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    News and updates from Rochester Personal Defense

    Late March news from your RPD, LLC Trainers! (
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    Rochester Personal Defense Newsletter

    February Program update - And AMMO!! (
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    WA Bill to ban K9 units and tear gas.

    WA HB1054 | BillTrack50
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    RPD Training update

    January 2021 News- Don't delete or unsubscribe! (
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    Ammo update group buy

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    Black Friday Sale
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    Texas Lt. Gov. offers $1 million for arrest and conviction of those manipulating the election
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    ACLDN News letter.
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    9mm Available

    Target Sports has some 9mm available, although the price may be prohibitive.
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    Here's the latest from RPD
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    Ayoob coming to Rochester I took this class when it was held in Seattle. Massad Ayoob is a good instructor, and an excellent resource if you are involved in a self defense shooting.
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    Latest from Rochester Personal Defense

    October news and training courses
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    New From Rochester Personal Defense

    Special Upcoming Training and Events!
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    New computer

    I just started using a new computer. Previously, if I hovered over a post title, it would show me what the post was about. This doesn't happen on the new computer. What am I doing wrong?
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    More news from Rochester Personal Defense

    This looks interesting, too: Training update and news you can use!
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    Got this from Rochester Personal Defense

    June/July 2019 Major announcement!!! You know how much I have missed you guys. In recent months, and even last year, a lot of you wanted me to set up another event somewhere. The issue was that there were not a lot of options that would have suited what was needed to do the event well. Then...
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    One More Thing To Worry About

    Drug Resistant
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    A scary story for Halloween

    Mutually assured cyber destruction?
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    Armed Citizen Intervention in Robbery Results in 2 Dead, Robber Not One of Them

    3 Armed Citizen Intervention in Robbery Results in 2 Dead, Robber Not One of Them Posted by John Falkenberg, September 3, 2018 PHILADELPHIA, MI — A man is behind bars after his attempted armed robbery went wildly wrong, resulting in the death of two innocent people. While trying to rob a...
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    Battle of Athens

    http://voxvocispublicus. homes
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    Air Force remains silent after huge meteor hits near US military base

    Air Force remains silent after huge meteor hits near US military base
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    Ferry Carry

    I'm going to be taking the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry soon. Anyone know if they use metal detectors or search your car? I see the website says that cars are subject to search. Anyone ever have this happen?
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    EMP on Fox News

    Mark Levin's show on Fox News this Sunday at 10:00 pm is going to be about the vulnerability of the power grid
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    Four Meals Away

    Britain 'four meals away from anarchy' if cyber attack takes out power grid
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    Instant karma

    Video shows apparent Bothell package thief's bad fall while getting away
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    DA: Father's gun used by boy to kill his brother

    syracusepoststandard "The DA said the traditional illegal weapons charge does not apply in this case because the accident happened inside the father's home." Apparently the unsafe act has been rescinded.
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    Hawaii hit by massive EMP attack. (IN 1962)

    Electromagnetic pulse attack on Hawaii would devaste the state
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    Good deal on a new revolver

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    Count me in

    So, this is where all the cool people are hanging out now. It's nice to see so many familiar names again. Glad I found this forum.