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  1. MuttCat

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    Red wing blackbirds are here, must be spring. My local range has a less than optimized layout, and one way to work around it would be a bench in the bed of my pickup. Might be good when shooting on state land too...even on my own property. Anybody do this? There are several commercial...
  2. MuttCat

    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset No ammo for you!
  3. MuttCat

    Lucky Gunner no go

    So I find some 9mm on the web, Lucky Gunner, checked it out. No shipping to NYC, no mention of NYS. Emailed to ask if they would ship to my zip. They will only ship to FFLs. I briefly explained our situation with the Unsafe Act, that one vendor in particular does ship, and that they have...
  4. MuttCat

    ATF in action in Glenville

    Speaking of Henry Bowman... ATF raids Glenville gun store as part of years-long criminal probe
  5. MuttCat

    I guess I don't really need a permit on me

    This is interesting. Yesterday I checked the county website to find out what kind of obstacle course I would have to run to amend my carry permit. I knew that the offices had been closed due to the bug, but that had been a while back. I discovered that there is a "temporary" process in place...
  6. MuttCat

    Scaling down to compact, and maybe 9mm

    I have a 1911 commander sized 45 that I bought a proper belt and pancake holster for. It's been a few years now, and I've reached the conclusion that the pistol and holster simply don't work for me. It's a concealment issue mostly, but I no longer have the upper body flexibility either...
  7. MuttCat

    Mink oil recipe?

    If memory serves (good luck), I think Robin once suggested milk oil for a front stuffer lube. I got a tin of it, and bought ticking from a fabric shop to use for patches. I've read recipes for moose milk and making a spray to soak patch material, but this mink oil is a different critter. I...
  8. MuttCat

    Restored Mossberg Shotgun

    Skipping a story, I had a 500A, disassembled, and wrapped up in a garbage bag with duct tape. Inside the bag was the trigger group, bolt, and rails smothered in Vaseline; two barrels...a modified choke field barrel, and a rifled slug barrel. Both of these were rusted up, but no pitting. The...
  9. MuttCat

    CVA Long Range Muzzleloader

    Paramount Rifle – CVA This got my attention today, very cool.
  10. MuttCat

    Holy Cow, $15 a Box for Mags?

    I uncased my Single Six the other day for a wipe down, it's been sleeping for awhile. Last time I had it out for some shooting, I put it away with the 22 mag cylinder installed. I was thinking come next time out I would get a box of 22 mags and give then a try. All I've ever used was 22 lr...
  11. MuttCat

    Load Data, Specific Bullet vs Generic?

    Question for the experienced.... I'm not a complete dummy, working on it though...but seriously, I will soon be loading 44 mag using Alliant 2400 and 240 JSP bullets. Awhile back I took a look at Alliant's load data for 2400 and 240 gr bullets and saw that they used Speer GDHP, which I guess...
  12. MuttCat

    The end of Forest Rangers...Magically Transformed to ECOs

    This bit of business has been around for awhile, and had escaped my attention since retirement. Perhaps some of you are familiar with the issue and now consider this old news. But this guy's blog (?) captures, in essence, the sad situation with state service on many levels. Sorry if this has...
  13. MuttCat

    Thanks B-Guy!

    Nice round trip down the and back, and came home with exactly what I wanted. Went through Hurley on the way, tons of history there, so now we got to plan another trip!
  14. MuttCat

    Factory 44 mag ammo for 77/44?

    I'm putting my 77/44 rig together for deer this coming season. I have some Remington stuff and a bunch of low power reloads for my N frame, but I don't think any of it is a go for this rifle. After reading up a bit, I get a sense that jacketed bullets may not hold up to rifle velocities, 240...
  15. MuttCat

    Boxes, cases, packaging to be saved?

    I'll guess I'm not the only one. Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of the packaging that new firearms came in. You know the stuff, boxes for long guns, plastic cases that sidearms come with, assorted scope boxe, sling packaging, what a pain in ass storing this stuff. I only hang...
  16. MuttCat

    Check this out, 45 ACPs made from a meteorite

    What a neat idea, pretty cool. Pistols made from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite could fetch $1.5 million at auction
  17. MuttCat

    Low power scope for 77/44?

  18. MuttCat

    Old Iver Johnsons, What Gauge?

    A friend has given me what use to be two shotguns. Two receivers with stocks attached. No barrels. Poking around, it seems they were made by Iver Johnson a long time ago. Very rusty and dirty, but both actions seem complete and both do work. Shame no barrels though. Anybody know a way to...
  19. MuttCat

    Best 22lr Bolt Rifle?

    Got a favorite? I've got an empty space on the rack that needs a 22 bolt gun. After browsing around, it seems there are plenty of rifles to choose from that are affordable, well made, and very accurate. I almost went for a Browning T Bolt, but folks complain about the trigger...and no good...
  20. MuttCat

    Effort to eliminate gun raffles

    NY bill would ban gun raffles Hmm, this really is beyond stupid.
  21. MuttCat

    Bang Zoom, Now You're a Felon!

    NJ: 'High Capacity' Magazine Possession a 4th Degree Felony Tomorrow Hmm...yup, turn 'em into criminals....
  22. MuttCat

    Shooting Glasses, Red Dots?

    For the vision impaired.... Question for the group; do yellow lens work with red dot sights? I'm off for an eye exam and probably a pair of prescription shooting glasses. I know yellow has benefits on the range, but I can't find any info specific to use with red dot sights. Any experience...
  23. MuttCat

    Range Development

    A club I belong to has a parcel which is optimistically referred to as a rifle range. I've checked it out and will not use it. Plenty of space, nice and level, but little else. So, basically starting with a blank slate, I emailed NRA Range Services and asked for any "where to begin"...
  24. MuttCat

    22 Cal Target Handguns

    The local pistol league is looking for new shooters, and I'm mulling it over. The only 22 handgun I have is a Ruger Single Six, and I'm pretty sure it ain't gonna cut it. So, if anybody can offer some insight and suggestions I'd appreciate it. S&W 41 is probably not in the budget....
  25. MuttCat

    44 Mag Rifle?

    Ah, Christmas is coming, and visions of .... Anyway. Thinking of a rifle chambered in 44 mag and have pretty much boiled things down to a Henry lever, or the Ruger bolt. Any body have any experience with the Ruger 77/44? It seems to have fair regard, may be a little quirky, but any reason...
  26. MuttCat

    WRGB Won't Carry Molinaro-Cuomo Debate

    I see in the news that the Albany CBS affiliate, WRGB, is not going to carry the debate, such as it is. I'm a bit bummed...I was looking forward to FUAC maybe taking a couple of hits...
  27. MuttCat

    I saw this and couldn't resist...

  28. MuttCat

    Watchdogs call out state agencies buying Cuomo re-election ads His campaign should reimburse the agencies and fines levied.
  29. MuttCat

    State urges banks, insurers to stop doing business with gun industry

    State urges banks, insurers to stop doing biz with gun industry FUAC
  30. MuttCat

    Question for reloaders; cleaning brass

    I plan to do some reloading come spring. I'm a newbie and have done a fair amount of web browsing for equipment and process. Soapy water, wet tumblers, walnut shells...don't even bother cleaning brass...all kinds of opinions on the topic. I doubt my needs will be for anything over 50 cases at...
  31. MuttCat

    Selling collectable ammo and box question

    I think I know the answer but will ask anyway. I've got an old box of Remington 303 British that I'm sure a collector of such might find interesting. I though maybe I could list it on Gunbroker for example. But given the Unsafe Crap, would I have to work the deal through a FFL? The box is in...
  32. MuttCat

    So they won't kick your door in at 3 AM....

    NYS won’t charge gun owners who 'unknowingly' fail to recertify permits No criminal enforcement? Maybe just call it "administrative"?
  33. MuttCat


    I've poked around, and around, and maybe I'm missing it....someplace here that identifies persons who offer gunsmith services? Maybe just here in the state? A listing in vendors? I'm not speaking of bore sighting, or scope mounting, but school trained or otherwise professional folks.
  34. MuttCat

    Just signed on...

    Got the news over on the Canadian forum, here I am. New user name. Greetings from Dorloo!