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  1. maverick52

    Laurie Loomer banned from ever owning a gun

    Let this sink in
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    Tish James...SJW of the year
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    Guy Arrested from Capital Hill Riot “Committed Suicide”
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    Joe Biden Declares Gun Violence a ‘National Health Crisis’ in Sandy Hook Remembrance We can see where this is heading.
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    Looking for Gunsmith in Westchester

    Looking for a gunsmith in Westchester County. Any tips?
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    Executive Action on Gun Control Coming

    Here we go guys. Get ready.
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    Where to Get Reasonably Priced Ammo??

    This ammo shortage really sucks. Can’t believe 9 months ago I paid $180 for a case of 9mm and $300 for a case of .223. Now 600 for case of either one. $30 a box for 9mm. ?:wtf: If anyone can tell me where do buy some ammo at a decent price please let me know. I would really appreciate it. PM me...
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    WTB Looking for some 6.5 Creedmoor

    Hey all. I’m looking for some 6.5 creedmoor. I’m downstate and just shot off all my rounds today sighting in my scope. It’s really hard to find right now and the few I found online are like 2.40 a round. Any help would be appreciated.
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    BLM rioters caused $100,000 worth of damage in Manhattan Friday night, NYPD says Gotham is lost.
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    Do you care about SALT

    Hey there 2A brothers. I know most of us support republicans for 2A reasons and other reasons. So do I. But have to ask, how many of your care about losing the SALT deduction? I understand why Republicans did it but we suffered as a result. We pay some of the highest taxes in the country and...
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    Portland man who accidentally shot himself in groin falsely claimed homeless man robbed, fired gun at him
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    SCOTUS Denies EVERY 2A Pending Case for Petition How’s this for more good news?
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    Westchester County Amendments?

    Hey all, just curious if anyone has submitted an amendment request and if so have you gotten your approval yet? Trying to gauge lead time as I’m anxious to pick up my new gun.
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    Don’t post your guns pics on social media
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    Legal Question: Covid 19 and Article 35

    Was thinking through a legal question today. I noticed I read somewhere that someone who had coronavirus coughed on someone on purpose and he was arrested for attempted murder. so here is the scenario in question: Suppose someone is sick and possibly infected with coronavirus and they come too...
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    Getting out of Dodge, Looking for House to Rent

    Hello my fellow 2A brothers. I’m reaching out to see if anyone can help me out. Me, my wife and kids want to leave our home and head north or west until this corona virus dies down. The Shit is gonna hit the fan downstate soon and I don’t want to be here when it does. I have the mortgage on hold...
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    Biden Freaks Out On Chrysler Worker Over 2A
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    Donald Trump JR: Americans Hold onto 2A rights at all costs I really hope if Trump is re-elected he does more to protect 2a. Every Demonrat running for prez wants to implement Safe Act or worse nationally.
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    John Stossel Demonstrates How Absurd NYC CCW laws Are

    You have to watch this. Absurd NYC carry laws
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    Donahoo Consulting Training in Peekskill

    Has anyone had any training with Donahoo Consulting? I am considering taking a course there. Guy seems highly qualified and well trained. I figured guys in Westchester and Putnam may be able to share their experience.
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    Virginia Dem Admits Activists Made The Difference

    Virginia Dem who joined GOP to reject gun control bill says Second Amendment activists made a difference
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    Any hope for CCW insurance in NY?

    I have tried joining a few memberships for ccw insurance/legal defense fund. Ccwsafe, USCCA, and US Shield. They all refused membership claiming they are unable to provide a service in NY even though they are not insurers. I know Albany fleeced the NRA for 10 million and now everyone is scared...
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    Full Carry in Westchester County

    I know there are some old thread on this but I wanted to know if anyone in Westchester County has recently obtained a full carry. I have heard some folks have been able to get one and was surprised as I thought it was impossible. If you have obtained a full carry what was your approach in applying?
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    Unitah Precision Bolt Action Upper Revealed at Shot Show One more option for us here in our communist state
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    Virginia Democrat Shows His Hand: Labels 2A supporters as Mentally Ill

    If this ain’t eye opening. Read this everyone. This is how it’s going down. If you express your disagreement with these guys they simply label you as mentally ill red flag you and confiscate. This is how it’s going down. Democrat labels 2A Supporters as mentally ill.
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    Virginia Vows to Shut Down All Ranges Not Owned By The State

    Well this gets more interesting every day. Between NY, CA and now VA they are all competing to see who can strip away all 2A rights the quickest! God speed to the partiots there and their uphill battle. This may come here next here Virginia wants to shut down all ranges not owned by the state
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    Herr Cuomo Kicks Off New Year with New Ban On All Gun Parts

    Ban on gun parts
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    Question: Wooster Mountain CT

    I want to go up to Wooster Mountain in Danbury for a range day. Anyone have any experience? Can you shoot a pistol there without a CT pistol license? Do they let you shoot an “other” there? My friend lives up there and we want to have a range day together. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Finally Got the POF Constable “Other”

    After much deliberation I finally picked up the constable. I sighted and shot it today. What a beauty. Set me back 1300 but Merry Christmas to me!
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    Bloomberg’s Gun Plan Revealed

    Today Mike Bloomberg revealed his gun control plan if he gets elected: Reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. -- Require every gun buyer to obtain a permit before making a purchase. -- Require point-of-sale background checks on all gun purchases while closing...
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    When adding the fifth pistol to a Westchester County permit.

    Here’s my question for those with experience. I want to add my fifth pistol to my license. I known that at that point a detective will come to the home to inspect the premises. How does that work? Is it random? Do you make an appointment? Are they flexible on day and time? Thanks
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    Retired LEO Fired from Job for Carrying

    Retired NYPD officer fired from Yonkers movie theater for possessing firearm
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    WTB Looking for Glock 19 frame (gen 4 or 5)

    Hey all. I have a g45 and am looking to purchase a g19 frame for versatility. I believe gen 4 or gen 5 frames will fit the slide.