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  1. mob732

    NYC Goon Spits in Cop’s Face...Then Gets A WICKED Dose of Her Own Medicine

    Peaceful protest. Nothing to see here.
  2. mob732

    Cuomo hits new low with Covid Vaccine comments

    Doesn’t matter. Still get re-elected.
  3. mob732

    Draining the Swamp - Intel Inspector General FIRED !

    “He is a career Department of Justice Prosecutor” says it all.
  4. mob732

    Henry .410 Lever Action Axe "Firearm"

    I like it, but not for almost $800.
  5. mob732

    Lets Talk Space Force...!

    Beam me up Scotty!!
  6. mob732

    Trump Family Moves to Florida

    I moved to Florida end of June. First thing I did was buy a new AR. FUAC
  7. mob732

    Fatal stabbing in Hamburg/ McKinley mall

    That Sears is still open? McKinley is basically a ghost town now.
  8. mob732

    Princess Qhomo’s Solar City Buffalo Billion fiasco explained - FUAC!

    Nothing to see here, just keep moving along.
  9. mob732

    Common council member brought a gun to a school

    What a joke! Oh no there’s no double standard. WTF
  10. mob732

    Ex-Cornell Student Who Hoarded Weapons in Collegetown Apartment Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

    As soon as I get home from work I’m burying my hacksaw in the backyard!
  11. mob732

    Ingersoll Rand threatens to end manufacturing at Cheektowaga plant

    That asshat Higgins of course blames the Trump tax cuts. Try looking at the union and NY State.
  12. mob732

    2019 Pistol Permit Renewal

    My son got his letter also. His renewal isn’t due till December. We’re on the fence weather to do it now or wait.
  13. mob732

    Hamburg Gun Show 1/5/19 - 1/6/19

    Probably stop in Saturday morning after work.
  14. mob732

    Gun Show Hamburg

    I’m in!
  15. mob732

    Brooklyn assemblywoman resigns ahead of corruption trial

    My guess hung jury/miss trial or not guilty. Ends up in a cushy 6 figure job somewhere.
  16. mob732

    Erie County, NY Permit Office (scouting mission) 29 March 2018

    Having to go downtown and parking is the worst part. Never had any issues with the permit department.
  17. mob732

    More people quit upstate despite Cuomo’s economic plan

    My sons in Fort Bragg, he has one year left on his contract. He’s talking about re- uping. Seriously thing of moving down there if he does.
  18. mob732

    Permit recert email

    Mailed mine in middle of January. Email today saying my recertification was accepted. FUAC
  19. mob732

    My GREATEST Trump Disappointment

    Agree 100%
  20. mob732

    FBI Had a call on School shooter

    I’m sure if he had threatened to not bake a cake for a gay couple the FBI would’ve been smashing his door down.
  21. mob732

    Gov. Cuomo's popularity takes a dive, Siena poll shows

    Last election didn’t FUAC only win 16 of 52 counties? Were screwed either way.
  22. mob732

    New from orchard park

    Welcome from North Collins!
  23. mob732

    No Restriction Upgrade Onondaga County Approved

    Congratulations! Welcome to the club.
  24. mob732

    Safe Act Update, Pistol Permit Recertification Deadline Approaching !

    Mailed in my recertification today, certified mail with signed receipt. See how that works.
  25. mob732

    S&W Bodyguard

    Love my Bodyguard, easy to carry and shoots any ammo I put thru it.
  26. mob732

    Petition to keep the Tappan Zee Bridge Name!

    Sure, can’t hurt.
  27. mob732

    NFL Kneels - PENCE Walks

    What’s this NFL you speak of?
  28. mob732

    Buffalo ghetto midday shooting; 5-7 shot & 1 dead

    Mayor Brown needs to hold another gun buy back!!
  29. mob732

    Denmark,Gun amnesty turns up WWII resistance cache

    Damn, the only thing I ever found of value in my attic was an old hammer.
  30. mob732

    Gun Show at the Erie County Fairgrounds

    Saturday morning.
  31. mob732

    Why New Yorks economic outlook Stinks

    But But But New York is open for business. FUAC!!
  32. mob732

    Revenuers prove that's all they are..

    The days of getting pulled over and getting a warning are pretty much over.
  33. mob732

    Revenuers prove that's all they are..

    I was in the town of Eden Tuesday (end of the month) and watched the local PD pull over three cars in less than half an hour. It was like a feeding frenzy. BS on no quotas.
  34. mob732

    Local "hate crime"

    Less likely to happen if the cops were patrolling the neighborhoods instead of sitting in there speed traps.
  35. mob732

    Cuomo's "free College" ~~~ ain't actually 'free'

    It's for the children!
  36. mob732

    Alan Colmes is dead at 66. Good riddance!

    I liked the Hannity & Colmes show back when I used to watch the news. RIP Alan
  37. mob732

    Another Possible Law To Add More Money To The Piggy Bank !

    It's for the children.
  38. mob732

    Report: Buffalo NY, Is Second Largest Market For Gun Crimes!

    Sounds like Buffalo needs another gun buy back. Those work so well!
  39. mob732

    C & R renewal ?

    I got my renewal form yesterday. I haven't ordered anything in years. Trying to decide if I should bother or not.