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    If Biden’s Senile Like They Say, Then Why’s He Running Circles Around the Right? Are they NUTS!!!!!!

    Is that joe's Chinese handler walking behind him on the way to the stairs?
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    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    I 'll request this if still available. Looks like it will fit my SR40.
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    280 is also referred to as 7mm-06 Remington and 7mm Express Remington for those who are not aware.
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    Auto Key Card Raided .. what is a auto key card .. pew pew pew pew drawing on metal ..

    Reading the comments, it is not a "simple" drop in piece of tin. You must use a specific Colt bolt carrier, have a low shelf receiver, be able to time your rifle among other things. That's not to say it is impossible, but not do-able by the average guy with a PSA kit or Windham rifle.
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    Canada's overly comprehensive "gun control" bill would ban airsoft

    It also affects paintball . There are Canadiens on some of my PB forums and they're posting petitions on the law.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    That's how I got my first one. Bought it over the phone from a dealer in another county, sent payment, he emailed a receipt. FFL held it till my permit was approved. Went to Sheriff's office to pick up permit, added purchase, drove to FFL, gave him my coupon, ran NICS, left with purchase.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    just to clarify, are we talking about the state eliminating the automatic NICS approval after 3 days vs an actual waiting period / cool down period to pick up your purchase? I take it that it is the NICS thing. This is on top of the amendment waiting period that some counties suffer. In...
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    22LR and Large capacity Mags

    You are correct , sir. One stipulation is that the magazines cannot be located, stored or used in the state of NY , NJ ( 15 rd limit), CA, and other freedom hating areas.
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    Gun Humor thread

    It makes them look bad and goes against their agenda.
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    Nevada governor proposes giving tech firms power to govern

    Reminds of most of the dystopian movies of the 80's and 90's.
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    “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” Passes.

    Did they name an aircraft carrier in his honor?
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    Reflective tape on pistol slides to know "good" guy from active shooter?

    Was just reading an article where they were talking about why plainclothes officers had reflective tape on their Glocks during the party in Washington on 06 Jan. Was linked to their site from the SW22 forum...
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    Pistol permit renewal is a PIA

    I just looked via the NYSP website and mine has been recertified. I was a year late. The next recertification will be due based on the date that they received my paperwork and not the date my permit was issued.
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    WTB LEE 4 hole turrets

    The Classic series is also available in a 3 hole turret as I have one. Lee makes a 5 hole turret as well.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    He probably had mike sucker punch the alleged guy.
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    New member!

    Look who's braggin' that they have extra ammo to go shooting. :)
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    New member!

    Welcome . don't forget to get mags ( 10 rd max) and leave your pistols out of state till your permit gets processed.
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    Cash on hand. What is needed?

    Winter gas converts from liquid to vapor at a lower temperature. Summer gas may have starting/ running issues in cold weather as it stays liquid at low temps. Winter gas may evaporate more in the warm days and possibly contribute to " vapor lock" in cars that are prone to it. Fuel injected...
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    Cash on hand. What is needed?

    Stockpiling gas was mentioned earlier. Many people dont know that there is summer blend and winter blend gas. Rotate / use up your supply accordingly. We have some 500 gal storage tanks at the farm and I usually only get summer gas. I'll wait till spring to refill them as we go through much...
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    Pistol permit renewal is a PIA

    I noticed mine was overdue ( over 5 yrs since it was issued) so I printed off the form and mailed it in. Never received a notification or other mailings from them reminding me it was due, unlike my car regs and inspections. They start emailing 3 months in advance. I've had other stuff going on...
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    Rep. Lauren Boebert says the firearms displayed behind her during a virtual House committee meeting 'are ready for use'

    She needs something belt fed. I have some 7.62 linked blanks from my Militia days that I could send her for aesthetics. For andy's boys reading, the Militia is the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves . I have them in 9 round segments so as to be compliant.
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    AOC calls for full investigation into Cuomos nursing home scandal

    Well, bless her heart! For someone that was said to be on the short list for a cabinet position , they dropped him faster than blm and that dumb broad that accused Kavanaugh.
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    Buying a pistol in another part of the state

    That is how I bought my 1st one. My permit was being processed and one manufacturer had a promo for free mags. No local vendors wanted to hold a pistol till my permit came through (after paying in full). I found a FFL in another county that would. I paid for it , he sent me a receipt and we...
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    Gun Humor thread

    A young man asked his great-grandfather how he’d managed to live so long. The old man said that the key to his longevity was the fact that he sprinkled a little gunpowder on his oatmeal every morning. The young man decided to do the same, and for the rest of his life he sprinkled a little...
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    I opted for Maytag Commercial units. Made in USA, has a transmission, research put it on par or better than SQ. The wife wanted a top loader with a real agitator that uses gallons and gallons of water. Screw those HE front loader things with 38 different cycles.
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    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Now who suppressed any opposing views in the past? Stasi , Gestapo , KGB , Castro , Pol Pot , Mao.... It seems that the dems are in the dirtbag club.
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    Ouchie at the gun shop counter

    That does not explain the one he removed from the chamber and placed on counter after removing the mag.
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    Trying to remember, Does NY force background checks for buying ammo?

    Runnings in Clay has very little ammo on the shelf ( they no longer need shelves). Most places log your info for reloading powder . Some retailers require you to have a pistol permit for pistol caliber ammo.. A store rule. not state or fed ( yet).
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    Ammunition found locally today

    Clay at 9 am. It's only 2 minutes from my house, I live off of Soule Rd. There was nothing in the glass case, these were on the shelves to the right next to the 20 cases of clay pigeons. I'm going to stop at Gander tomorrow as I have to get blood drawn tomorrow in Cicero after getting blood...
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    Ammunition found locally today

    The only ammo at the local WM had was 2 boxes of 20ga and 3 boxes of 28ga.
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    D.C. "Stop the Steal" 1/5/21 & 1/6/21 protests

    When I was Air Force, they farmed out the lower ranking airmen as Security Police Augmentees during training excercises. I was an Avionics Tech ( circuit board changer ). At least they gave us blanks while guarding the aircraft. Live rounds if they were armed
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    Ouchie at the gun shop counter

    Looks like this just happened on 09 Jan 2021 at a gun shop in Brazil. Local news outlet says lead recipient is fine. article does not elaborate what caused discharged more than what we see in video.
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    Ouchie at the gun shop counter

    I'm trying to find the video elsewhere to see if there is follow up on it. For training purposes. He pulls his mag then after racking the slide, puts a loose round on counter. Where did the round that went off come from?
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    Ouchie at the gun shop counter

    The guy in red did tell his buddy not to flag the clerk, so not a total clown. He cleared his sidearm as he should have as well. That is a strange accident. It almost looks like the round removed from the chamber spontaneously went off. He is seen racking the slide a couple of times after...
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    F/S Kawasaki KX250 dirt bike... Very clean

    2001 Kawasaki KX250 two stroke dirt bike. Bike is in great condition and super clean with low hours.. Many upgrades, well maintained. Has some extra plastic and stock parts. Has a transferable registration . Can provide more pics and list of upgrades ( larger fuel tank, better seat, FMF...
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    Grey Man helmet {discrete head protection}

    Is that a Tony Hawk Signature Series?
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    D.C. "Stop the Steal" 1/5/21 & 1/6/21 protests

    I have never got that vibe on either of the forums you mentioned. I see the disdain towards those that are evil , anti-Constitution, anti- American, pro-Commie and the such. You are black-- so what? It does not make you worse or better than whites , asians or latinos. It is the darkness of...
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    Grey Man helmet {discrete head protection}

    Are they useful or a waste of money?
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    Grey Man helmet {discrete head protection}

    Amazon: HomeDepot:
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    Grey Man helmet {discrete head protection}

    This is kinda interesting. Its $5.41 plastic insert that fits into your ball cap ( and others) and can provide a little bit of discrete head protection . Not a hard hat by any means, but if you're at a local BLM riot and a someone is concerned about your hydration level and tosses you a frozen...
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    Anybody ever buy anything on Guns international?

    I'm pretty sure I bought a pre-64 Winchester 70 in 300 H&H on there for a co-worker . Called and spoke to seller. Made an offer, haggled a bit, got it for $250 less than asking. Paid via CC. Gun was delivered to a local FFL and was as advertised.
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    Gunsmith (Dave Klotz) in upstate NY that doesn’t need my business due to his beliefs

    "Don't worry. Its not loaded" "I've been doing this since before you were born"
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    Gunsmith (Dave Klotz) in upstate NY that doesn’t need my business due to his beliefs

    I remember when he was the official gun smith for Bass Pro in Auburn when they first opened. I don't recall how long he was contracted for but when I worked there , I remember that some of the gun counter guys did not speak highly of him. Do not know if it was legit complaints or just assholes...
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    She got it from Facebook Marketplace . Amazon also carries similar ones as well as Etsy . Search words were " Use the force" ," Star Wars sign" and of course ... Storm Pooper.
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    Pelosi’s San Francisco Home Vandalized With Graffiti, Apparent Pig’s Head

    I go to UpState Hospital once or twice a week for bloodwork. Nothing to worry 'bout. For me, its only a 15-20 minute ride, though. The main office for whom I work for is located in that area, so I was there frequently . I mainly worked 19 miles north of there on Oneida Lake.
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    Pelosi’s San Francisco Home Vandalized With Graffiti, Apparent Pig’s Head

    How does both a vandal and an Uber driver gain access to a $5mill ( estimated 5-25 million dollar ) gated and walled home with presumably plenty of security? As noted, they were quite courteous in not defacing the vintage bricks. Why is there an oil stain in driveway? Would the head have...
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    Air Guns that are practical for self defense ?

    Pepper balls fit in standard paintball guns.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Every Xmas I seem to get a Star Wars themed gift. This was this years... @pontiacmrc1 may appreciate this:
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    Ammo supply is spotty

    Do you check on Arfcom for brass?