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    Black bear vs wild boar

    Incredible vid:
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    A well run Democratic city

    Spend 2 minutes and watch this. This is in Philadelphia (Juanita Park/Frankford, in the Northeast).
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    Congestion pricing: will this be the straw?

    Let's see . . . 90% of highly paid Manhattan officeworkers now telecommuting Rampant and growing crime and homelessness on every corner Failing city services like trash pickup and delayed and truly unsafe subways Massive new tax increases on high earners coming from Albany Remaining...
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    Massive new tax hikes and spending on the table in Albany - Bohica

    A fountain of new taxes and a 22.6% increase in the state budget, including to provide quite a bit for "undocumented immigrants". The New York State tax income tax rate will now climb from 8.85% to 11.85%, a 3% increase, plus other surcharges like a 1% boost in capital gains tax. Add on this a...
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    WTT My 308 and/or .30-06 for your 300 Win Mag 180 gr

    Looking for some elk hunting rounds. I need some quality 300 Win Mag ammo in a 180 grain soft tip or hollow point. I have various .308, .30-06 and for that matter most other calibers. To include .223, 9mm, .45 ACP, .357 Mag, .380 ACP, .38 Special, .44 Mag, and Others. I can supply either...
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    Another 1000 pound JDAM just dropped on FUAC

    Courtesy of the WSJ, behind a paywall so here is an excerpt: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top advisers successfully pushed state health officials to strip a public report of data showing that more nursing-home residents had died of Covid-19 than the administration had acknowledged, according...
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    An excellent article: "A New Crime Wave—and What to Do About It"
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    Another ouchie - the same gun counter as last time!!!

    Man this store is cursed. You may remember the first incident: Ouchie at the gun shop counter Well folks, here we go again:
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    Ouchie at the gun shop counter

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    NYPD: "Overall [NYC] crime reaches record low in 2020"

    Straight from the DiBlasio Ministry of Truth: "Overall crime reaches record low in 2020" From the first line of the release: "New York City and its Police Department were buffeted by conflicting forces in 2020, as a historic low in overall index crime was accompanied by significant upticks...
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    F/S Colt 45 neon sign

    Like the title says, one neon Colt 45 beer sign for sale. Obviously of interest to gun owners, since nobody I know would be caught dead drinking the malt liquor. I kind of love this thing but with no wall space in the man cave I have no place to hang it. The light that comes off is a pleasing...
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    I fired some 12 gauge slugs today, and it hurt so much I cried

    No, not the recoil. It was the thought that it was over $1 per shot at today's prices and I burned through 4 boxes of slugs. I think I am getting very stingy in my old age.
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    ATF putting arm braces into the NFA

    New ATF Guidance Intends To Require NFA Registration of Certain Stabilizing Brace-Equipped Pistols Orchid Advisors was notified by the ATF of a Federal Register Notice titled “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with Stabilizing Braces.” The Notice publishes the objective factors the ATF...
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    F/S .380 ACP and 44 magnum ammo, price drop

    FS: - 500 rounds factory new Ruag (aka Geco/Hirtenberger) match quality .380 ACP, $480 400 - 100 rounds .44 magnum Remington, $110 100 FTF lower Westchester only, the only trade I would take is 10mm Auto (selling this to buy some!).
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    Cringeworthy video of hog hunting

    Dick Cheney, is that you?
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    Latest bailout gift from DiBozo: a half billion dollars? to bail out yellow cab medallion owners Apparently the city will force the evil banks that lent yellow cab drivers the money to buy medallions to cut the drivers' loan balances by roughly 80%. Never mind that medallions plunged in value...
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    Harbor Freight rifle case on sale, $99.99 Apache 9800 case, it’s decent enough quality. Normally 119.99 with the coupon.
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    Supreme Court slaps FUAC on church restrictions, Barrett provides key vore

    Go 1st Amendment!
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    Gun safe on sale at Tractor Supply
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    FUAC to receive an Emmy award for his pandemic coverage

    Maybe he can put it on the same shelf as Obama's peace prize?
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    Shooting range ND (a bit graphic warning)

    Don't know where this happened, but I do know that Rules 1-3 were violated.
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    Manhattan DA candidate: my office will not prosecute anyone for welfare fraud

    The race to dismantle the fabric of our society accelerates: Manhattan DA candidate Dan Quart releases ‘do-not-prosecute’ list He’d also shun prosecuting drug possession for personal use, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of graffiti instruments, gambling and the “vast majority” of...
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    Heads up on a decent safe for auction in Westchester Was about a $900 safe when it was being sold. Weighs 480 pounds, plus or minus, and is decently fireproof. (Not my safe, nothing to do with this...
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    Bought a new Glock from Amazon yesterday, anyone have one of these?

    It's a Umarex/Glock 19 in .177 caliber BB. The weight and balance are uncannily accurate relative to a normal Glock 19. It even includes a safe action trigger like the real thing. I figure this will make a good winter training aid when coupled with a pellet trap.
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    God d*** SAFE Act, found a gun I want and it's not NY legal

    If you are old enough to remember Death Wish 3, or campy enough to have watched it recently - you will remember this gun: That's the 450 Wildey, a really neat curiosity (I don't believe you can find any commercial ammo for it, so it's not for shooting). I found one for sale, and was getting...
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    One gleam of hope for NYC, however faint

    Is that Ray McGuire is going to run for mayor.,hp1r Now don’t get me wrong. Ray is as blue as blue gets. 1 Police Plaza isn’t going to start issuing CCW licenses under his...
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    Man convicted of murdering his own mother mad that landlords won't rent to him

    And now a city councilman is taking up his cause and proposing a ban on landlords checking a potential tenant's criminal history. Don't you feel sorry for this guy...
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    NJ governor to ban bear hunting New Jersey would suspend bear hunting starting in 2021 under a plan announced Monday by Gov. Phil Murphy. Murphy said during his latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton that the state Fish...
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    Florida man road rage on camera with shots fired through the windshield

    Lots of stupidity going around in this vid, it's long. Not really any self-defense, despite the vid title
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    A bankrupt city in a murder spree and practically burning. New law proposed against loud cars?

    Glad to see we have our priorities straight:
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    Pointing loading guns at your junk? Yes, and the ND guy is now the admin of the facebook group

    So much WTF WTF WTF in this story
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    Gang member carries out three shootings after being freed without bail
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    BLM outrage as mural painted on street pavement defaced
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    The worst AR-15 lock of all time

    I thought this was hilarious
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    Rick Scott (FL senator) has a very insightful editorial today on NYS’ woes

    “The result: Cuomo is now facing a massive shortfall in revenue. Because he didn’t plan for emergencies and use state tax dollars wisely, he wants to put every American on the hook, including those who fled his state, to bail him out. Other states like New Jersey, Illinois and California are...
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    New weapons and drone ban bill in Albany Sen. Jessica Ramos Introduces New Bill Banning Police Use of Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas to Protect Protestors Legislation follows weeks of national protests against police...
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    So they want to defund the NYPD. Let's start here with these unconstitutional units

    Budget Code Description Amount 1970 Gun Violence Suppression Division $5,165,558 0039 Gun Amnesty Program $80,000 4303 Gun Amnesty Program $6,636 5118 Licensing Unit $1,106,402 3085 Anti-Gun Violence Initiative $366,238 185 Anti-Gun Violence Initiative $459,916...
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    Video is a good lesson on the 21' rule

    Cop managed to get himself stabbed in this one. I wonder where this was shot - Mexico?
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg in hospital again

    With a "gallstone" "infection", wonder what that means.
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    Trump wrapped boat = awesome

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    Cuomo Eligible Bachelor

    He's single and looking . . .
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    F/S Rampage Products Red 86619 Universal Trail Can Utility/Tool Box

    I bought this a couple of years ago thinking I would make it my humidor in the man cave but never used it. It's cool but someone gifted me a cedar humidor and I just don't need it. It is still NIB, never opened. Photo below is a stock photo from the website of what you get in the box. $60...
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    Cuomo says de Blasio doesn’t have authority to keep NYC schools closed

    I'm not sure which one of these two traitors I like less, but this is satisfying.
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    New Yorkers would choose longer Corona crisis and more deaths if it meant Trump loses 2020 In his latest digital short, filmmaker Ami Horowitz took to the unusually empty streets of New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, to ask...
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    F/S Gold Krugerands

    I have several Krugerrands that I am selling. These coins were the star of Lethal Weapon 2, if you are old enough to remember that movie. Each Krugerrand contains 1 ounce of gold. These are out of stock at most of the coin merchants, just looked and Apmex has some at 1800 bucks each, or...
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    DONE FS: Wolf 2.23 and 5.56 ammo

    WTS: Wolf Military Classic 5.56 $220/thousand Wolf .223 hollowpoint $225/thousand Wolf .223 FMJ $220/thousand I have 2k of each for sale. This stuff shoots well in your garden variety AR rifle. (You will also note: complete lack of price gouging! I know some folks are scrounging...
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    Winter shooting photos 2019-2020

    Post your latest. Here is mine, -14 degrees and 6 feet of snow on the ground in Routt County, CO: