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    Who makes 16" .308 stainless ar barrels?

    I've got a .308 ar 10 build ive had before the safe act and never finished. It started as a 16" standard rifle kit. Since then it has just been a box of parts. Bought the original thordsen. Just been a box of parts. Since I have an extra receiver I was thinking of finally finishing this...
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    .308 16" stainless bull barrel

    Who makes a 16" barrel without threads for the ar10? I've been looking around and can't find one. Somebody has to make one. Ive had this receiver for years and I'd like to finish it. I guess I could use a black bull barrel but really want stainless for this gun. It's already going to be...
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    Brace on tac 13?

    So I was at the store and seen a tac 14 with a brace on it and thought it was kind of cool......but sitting next to it was a tac13 with the birds head grip on it and I got to thinking it would be awesome with the brace. The guy at the store said he isn't sure if you could put a brace on it or...