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  1. Pale Rider

    CC in Del Largo Casino??

    The only time I was ever in Turning Stone I was asked if I was carrying. I think it might have been due to me using my Florida carry permit as ID.
  2. Pale Rider

    MLB pulls allstar game from Georgia because of the new voting laws

    I cancelled my MLB subscription a year ago. I won't be watching any games this year. Also cancelled my NFL subscription.
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    News and updates from Rochester Personal Defense

    Late March news from your RPD, LLC Trainers! (
  4. Pale Rider

    Here are the Republicans considering running against Andrew Cuomo

    Lee Zeldon and Elise Stefanik are both good.
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    Greetings, royal subjects!

    Welcome back.
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    New member!

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    Hudson Valley NY (new member)

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    NJ permit in NY

  11. Pale Rider

    NJ permit in NY

    Not sketchy at all.
  12. Pale Rider

    Fenix ammo, again. Now wont sell to biden supporters

    I'm looking for 38 Special. Looks like they don't carry revolver ammo.
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    Rochester Personal Defense Newsletter

    February Program update - And AMMO!! (
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    New member from Orange county

    Welcome. I used the snowblower yesterday, and again today.
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    Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel-UAE Peace Deal

    Like a true liberal, you just accused me of doing what you actually did. I didn't add anything to what you said, I merely asked for a clarification, as to whether or not that was what you were saying.
  16. Pale Rider

    Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel-UAE Peace Deal

    Let me see if I understand. You're saying Trump didn't do anything to deserve the prize and Obummer did?
  17. Pale Rider

    WA Bill to ban K9 units and tear gas.

    WA HB1054 | BillTrack50
  18. Pale Rider

    Biden order allows china power grid access

    This is what I get when I click on the link: 404: Not Found We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found. You might try searching our site.
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    Israel Threatens Possible Strike On Iran If Biden Rejoins Nuclear Deal

    I thought so, because Revelation 20:8 is unclear that all nations will be involved in the second War of Gog and Magog.
  20. Pale Rider

    Israel Threatens Possible Strike On Iran If Biden Rejoins Nuclear Deal

    "Some day EVERY NATION on earth will attack Israel and they will win. Mark it down. " I assume you are talking about the Battle of Armageddon, or possibly the second war of Gog and Magog, because I can't find any scripture reference to ALL nations attacking Israel in the first Gog Magog war.
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    New around these parts

    Come on in and make yourself at home.
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    Accidentally bought cowboy dies

    What is an accidentally bought cowboy, and how did he die?
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    RPD Training update

    I'm not Dave. I just got this newsletter from Dave and posted it here for the information of those who might be interested.
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    RPD Training update

    January 2021 News- Don't delete or unsubscribe! (
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    New to the forum

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    A Message From Federal, CCI, Speer And Remington President Jason Vanderbrink On Ammo Demand

    I like a man who tells it like it is. Good for him.
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    Ammo update group buy

  28. Pale Rider

    What is a good age to introduce Shooting Sports and Gun Appreciation to your children ?

    I think I was about 33 when I introduced my children to shooting sports.
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    Ammo update group buy

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    New from WNY

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    New from Hudson Valley

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    New from central NY

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    Black Friday Sale
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    Hello all.

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    Texas Lt. Gov. offers $1 million for arrest and conviction of those manipulating the election
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    Lawsuit Targets New York City's 2A Restrictions

    They can't pack the court unless they win the Senate.
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    ACLDN News letter.
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    Looks like we might have more riots. Another guy shot by the Police.

    Personally, I favor shooting anyone throwing bricks or molotov cocktails. Of course, being mindful of what is behind the target is a problem in most cases.
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    9mm Available
  40. Pale Rider

    Gun control , gun-grabbers are terrified of Amy Barrett

    Biden will try to enact an "assault weapon" ban, and the seating of Barrett will change everything.
  41. Pale Rider

    9mm Available

    I bought a case of 500, for $299.00. That will hold me until the price comes back down. At least shipping was free.
  42. Pale Rider

    9mm Available

    Target Sports has some 9mm available, although the price may be prohibitive.
  43. Pale Rider

    Virginia legislature passes bill preventing cops from stopping cars with no headlights, brake lights, etc

    Anyone who thinks it should be legal to drive around at night without your headlights on can't possibly be very bright.
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    Checking in from Orange County..

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    Howdy from orange county

    Howdy, pardner. Welcome.
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    Hello. You might meet heavy traffic coming the other way.