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    NJ permit in NY

    I have a friend with a NJ pistol permit. If gun is locked up etc can he bring it into NY to shoot with me at my range?
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    WB/Scranton - Local Gun Stores?

    I'm going to be in Wilkes Barre/Scranton area for a couple of days. Are there any LGS worth visiting?
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    Cheap Tourniquets

    $14.49 with code QQT9ECOH...50% off...
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    First Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Used my ultrasonic cleaner for the first time today to clean a dirty H&K VP9. I used a solution of distilled water and Simple Green Pro. Here are the before pictures;
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    Ultrasonic Cleaning cleaning solution

    I just acquired a Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner 2L Ultrasonic Case Cleaner. For those of you who use an ultrasonic cleaner for your guns or brass - what cleaning solution do you use? ..... DIY solution or Store bought solution?
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    Large Pistol Primers Available

    Large Pistol Primers available at Davis Sports in Sloatsburg, NY. They are selling only 300 per person.
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    Side Charging AR15 Upper

    Just received and installed a side charging upper for my AR15 from Bear Creek Armory. Not sure how it shoots yet but very happy with this company and their customer service.
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    9mm Bolt Action Rifle

    I do not hunt and only plink with a rifle. So it is my goal to limit my shooting to only one caliber - 9mm If Biden/Harris come after my AR9, what are my options ..... pump/lever/bolt action rifles in 9mm are limited. But I did find this 9mm bolt action rifle. Anyone know anything about it...
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    WTB .410 Shotgun

    Looking for cheap .410 - single shot/pump/semi - all will be considered
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    School me on .410 Shotgun

    I have an elderly friend who wants to get a .410 shotgun that his wife can use as a home defense gun. I want to use this as an opportunity to get another gun into my gun cabinet, by buying .410 and letting then hold it for me. Any thoughts on Henry .410 lever action, Taurus Judge, or ATI...
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    San Francisco voters pass 'Overpaid Executive Tax'
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    Karma - Electronic Scale

    Election Day Karma - . If interested, post in the thread and I will select winning name randomly on 11/3/20. Cen-Tech Digital Scale - Still in box/ Never used.
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    FREE - Bunk Light/Fan Combo

    Can anyone with a pop-up or hybrid trailer use one of these fan/light combos? - Free just pay shipping.
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    Hasidic Jews for Trump

    Anyone think that King C's. new edicts will push enough Hasidic & Orthodox Jews to vote for Trump in November that NYS may turn Republican?
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    DONE Gen II - OD Green Thorsden Stock - $80

    Barely used Thorsden stock and buffer tube cover. Will ship.
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    Democrats now voting for Trump

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    May need to move to GA

    She gets my vote.
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    Article in local paper - Warwick Advertiser - People Of All Walks Invest In The Great Equalizer.

    To be honest I have not read it yet, but it was interesting to see this two page article be published.
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    Master Class - Monroe

    Range is open today.
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    Murders in NYC surge for second week in a row as coronavirus lockdown continues
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    How fast can you field strip and reassemble your EDC ?

    Based on this video where kids in Russia compete to see who can strip and reassemble a Kalashnikov quickest. How fast can you field strip and reassemble your EDC or favorite rifle? Are you willing to take the challenge? and post a video of...
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    Gun stolen from police cheif

    Some big holes in this story.
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    G's Shooting Sports

    I was out driving today and came across a new gun store; G's Shooting Sports in Blooming Grove. Anyone know anything about this place? It was open and I walked in. This place has the biggest selection of AR parts that I have seen in OC. Everything you would need to build your own AR.
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    DONE Gun Safe - 3 guns - $100

    Small gun safe/cabinet - holds 3 rifles - and locks with two keys
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    Pin & Weld - Orange County

    Anyone in OC/ Rockland ever do a DIY pin and weld job on their threaded AR barrel?
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    Illegal Firearms

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    Rockland County being sued

    This could be good news !
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    NYC Mayoral Candidate says he will carry CCW if elected in 2021. Following the 2018 Pittsburgh synoguoge shooting, Mayor Bill de Blasio said places of worship did not need armed guards to practice their religion. Yet he and other elected officials travel...
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    WTB AR15 Iron Sights

    Before I go out and buy a new set ..... does anyone have an old set of AR15 Iron Sights they are interested in selling?
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    2A Sanctuary County reaches into NJ
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    MonroeChester Service League

    The annual Winter Service Gun League will start on Monday January 13th, see flyer below
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    Knife Attacker in London Shot by Police
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    Ban Knives - stabbing attacks in NYC
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    Veteran's Day Shoot

    I'm going to celebrate Veterans by spending sometime tomorrow afternoon at the range. I'd like to invite 2 or 3 of you Patriots to join me tomorrow at my club in Chester/Monroe, NY. Anyone want to join me?
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    Thanksgiving 3 Gun - Wallkill

    Wallkill Rod & Gun Club 316 Bryun Turnpike, Wallkill, NY 12589 Sunday, December 1st, 2019 10:00 – Dark OVERVIEW: On Sunday, December 1st, 2019 Wallkill Rod & Gun Club will be holding our seventh annual Thanksgiving 3‐Gun Challenge. The challenge is a single stage compeon that requires no...
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    F/S Harry Potter the Musical Tickets

    My son bought tickets to the Harry Potter musical in NYC on Saturday 12/21/19 and now finds he has a conflict. Anyone Harry Potter fanatic want two tickets (Part 1 and Part 2 = 4 total tickets) for $650 ? ..... he paid over $800
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    AR15 Lower dismantaling

    I have an issue with my AR15 lower and need to return it to Anderson for a replacement. Unfortunately that means dismantling and removing the gutts/trigger/safety from the lower. Anyone done this before? Are there any issues that I should watch for?
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    USPSA Steel Match on Saturday

    Anyone interested in joining me at this steel match in Matamoris, PA?
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    You can take my Bump Stock but I'm keeping my Crank.
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    What is our world coming to? ....

    4 homeless men beaten to death in New York City; suspect in custody
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    This why you should carry a gun....

    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight .....Samurai sword-wielding man killed by liquor store owner on LI. Samurai sword-wielding man killed by liquor store owner on Long Island: Police
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    Paris knife attack - kills 4.

    Paris attack sees knifeman shot dead after killing four police officers...
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    MDTS - Update

    All, for those who do not know yet you may have noticed a lack of classes on the MDTS schedule page and a lack of my presence here on THE Facebook. In April I accepted a full time position with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts ( in NV as Senior Director of Training. We made...
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    AR Failure !!!!!!

    I think my AR just blew-up; Attached is one picture of the lower receiver, you will see a small white dot at the edge of the takedown hole. Closeup picture shows the takedown detent pin has blown through the receiver and out the side. Anyone see this happen before? Any fixes or do I need to...
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    WTB Sig P320 Full Sized slide

    Looking for 9mm - Sig P320 Full Sized slide.
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    Dutchess County Pistol Association Outdoor Sports and Gun Show Sat Sept 28

    Only one month until our 4th annual Outdoor Sports & Gun Show on Saturday, September 28, 2019! [FONT=&amp] Here are some highlights about how the day will look:[/4FONT] Swap Meet & Gun Show: New & used shooting, archery, fishing, hunting items, and other outdoor sport related items; new & used...
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    DONE Craftsman Rotary Tool Bench - $50

    3-in-1 tool bench with a rotating center section for mounting 3 tools. Pool pin and the center rotates to allow access to three different bench tools.
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    Illinois Anti-Gun Democrats Hit a Homerun Against FFLs

    I can see this happening in NY State very soon.