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    Todays walmart score

    Pretty happy... they had more 22lr but I split it with another guy that wanted some also. Wasnt even here for it.. Middletown Walmart.
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    What is this item for

    What is it?
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    600 peanuts deposited last night (stimulus check)

    Woke up to the extra 600.. anyone else? I've been lucky to not have been impacted much so .. on gunbroker now browsing lol
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    Squad members says inmates should get priority for vaccine What number on the list are us commonfolk?
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    Biden's website says He Will Enact Legislation to End ALL Online Sales of Firearms, Ammo, and ALL Gun Parts

    This is directly off bidens page... no more ammo or even parts online?? So we all have to stand in line and be price gouged by our local store the only game in town... pay what we want or get lost.. and can they really make everyone either sell their assault weapons to the government or...
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    DONE 1000 rounds M22 22LR Orange County

    $ 90 meet near Middletown NY
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    Taser questions

    I know im behind 8 months but.. Are these really legal now? Are they considered pistols and need a ccw? Can they be carried outside the home? Debating buying one. No point in having for home only when i have a shotgun why would i use a taser. I dont have a ccw and this is a nice alternative if...
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    Will prices drop really low ?

    I have 5 AR rifles I want to sell. Problem is now I do not think I can get anything for them. I see them as low as 549 dollars on gunbroker. Will prices get lower as long as trump is in office ? What is going to happen in 4 years during the next election? Is that the only time to sell without...
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    Coming over From NYF

    Hi this is Tom. I am coming over from NYF. I probably know a lot of you .. Ive done a lot of deals over the years!