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  1. gun_slinger_boy

    Non silencer silencer bullets, space guns, underwater guns and more

    A pretty cool series. I started right from the meat of it but I recommend watching everything. What would it look like if bullets could be suppressed without a silencer? Would those be NFA too? Banned? Probably. Whatever the case these things are awesome.
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    Supreme Court Strikes Down Qualified Immunity Claim

    IMO qualified immunity is insane. So my question is. If qualified immunity became a thing of the past would people seeking to become police lessen, police be less motivated to enforce laws, a mixture of both or something else?
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    The bump stock replacement

    Get one while you can!
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    Primers. What are you doing about them?

    So right now this is the most difficult thing to get for reloading. Or maybe I should say the most difficult thing to get at a reasonable price. I have my share of everything I need but I also understand that resupply may not come anytime soon. Maybe never? So I've resorted to making my own...
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    Anyone cast/powder coat bullets?

    So in non-scamdemic times bullets for the 7.62x25mm aka Tokarev rounds aren't the simplest bullet to find. There are very few manufactures that make the projectiles in the proper weight for caliber. The really good bullets comes from overseas. And even more, the profile of the bullet is very...
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    Mandatory vaccine for NY (anyone confirm?)

    Don't know if this will be a dupe as you guys are all over everything but can anyone confirm this as true? This is kind of a big deal!
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    Importance of multiple sources when reloading.

    I know there are a few on the forum that are just starting out reloading so I wanted to point out the importance of having multiple sources for load data. I have a 9th edition Hornady hard cover and also using Hodgdon reloading site. I have a 130gr boolit I'd like to try out for the 300 BLK. The...
  8. gun_slinger_boy

    Russian 300 BLK?

    Has anyone seen this yet? Seems to me it's just the Russian version of 300BLK. Or would it be more proper to say 300BLK is the American version of 9x39? I don't see much of a benefit over 300BLK besides maybe supersonic loads. If someone remakes the VSS Vintorez they can take my money though...
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    How loud is 357 sig?

    I'm a bit interested in this round as of late. Before the usual arguments of why it's a bad round and I shouldn't bother with it come out, let me get out in front of it. -Yes it's expensive(I reload) -Yes there are other calibers that can do the same if not more Now that that's out of the way I...
  10. gun_slinger_boy

    KelTec P17

    Any interest? I really like the design but was hoping for a more oddball caliber. A low cost five seven would have been awesome. P17 - KelTec
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    This is why I hate going to local gun shops

    You end up with lunch time guns. So I'm low on small pistol primers and 38 special heads. Let me head over to the gun shop down the road during lunch break. Damn it. There's the gun I was just looking at on youtube. So I bought it. I must say, it feels really good in the hand and the trigger is...
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    Looking to build an AR? Here's a hell of a deal.

  13. gun_slinger_boy

    Missouri lawmaker introduces bill that would require AR-15 ownership

    Fuck yeah! Missouri lawmaker introduces bill that would require AR-15 ownership Rep said he didn't expect the bill to pass but is using it to show the absurdity of requiring things. Troll level over 9000.:ROFL:
  14. gun_slinger_boy

    Hi-Point Goes Modern, Thumb Trigger, Taurus TX22 - TGC News!

    The Hi Point looks pretty cool and is double stack, the thumb trigger thing looks horrible, 2 new inexpensive handguns and I want his shirt.
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    Out of state PP recert. Am I seeing this right?

    This stemmed from this thread. Pistol permit law I figured I would just see if I could recertify my permit from out of state for shits and giggles. I was quite certain they would deny it. I was reading another thread this morning and it reminded me that I could check on the status. Once again...
  16. gun_slinger_boy

    Easy gas adjustable AK.

    I know there are other systems out there but they require removing press fitted stuff off of your AK. For anyone that's ever built one you know that's easier said than done. Here is a way to do it with just a drill and punch and doesn't cosmetically change your rifle whatsoever. Too much recoil...
  17. gun_slinger_boy

    Can we talk AR15 gas systems?

    Ok so I had no idea this was a thing until recently but does anyone have any experience with carbine length barrels with rifle length gas systems? Or in other words a barrel with the gas port closer to the muzzle. In my head it would seem that this would make the recoil lighter due to less dwell...
  18. gun_slinger_boy

    The ballistics argument thread!

    I'm making this thread for anyone who wants to argue about ballistics rather than send non related threads off their rails. I'll start off. 45 ACP is far superior to 9mm and 7.62x39 is better than 556. And go.
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    Need your opinion(s)

    My birthday is in a little over 2 weeks and I have a really serious choice to make. My girlfriend is planning a "surprise" birthday party for me at our house. I'll have a bunch of friends and family coming over so obviously guns have to come out and be shot. Gotta get on the bench soon and...
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    Suspect in Iowa murder worked at farm tied to Republican farmer

    Suspect in Iowa murder worked at farm tied to Republican farmer After so much focus on this girl the MSM really didn't like it when all the facts came to light. If something doesn't fit into their belief system it has to be spun somehow. Or at least take the focus off of it. Anyone see anything...
  21. gun_slinger_boy

    State Compact. Anyone hear of this?

    Apparently this has been going on for a while now but I'm just now hearing about this. My co-worker from CT was telling me about it at lunch because his state just passed a bill making them part of the already 10 states and DC that are part of this compact. To sum it up if you don't feel like...
  22. gun_slinger_boy

    EXP Pistols?

    Apparently they have been around for a while but I'm just hearing about them. So they claim to have the lightest 556 pistol on the market made from almost all polymer. And I guess recently they are producing pistol caliber pistols. They are very customizable. But the nice part is being able to...
  23. gun_slinger_boy

    Needs some improvement IMHO

    Cool gun and very expensive but I wasn't very impressed with the subsonic rounds. When I roll my own subs and use a traditional can on a normal ass ak it's leaps and bounds quieter than this and cycles. The action is literally louder than the report.
  24. gun_slinger_boy

    Copper solids testing and settling on the G19

    I know there are some people that are absolutely obsessed with solid copper projectiles @Willjr75 so I decided to give them a try. My girlfriend is finally starting to get serious about carrying and I think these would be best for her EDC. The reason being, she will be carrying a short barrel...
  25. gun_slinger_boy

    Waiting for tax stamps sux

    @Bullet Guy
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    My new pet bird (need advice)

    The laws pertaining to birds of prey are a little different here in PA so I decided to bring one of these home. However... these birds tend to be a bit loud and rowdy. From what I've researched it stems mostly from their diet. Even making my own food for her she's still really noisy and a...
  27. gun_slinger_boy

    An interesting look at 10mm and 45ACP (the real calibers)

  28. gun_slinger_boy

    What happened to the HPA?

    Does this mean that the HPA along with every other firearm related bill/case is in limbo or dead in the water. It appears that way. Seems like there are just a bunch of things being thrown out hoping something will stick. Sens. Lee and Crapo Introduce the Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing Act
  29. gun_slinger_boy

    Well... so much for that.

    A play on words indeed. A while back, like a real while back even before moving to America I was very interested in firearm suppression. Somewhat obsessed. I did so much research on subsonic ammo, supersonic vs subsonic effects, and techniques on how to quiet everything down. It was just such...
  30. gun_slinger_boy

    My newest pistol

    I originally wanted to get an FN PS90 as a fun gun but I just couldn't justify the cost. They are double the cost of this build even after the transfer and additional goodies like reloading dies. That's even before getting the low optics mount (expensive!) and SBRing it. I would HAVE to SBR it...
  31. gun_slinger_boy

    PSA has a hell of a deal

    If you can find an ffl that will work with you on getting items in or know someone who can get these or even if you can have someone buy it in another state and hold it for you PSA has a few really good deals going on right now. PSA 16" Midlength MOE Freedom Rifle & Springfield XDS .45 ACP...
  32. gun_slinger_boy

    Anyone know a good barrel threading gunsmith?

    I'd like to thread the barrel on my colt junior but am having no luck. As far as I can see there were never threaded or extended barrels made for this pistol. The only thing ever offered was the astra cub camper that has a 4 inch barrel but it was in 22 short (astra cub and colt junior parts are...
  33. gun_slinger_boy

    Surprise surprise!

    Think of all the energy that was wasted on this. All the fighting and bickering that went on in the other forum. All the promises and false hopes that came from it. We should all be pissed about it but I think it isn't a surprise at all...
  34. gun_slinger_boy

    Just in case...

    With the recent win of DJT I feel we've been bought some time and it's possible for things to get better in the future but... we should stay ever vigilant. We have to keep the heat on and keep striking while the iron is hot. Tensions are high right now and the near future is filled with...
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    Just had to use the 12 gauge for home defense

    BLUF no one is dead. A few months ago we woke up to find our garbage cans knocked over and a couple garbage bags dragged into the nearby woods. The bag was torn into but the cleanup was easy because the garbage was mostly still in the bag. Something must have scared whatever got it off in the...
  36. gun_slinger_boy

    More disgusting/desperate tactics

    Just one more thing to remember before you pull the lever today. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Pathetic! Vote Swapping App Helps Voters Trade Votes to Swing States
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    Silencers are NOT magic

    We've all seen them and know what they do. Most of us know how they work. Most of us also know that they don't really silence but suppress the report of firearms. You can get somewhat quiet to very quiet depending on the silencer design and ammo used. But we still haven't gotten to the point of...
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    After elections I hope these threads are done

    I realize we are very close to election day but boy I sure do hope these political threads die down after. We all know how corrupt the one candidate is and how much they lie. We also know that the other is the best choice. But until we have a smoking gun that proves all of this and something...
  39. gun_slinger_boy

    A new beginning

    A pleasure to join. Coming from that "other" forum I already see a bunch of stuff I like. Very cool to see this forum grow from its infancy and it's already spreading like wildfire. Thanks for the invites.