the details for the transfer. In my county, we have to hire a licensed FFL that's...
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    Curious rimfire ratshot question.

    I would agree with your gunsmith., reaming out the rifling on the 22 bbl may not be a good idea. When shot the bullet might be like a pinball traveling down the barrel. just a thought. How about a .410 for rat control? Maybe a shockwave in .410 or the S&W Governor, Taurus Judge revolvers. (A...
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Sorry, my fault (fixed it). Thanks I've been busy pheasant hunting. Haven't touch my bow in years and forgot.
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Beautiful buck kemo. Congrats.
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Congrats on a nice buck Robin. I haven't had any success w/ a grunt tube. so I gave it up.
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    How best to organize ammunition?

    Reloading for hunting with different grains and different bullets... I would keep them labeled or separate in something like a couple of MTM ammo box. This way you can keep take of the different cartridges. But if they're all the same spec, keep them in a ammo can.
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    My defenseless sister

    Maybe they were either a H&R pardner or Stevens shotgun. They're usually priced in that ball park. I've handled both at a LGS last yr. The H&R was heavy and cycling is rough. The Steven was a little better ( a maverick is better than either.) But for the money/ for someone that wants a shotgun...
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    My defenseless sister

    She found a bad time to look for a firearm. But then again, so did many other newbies. All the local big box stores on L.I. are cleaned out of H.D. shotguns (Moss, Maverick, savage, Rem..) All the Walmarts on L.I stop selling firearms (except one- but they're sold out anyway.) Even the LGS in...
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    Looking for a cheap lever rifle

    A Henry lever action in .22LR will be your least expensive lever action to purchase & shoot.. Any brand of lever action chambered in .357 will be harder to find and expensive. .357 lever action is in high demand. I own a few lever actions.. everything from big bore to pistol calibers. old...
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    Suppressor... Section 265.02 Not in NYS. A definite NO in NYC (NYC has the strictest gun rules.)
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    NYC Rifle Registration Form

    He has to registered his rifle with NYPD. It is a NYC rule. (NYC resid. are requires to posses a rifle/ shotgun permit in order to own either. ) I would try to go back to the store with your receipt & paperwork to get the NICS check#. They should have it on file.
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    F/S Vtg. O. F. Mossberg & Son 146B- A .22 Bolt-action Rifle

    F/S: Vintage O.F. Mossberg & Son 146B-A .22 bolt action rifle. in very good condition. 24 inch barrel with bright shinny bore. American dark walnut Monte Carlo stock. peep sight. Shoots .22 LR or .22 short. Price $300 Cash. Transfer at an FFL. Buyer is responsible for FFL fee. Location: W...
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    Misunderstand yute arrested for stealing guns and money from friends

    "THOMPSON – On August 20, 2020, State Police have arrested Theo Gilbert, age 19 of Rock Hill, for stealing guns and coins from his friends. Gilbert is charged with Grand Larceny 3rd degree, a felony. State Police say their investigation revealed that while Gilbert was staying with family...
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    Rusty shotgun shells

    steel wool or sand paper will do fine. I would clean it up & shoot it.
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    Does anybody have the blue book of guns, to help me with a price

    I will agree, with Trump winning the left will definitely go bat-shit crazy and anti's will continue to push for gun control. but there's a hope that gun prices will clam down. (minus the riots/protesting.) Whereas with biden, he's likely to attack the 2A. and the panic buy will get worst.
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    Does anybody have the blue book of guns, to help me with a price

    Being that you said they are NIB/ New and you're selling to a friend. either sell it for what you paid or a little less because it's a friend. (up to you) I think he would still be getting a deal because as you said he can't find them otherwise. Curious.. If the FFL consign your guns. Do you...
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    Hatchet or Machete?

    +1 Get both. For splitting or chopping wood and pounding in tent stakes- I use a hatchet/ axe. When I'm clearing a shooting lane, cutting twigs, vines or small limbs to set up my tree stand- I use a machete. ( I have axes, hatchets and a machete. depends on the task.) Gransfors axes are...
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    Home Gun Check in Philly

    That was distracting.. sorry I was too busy staring. what was the topic again..
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    Pointing loading guns at your junk? Yes, and the ND guy is now the admin of the facebook group

    I thought the whole thing was F... stupid. Play stupid games, win stupid ....... But the story is... A member from another forum said he's part of that gun group. He said it all started with trolling the anti-gun groups that said guys with guns had a small penis. So they started posting...
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    Preparing or Hoarding?

    I don't feel stock piling hundred of thousands rounds of ammo is hoarding. as long as it's organized. Maybe it's planning ahead... anticipating a raise in the cost of ammo or a shortage of ammo. Maybe it's his insurance policy. Is he going to use all of it? if he's a competition shooter he...
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    Legal ammo limit?

    I don't live in NYC either. NYC has different rules. NYC require a firearm license for long guns (rifle/shotgun) and handguns. NYC applicants are given a handbook of rules. break the rules and NYPD can/will revoke your license/s. ( the rule about 200 rds of ammo on your premises is in the NYC...
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    Legal ammo limit?

    If you live in NYC- 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island) there is a FDNY fire code- ammo limit of 200 rounds on your premises. "Ammunition You may not possess more than a total of 200 rounds of ammunition in your premises. Not 200 rounds of a certain caliber, not 200...
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    Preparing or Hoarding?

    imo, prepping and hoarding are two different things. Hoarding is a mental illness. Prepping.. are items that have value to you & others. I have been prepping since 9/11. But I prep for a weather related emergencies, not because I'm worried about WW III. I stock up on food & supplies. And keep...
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    Cuomo calls on wealthy to return to NYC

    "and will even buy them a beer or eat dinner with them. " F... him. He's so full of himself. Eat dinner with him? I wouldn't even want to be seen in the same restaurant as him. Prior to the pandemic people left NY because of him. With the pandemic, more have found a better quality of life...
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    I guess I don't really need a permit on me

    On a renewal, If they're going to take your permit they should issues a temporary one (document via email..?) like DMV does with a driver lic renewal. But hey, that would make too much sense (sarcasm.) I would make copies of the old one and your appl before sending it in. just in case.
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    No gun sales to New York?

    Here's the post discussing grab a gun pausing firearm shipment to NY.. When cuomo requested the closure of non-essential businesses during CV19 many/some LGS were closed (temporary). And some...
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    My bad. fixed it. I don't have a problem with a friend or family member borrowing a long gun as long as I feel they can handle it safely. Who's to say they didn't inherit or purchased it before the safeact (if they get questioned.) I've borrowed a friend's rifle barrel shotgun for deer hunting...
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    Hey man, can I borrow a gun?

    As for lending a long gun to a family member or friend (assuming they never handled/owned a gun before). For me it's not so much that they keep their mouth shut about borrowing it. It would be whether the person is capable of handling the firearm safely. (I have a few friends and family member...
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    Legally ship shotgun

    This is your son's shotgun. He is having his shotgun mailed to himself. (it's not a transfer.) you both have the same last name and (previously) had the same address. put your last name as the sender. mail it to him insured with signature required. It is legal to ship a long gun to yourself...
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    Shotgun Storage

    If you're looking for a locking storage box.. stack-on lockers run around +/- $150. Keep in mind a locker/ safe does take up space. Being that you only own the 1 shotgun and have no plans on expanding your firearm collections. Keeping it store in a locked closet maybe the cheapest route. Or...
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    Truck/car setup....

    Not a problem. I have friend that has shotgun shells rolling around the floor of his truck left over from last hunting season. I call him lazy. I asked him why doesn't he put them in the ammo box that he has in the back cab. IDK.
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    Thoughts On Wearing Gun Logo Apparel

    +1, I don't care for walking billboard look. I don't even like wearing a sport team logo, because of the debate over which team is better. (it's ok, everyone like something/ someone different.)
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    Truck/car setup....

    I have set up my truck for weather related emergency. but nothing for doomsday/combat related. because I don't like to keep any extra guns in my vehicle in case it gets broken into or stolen while the vehicle is left unattended. Or if I need to get the vehicle towed (break down/ accident). It...
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    The lever action as a self-defense gun.

    Lever action rifles has been used for home defense/ self defense since 1866. Many folks across this country still use a lever action rifle for hunting, ranching, home/self defense. Lever actions has been one of my favorite rifles. I own quite a few in various calibers. But if I was to pick...
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    Just Bought A Virgin Lower, What Are My Cans And Can’t?

    You will be find. So you purchased a stripped lower. And say you take it to PA or any other State and build it there. You will not be subject to NY safeact as long as you keep it there.
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    Rental Property / Legal Question

    I'm not a lawyer... If the landscaper is a licensed landscaper/business he should be insured. he should have insurance for when he or his worker gets hurt on the job. As far as the tenant- hiring the landscaper to make changes to your property.. you will need to address that with the tenant.
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    How Much Is The Transfer Fee For Pistols?

    (Some place else)There was a whole (FU) discussion about jerry's. Jerry's use to charge less. Someone contacted him... it seems jerry is not interested in doing transfers any longer. hence the extremely high price (he's busy selling his stuff.) FFL transfer fee is going to vary from one FFL to...
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    Hey folks. Moving to NYS soon.

    Welcome to the forum. Break action SxS, O/U, or pumps, bolt-actions, lever actions are not a problem. Anything that uses a magazine has to be limited to 10rds.
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    DO NOT EVER BUY Bruce Springsteen MUSIC

    +1, Never cared for his music.
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    Prince Harry sells his guns to please his wife...

    Prince Harry sells rifles, quits hunting for Meghan Markle...
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    Bust In Queens Finds 25 Firearms Despite NYC Gun Laws

    This occurred in Queens, NYC. NYC has a different set of rules on owning firearms and ammo: You must posses a NYC rifle/ shotgun permit to posses either. 5 rd limit on rifle/ shotguns in NYC (rifle/shotgun capacity can only be 5 rds. ) AR's/AK's are banned in NYC period (NY compliant AR15 are...
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    Building an AR15 with fixed mag and a featureless AR 9mm

    There are a lot of online sellers that will not ship a non-complaint AR15 to NY because they don't want to deal with our strict gun laws. Additionally, a NY FFL will not transfer a regular/non-compliant AR15 to you (civilian) because it is illegal per NYsafeact. It doesn't matter if you brought...
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    IWB pants size

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    NYS hunting course 100% class needed.

    It's an outside vendor that's offering the course, therefore there is a fee ($19.95). IMO, if you're looking to get your hunting license this is a good way to do it. (I took mine in a classroom a very long time ago.) $19.95 is nothing compare to rushing in traffic to get to the class. The...
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    Cuomo Eligible Bachelor

    I don't think it's nipple jewelry. But then again I don't really care. Here's a report that explains it could be tape. Maybe he has abnormal large nipples and he's trying to hide them by taping over them...
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    IWB pants size

    Going up a pant size will be more comfortable. But sometimes you can get away with IWB carry without up sizing. Do you normally wear your pants a little loose with a belt? or snug. I can carry a G27 or M&P Shield IWB with my normal pants size. But I have to go up one pants size when I carry a...
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    Leather Holsters

    I like a good leather holster. I will only carry my revolvers and 1911's in a leather holster. For my polymer guns, I carry them in either leather or kydex.