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  1. MuttCat

    Here are the Republicans considering running against Andrew Cuomo

    "What trick is there to talking? Any fool can do it." Francis the Talking Mule
  2. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    Fucked up. I guess the bench comes out of the bed and goes on the to the truck...better not touch...
  3. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    It has been my understanding that the prohibition of loaded firearms in a vehicle had to do with transportation. We all know that there is no jacking from a vehicle...per ECL. Interesting. I think I'll give the old judge's office a call and ask about the truck bed angle.
  4. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    I guess I'm a felon.
  5. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    So, if I place a bag on the hood and shoot at a target, or if I sit on the tailgate to shoot at a target....where it is legal to shoot....
  6. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    Red wing blackbirds are here, must be spring. My local range has a less than optimized layout, and one way to work around it would be a bench in the bed of my pickup. Might be good when shooting on state land too...even on my own property. Anybody do this? There are several commercial...
  7. MuttCat

    WWII Pistol Training Video

    Had no idea....
  8. MuttCat

    WWII Pistol Training Video

    45 cal tracer? Never knew about such.
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    Welcome. I don't know about legal stuff, but you might learn about stinky walls, woodchucks, and now hemrrhoids....
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    Rifle suggestion please

    Choices are endless. Like many of us, over time the rifle rack fills up with all kinds of stuff. I still use a slug gun. With the field barrel and choke tubes all my needs are met, be they birds, big or small game...versatile and affordable, although sabot slugs are stupid money. Then I got...
  11. MuttCat

    Hand Signals (A Good List)

    The signals I learned were for mostly for moving vehicles and operating wreckers. I taught the wife several and that has been very useful over the years.
  12. MuttCat

    Davis trade in Reputation

    My local guy takes stuff on consignment...we've both done well, I got my price and he made his money. My third consignment sale is there right now. True it takes some time, but the racks are mostly empty and stock is unavailable. It is a sellers market, and I'm the seller.
  13. MuttCat

    Rifle suggestion please

    I've no argument with anything said, but isn't the OP putting the cart before the horse? I would think the discussion of what rifle should follow a consideration of game, hunting lands/conditions...maybe even caliber first. Personally, I think a lot of folks head out with way too much...
  14. MuttCat

    Restoration of old, rusted, FN Browning "Baby" pistol

    New trick to me, the jar/drill/polisher.
  15. MuttCat

    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    Liberalism is a psychological disorder...maybe they should be flagged?
  16. MuttCat

    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset No ammo for you!
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    New around these parts

  18. MuttCat

    Amazon says it cannot ship knife to my location .. WHY?

    FU Amazon. Sad. For years I've tried to avoid, as best I could, taking money out of my pocket and giving it to those who basically shit on liberty. Even more sad, I used to shop through Amazon Smile and direct donations to St. Jude' more. But Amazon IS out of control and I do my best to...
  19. MuttCat

    Cuomo Announces Plan To Legalize Marajuana In NY

    Pot and more gambling for the masses....what's the problem? FUAC
  20. MuttCat

    ID showing full middle name?

    I feel safer knowing that one more idiotic ministerial act has probably saved the life of a child.....
  21. MuttCat

    Christmas BB Gun

    I can't favorite, Model 25...
  22. MuttCat

    Gunsmith (Dave Klotz) in upstate NY that doesn’t need my business due to his beliefs

    I read the article, what, two days ago. Eighty-two, good for him. And his views, who cares. Keep in mind folks, it ain't him per se, it's the media and manipulation by inference. See, he's a gunsmith with the right ideas. And now you know the truth. That guy is simply a tool. And his shop...
  23. MuttCat

    Burnt bronze or FDE?

    Burnt bronze
  24. MuttCat

    New to the forum

    Greetings and salutations.
  25. MuttCat

    Lucky Gunner no go

    I had no expectations when I emailed them. But here's the best...I mentioned a vendor who did ship to NY...and the response was, "we don't know about other vendors." What kind of business knows nothing about their direct competition?
  26. MuttCat

    Lucky Gunner no go

    Same here. My biggest gripe, is that the FFL "surcharge" is basically arbitrary, just like the firearm transfer fee. Whatever it may be, it is added cost to the consumer.
  27. MuttCat

    Lucky Gunner no go

    So I find some 9mm on the web, Lucky Gunner, checked it out. No shipping to NYC, no mention of NYS. Emailed to ask if they would ship to my zip. They will only ship to FFLs. I briefly explained our situation with the Unsafe Act, that one vendor in particular does ship, and that they have...
  28. MuttCat

    Now that's what I call 'illegal possession" or well should be!

    I've a new understanding of caliber...
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    Steve's not here...
  30. MuttCat

    Speaking of woodchucks...

    Of course I don't want to create a headache for somebody else. Anything I've released off my own property went to the boonies, and will in the future. Give us the old Conservation Department.... That bear must have been 400 lbs.....
  31. MuttCat

    Speaking of woodchucks...

    WTF? So as I said, I bought a trap, now I find out that it's a violation to release trapped critters off your own property? DEC says disease risk? Now what, kill em anyway?
  32. MuttCat

    DOJ is looking into nursing home deaths in 4 states

    Can't argue with that....
  33. MuttCat

    DOJ is looking into nursing home deaths in 4 states

    Man, I hope somethings comes of this, something that sends the altar boy straight to hell.
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    Hello! Don't look behind the curtain....
  35. MuttCat

    Traffic stop in Otego results in felony charges

    I once worked with a guy who really believed that people were better drivers when they were stoned. Sometimes you just have to walk away....
  36. MuttCat

    Hello from Western NY

    Greetings, welcome to the forum.
  37. MuttCat

    Pointing loading guns at your junk? Yes, and the ND guy is now the admin of the facebook group

    WTF? I don't get it...just goes to show that THEY are out there, and their mental illness manifests itself in ways you can't even imagine. That is, until you see it for yourself.
  38. MuttCat

    ATF in action in Glenville

    I believe you are correct. I lived nearby years ago, but back then it used to be Goldstock's...I might be wrong. Goldstock's was a sporting goods store way back in Schenectady, like 100 years ago. They were on Broadway then moved to Glenville and sold mostly skiing stuff as I remember. I...
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    Kicked Up BBQ Sauced Pulled Woodchuck
  40. MuttCat

    ATF in action in Glenville

    Speaking of Henry Bowman... ATF raids Glenville gun store as part of years-long criminal probe
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    No, sounded like squirrel, but it was definitely woodchuck.
  42. MuttCat

    New York State Defeats Challenge to Gun Licensing Laws

    Can't lose what you never had....unless you're a rioter in Chicago.....
  43. MuttCat


    You should know John Galt,.....but do you know Henry Bowman? Welcome to the forum!
  44. MuttCat

    Need a new kydex holster.

    Another not local, but I've been looking at Garrett....Garrett Holsters Leather lined.
  45. MuttCat

    Finally got my Kimber

    Cool beans, very nice.
  46. MuttCat

    My grandfather's .22

    Oh the patina! Seriously, if it was me, I'd refinish the thing...not much to it. But a good cleaning will still give you an interesting wall hanger. Hey, it was grandpa's, keep it in the family...pass it down the line.