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    Hey guys

    Welcome from Rochester.
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    Beijing Xiden aims to end Single Family zoning

    Zoning laws have a purpose. I certainly wouldn't want someone to buy my neighbors house and convert it to a landfill. That would stink....
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    House inches closer to enacting slavery reparations

    So if we pay put reparations, does that mean that all further affirmative action is cancelled? Will there be requirements for how the money is spent? Its quite common for people (ALL people...) who receive large lump sum payments to blow it on depreciating assets and be back to square one...
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    Police chief says new cannabis law is flawed

    Wait, NY passed a law that's fucked up somehow?
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    Biden to Sign Executive Order Creating Commission on Changes to Supreme Court

    Hmm, didn't see this coming.... lol. Can't imagine why Joe adamantly refused to answer questions before the election about court packing.
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    A well run Democratic city

    Obviously thats Trumps fault.
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    CC in Del Largo Casino??

    Carried in there more than a few times. Concealed is concealed. Just do your thing, and make sure you split Aces and Eights. I do tend to pay a little extra special attention to concealment in places that are crawling with cameras and pit bosses though.
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    Bryan, Texas mass shooting leaves at least one dead, others critically injured

    I think the cherry picked reporting has picked up with the desire for the new illegitimate administration to get tough on guns. Takes attention away from the southern border ....
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    WTB First Milsurp rifle- Garand, carbine, SKS, Mosin...

    Having owned or shot them all except the SKS, the Garand is my favorite of your list.
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    The 'Murica Table (woodworking/hidden compartments)

    We have a dresser that my wife's grandfather handmade in the 50's that has multiple hidden areas. He was a silversmith for Oneida,, but also a very fine woodworker. Not quite to the technical level in this video, but still pretty cool.
  11. dwa12479

    New M&P shield plus

    Looks like it comes standard with the Apex style trigger? I love my Gen 1 Shield, but the OEM trigger was horrid. I upgraded it with the full Apex kit for around $125 I think. HUGE improvement.
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    New M&P shield plus

    :p The orange mag followers sure are Purdy!
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    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    So his 99.99% number is theoreticzl, Id say its probably impossible to study gunfire events and the reactions of those involved. Everyrbing would be inference.
  14. dwa12479

    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    No, I said his statement was probably theoretical, and asked if you could estimate in your opinion the % of people in the videos you've seen who are being shot at that are either A) running away or B) seeking cover.
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    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    I know, and my answer was basically its his theory. Its quite reasonable to expect people to run away being shot at. Or at least seek cover.... lol.
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    Biden expected to sign executive order on gun control 4/8/21 (ghost gun merged threads)

    In principle I agree, but there are way too many soy boy Sally short skirts in this world that can't handle lifting a finger in their own defense. The same dipshits crying to defund the police would piss themselves in the first 12 seconds of a home invasion .
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    State Police ask for assistance in locating missing rifle

    Still don't refer to it as an asssault rifle designed to kill as many babies and minorities as possible in a short amount of time.
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    Biden expected to sign executive order on gun control 4/8/21 (ghost gun merged threads)

    That's what they're seeking to change. As of right now an 80% frame is just a block of materiel because that's what the ATF regulations state. The 2A doesn't apply until it's a functional firearm. So no, an 80% has nothing to do with the 2A technically any more than regular parts like stocks...
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I think the fact that every county in NY has their own rules and their own process has most likely contributed to a lot of the confusion in this thread. I wouldn't read too much into it. It's possible for everyone to be right and everyone to be wrong at the same time with 52 different sets of rules.
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    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    Can you estimate how many of those videos show people seeking cover if not running and/or shooting back, and that gives you the needed window of escape? Not trying to be argumentative, just looking at the different ways that a .22LR could be effective as a defensive round. Personally I'd...
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    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    I actually just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find any stats or studies or anything like that on who runs towards and who runs away from gunfire. I found nothing. I think his statement was mainly theoretical, but I'd be willing to bet that the VAST majority of people (maybe closer to...
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    22LR For Self Defense (Seriously)

    I'd take a .22 over harsh language, but prefer something a little more robust.
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    Biden expected to sign executive order on gun control 4/8/21 (ghost gun merged threads)

    Government officials derive their power from the consent of the governed. I think we shall soon see the Emperor Has No Clothes.
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    Off-Duty Pentagon Official Fatally Shoots 2 People He ‘Thought’ Were Stealing a Car !

    Sounds like they thought they were about to be car jacked and tried to escape. Hard to envision shooting someone for auto theft unless there was a real chance that they were going to plow the car into yoy or someone else. At 5am I imagine the streets were pretty deserted .
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    The 'Murica Table (woodworking/hidden compartments)

    Thats some serious creativity and workmanship there.
  26. dwa12479

    get ready for a "covid vaccine passport"

    That made my day. Sdly, I know a few people that I could see reacting that way.
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    Belly Laugh of the Day - NYC Vandal falls TWENTY FEET and begins leaking !

    For sure. it was probably paint or oil that was going to get plastered on the building.
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    Gun Humor thread

    Great movie.
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    If everything is reopened, then what's the carrot going to be?

    They realize they're losing their grip on the power of control. Gotta keep the fear level up.
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    *WELL HEALTH SAFTEY RATED* LOL Celebrities extorting American business

    I don't understand the obsession with "celebrities" in this country.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I interpreted this above quote as you believing it required by law to run NICS before a buyer can have a bill of sale. As I said, you're able to do that if its what you're comfortable with, but its not required.
  32. dwa12479

    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    Thats your choice, and that's fine. But saying its required by state law to pass a NICS before a customer can be given a bill of sale to add a handgun to their permit is incorrect.
  33. dwa12479

    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    That's a recent change in NYS. Stores will send sell you a 1 day fishing license and include your full middle. Then use that that for NICS. What a friggin farce. SHALL. NOT. BE INFRINGED.
  34. dwa12479

    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    No truer words can be spoken.
  35. dwa12479

    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I'm in Monroe County, and I've never had a NICS check done before getting a bill of sale to take to the clerk. Ive always bought the gun first, taken the receipt to the clerk to have it added to my permit, then return to FFL to take transfer. The NICS is run then.
  36. dwa12479

    Hmmmm..... check out Senator Lindsey Graham firing an AR at Palmetto State Armory today

    If politicians would dress the part for what they're doing it would seem a lot more genuine. Brah, ditch the shirt and tie for a range trip, its ok. Really.
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    man identified as Trump supporter pulls a gun on rock-throwing Antifa rioters who vandalized his truck, reportedly maced him

    So how many cops are we going to send to jail for all the drug arrests over the years now that marijuana has been legalized in NY? The arrests were believed to be lawful when made, and according to the books at the time they were lawful. Now we're going to go back and say they shouldn't have...
  38. dwa12479

    man identified as Trump supporter pulls a gun on rock-throwing Antifa rioters who vandalized his truck, reportedly maced him

    I agree with you in that regard. The pain should lie within those that are passing the laws, not the ones tasked with enforcing. That's rock and a hard place. LEO have no say in what is law and what is not. This video wasn't about a guy just "owning a gun". LEO showed up to the scene, had no...
  39. dwa12479

    man identified as Trump supporter pulls a gun on rock-throwing Antifa rioters who vandalized his truck, reportedly maced him

    Sadly, cops are often put between a rock and a hard place. If you're following an order yoy believe to be lawful (whether you agree with it or not), and its later deemed unlawful, that's a similar scenario to ex post facto if you're punished for it.
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    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: I think $37 is the most ive ever paid for a brick of SP or SR primers. And I remember cringing at that even.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    That sent the fact checkers to their safe space.
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    So what exactly happens when I get fingerprinted?

    What a crock of shit. Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.
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    What do you look for in a flashlight for a carbine?

    I honestly can't stand stobe on WMLs. Im a believer in the KISS principle for sure. KEEP. It. Simple. Stupid. Ive gotten very comfortable with my streamlight tape switches. A very large momentary pad, and an obviously different to the feel buttonnfor continuous on.