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  1. Jaywmustang

    Thompson center compass as low as $99.97

    My father has a tc compass and they not not a bad rifle.
  2. Jaywmustang

    New Hornady 6 ARC

    Sounds interesting
  3. Jaywmustang

    Holster for leggings......for my wife, not me

    Any members on here have any experience with carrying in legging?
  4. Jaywmustang

    Remington actions on sale

    Remington 700 actions on sale
  5. Jaywmustang

    Squirrel contest

    Anyone interested?
  6. Jaywmustang

    Anyone with experience with the 338 Lapua?

    Contemplating on getting a 338 Lapua barrel for my desert tech srs a-1. I know ammo is expensive but can be found some what local to me. I don’t reload yet. I was also looking at the 300 Norma mag, I have a 300 win mag barrel and not sure if there is enough of a difference to justify the 300...
  7. Jaywmustang

    Labradar sale

    Good time to pick one up.
  8. Jaywmustang

    Any waterfowl hunters here

    Anyone into waterfowl hunting? I used to field hunt geese years ago, I was more of a tag along. I don’t have much knowledge about hunting geese. So I am looking to get back into waterfowling. I figure I can take my younger son with me, I bet he will be excited about going. Picked up a Remington...
  9. Jaywmustang

    GSSF Pine City ny 2019 results So how did everyone do at pine city? Wife won a 2 year membership and I won a pistol!!!
  10. Jaywmustang

    Shooting buddies

    I always have a hard time finding someone to hit the range with me. My wife loves going but she stays behind most of the time to watch the kids. Does anyone else have this issue?
  11. Jaywmustang

    Ruger rpr at gander

    Ruger Precision Rifle Idk what generation it is but I thought it was a decent price. Last time I was at gander, I asked them what gen their rpr were.....both employees didn’t know there were different generations.
  12. Jaywmustang

    Couple new knives.

    Got a couple of knives today. Spyderco P’Kal and a CRKT homefront.
  13. Jaywmustang

    G17 gen 5 frame

    Anyone have a source for a g17 gen 5 frame? Or does anyone know if a gen 5 slide with a gen 4 frame?
  14. Jaywmustang

    Truglo Tfx pro opinions

    I have been looking for new sight for a couple of my glocks. The glocks are used for competition and for personal defense including CC. I have read positive reviews with a few negative online. Anyone with experience with that sight? Any recommendations for others?
  15. Jaywmustang

    Looking for suggestions on a new pistol

    Hey guys and gals. I decided I am in the market for a new pistol, I have some visa gifts cards I need to use. I don’t really keep up on the latest and greatest pistols. I am open to any suggestions, semi or revolver.
  16. Jaywmustang

    Herb phillipson 30% off sale

    herb phillipson has a 30% off everything in store except hunting and fishing licenses. I picked up a browning xbolt lr stalker 6.5 cm. It was $799.99, out the door I got it for $606. Sale ends Monday night
  17. Jaywmustang

    Smith & Wesson m&p9c value

    My wife has a s&w mp9c that she has rarely shot, maybe 10 mags.....but I doubt it. So this pistol is in almost new condition. What kind of trade in value would this pistol have?
  18. Jaywmustang

    Accuracy International competition trigger upgrade

    New trigger for AI rifles
  19. Jaywmustang

    Hard cast or Hornady xtp for hunting?

    Decided to try and bag a deer maybe a bear if the opportunity presents itself next hunting season with my pistol. After some research I have decided on factory loaded hard cast 200 -220 GR or the Hornady xtp 200 GR. Anyone have any hunting experience with either? Or recommend a good hunting...
  20. Jaywmustang

    Frame mounted compensator.

    Thought it was neat. No need for threads on your barrel.
  21. Jaywmustang

    Syracuse gun show....anyone going?

    anyone going to the Syracuse gun show?
  22. Jaywmustang

    Glock 41 gen4 mos

    Anyone have experience with a Glock 41 gen4 mos? Good/bad? Saw one on clearance and thought about picking it up.
  23. Jaywmustang

    Pistol selection help

    My wife is looking to get a revolver so we hit up runnings today. I kinda wanted her to get a 357/38 spl pistol so if she could shoot either rounds. So she liked the Kimber k6s and the s&w model 60. What we like about the s&w was the exposed hammer but the cylinder release was hard to operate...
  24. Jaywmustang

    Food for a family of 4 for a year.

    I am not much of a food prepper so I don’t really much about it quantity. How much food would I need for a family of 4 for a year?
  25. Jaywmustang

    Tikka T1X rimfire

    New rimfire offering from Tikka.
  26. Jaywmustang

    Merry Christmas savage 10 fcp-sr in 6.5 cm

    Savage 10 fcp-sr 24” barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor with ash vs evil dead season 1&2 and outpost. Great Christmas
  27. squib

    Sheepdog warrior range Anyone here a member or visited? Looks like an excellent venue.
  28. Jaywmustang

    300 win mag project barrel advice

    I am getting my parts for a 300 win mag build. This rifle is going to be a hunting/tactical build, more focused on hunting so it can’t be super heavy. I plan on using factory ammo in the 180-190 GR area, maybe heavier if it will fit the receiver. I don’t have much barrel contour experience so...
  29. Jaywmustang

    Can I use a 10 round mag for hunting?

    like the title says, can I use a 10 round mag in a bolt action for big game hunting? I always thought it was limited to 5 rounds but I can’t find it on the dec website?
  30. Jaywmustang

    Clearanced airguns at Walmart.

    Picked these up at Walmart for $110ish. Good score in my book. Really wanted the crosman 1377, went back and picked up another one. Going to mod the second 1377
  31. Jaywmustang

    Gander Mountain...time to buy long guns?!?

    Hey guys and gals. I talked to my buddy behind the counter at the Cicero Gander and he told me that the discount will not go any higher than 40% on rifles so the time to buy is now. I picked up this tikka t3x for $480ish out the door
  32. Jaywmustang

    Can we post videos directly

    had a video on my phone and when I try to upload it says error. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to host the video somewhere? Thanks
  33. Jaywmustang

    Syracuse gun show

    anyone going to the Syracuse gun show this year? Home
  34. Jaywmustang

    Tikka t3x range day

    Today I had a little time to take my tikka t3x Ctr and try some hunting ammo. I wish I had more time but life can be busy. My main concern was finding ammo that was good for hunting. I did try this once before and my targets were destroyed by the rain. I wasn't happy with the results the first...
  35. Jaywmustang

    Thanks famous actors Video

    i thought it was funny.
  36. Jaywmustang

    Captain America-civil war

    I watched the captian America civil war the other day but I thought I heard that wasn't right. I am watching it again. At the beginning fight scene, captian America said the terrorists are using ar-15. Is this Hollywood trying to spread misinformation?
  37. Jaywmustang

    Hello NYGun.

    Hello NYGun. Glad to find another NY base firearm forum. Thanks Jaywmustang