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    Reflective tape on pistol slides to know "good" guy from active shooter?

    Was just reading an article where they were talking about why plainclothes officers had reflective tape on their Glocks during the party in Washington on 06 Jan. Was linked to their site from the SW22 forum...
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    F/S Kawasaki KX250 dirt bike... Very clean

    2001 Kawasaki KX250 two stroke dirt bike. Bike is in great condition and super clean with low hours.. Many upgrades, well maintained. Has some extra plastic and stock parts. Has a transferable registration . Can provide more pics and list of upgrades ( larger fuel tank, better seat, FMF...
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    Grey Man helmet {discrete head protection}

    This is kinda interesting. Its $5.41 plastic insert that fits into your ball cap ( and others) and can provide a little bit of discrete head protection . Not a hard hat by any means, but if you're at a local BLM riot and a someone is concerned about your hydration level and tosses you a frozen...
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    I was offered a vintage CZ pump pistol.

    A friend of a friend in Canada has a vintage ( 1994ish) CZ BRNO pistol for sale and I was sent a link. A bit too rich for my blood at $1600 CDN though. Very well made clone of a Sheridan PGP paintball pistol. Better in many respects. Being LNIB, $200 is reasonable-ish.
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    DONE Nikon M-223 2-8x32 scope with Nikon M-223 mount

    Clean Nikon M-223 2-8x32 scope with Nikon M-223xr mount. Has the Nikoplex recticle ( cross hairs). This is their Monarch series scope with better glass than their P series. Comes with a Vortex front cap. Nothing wrong with it, went to a red dot. I guess that I'm not a scope kinda guy. $SOLD$.
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    iTarget, LaserHIT , MantisX, Strikeman....Which laser dry fire training system is good?

    I've searched but have not found much info here on dry fire laser training systems. I see that some of you have an iTarget, someone had a MantisX system.... What is a decent system for training in my basement? What distance does the target need to be from the firing line? I seem to recall...
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    Trump nominated for 2nd Nobel Peace Prize...thats 2 in one week!

    Trump had been nominated for a 2nd Nobel Peace Prize . He was recently nominated then again today. Their heads must be explodeing nukalur bomb style.
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    Has anyone used any of the .22LR bullet sizers?

    Does anyone have experience with any of the .22LR bullet sizers like the Drock , Neal Waltz, Li'l Gizzy? They convert round ball ammo to flat point, Ely tip or large hollow point. They also squash the bullet to .223/.224/.225 depending on which one you use to fit the bore better...
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    Does anyone want some paper hulls ( 12ga & 410ga ) for their man cave?

    I have some paper 12 & 410 gauge fired paper shotgun shells if someone wants a few for display. They've been in storage for almost 30 yrs. By storage, I mean in a box in the garage attic.
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    What is a good fixed blade knife for under $100?

    I have a $25 coupon from Ebay and figure that I need a fixed blade knife to add to a battle belt or BOB. I'm looking at a Cold Steel SRK . Others that are on my list are the Glock knife ( i'd prefer the non saw back version), Gerber StrongArm and the SOG SEAL Pup. Don't really want a KaBar...
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    Reloading question . 9mm

    I'm in process of reloading 9mm . i've only loaded 40 or so rounds in the past as test loads. I'm using Unique and Montana Gold bullets. Using the load data from Alliant, max charge is 6 grains. 5 grains fills the case to the brim. I have not tried tapping the case to get it to settle /...
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    DONE Four Ruger SR22 magazines

    I have four lightly used factory Ruger SR22 magazines. Two have flat baseplates, two have the pinky thingy. $** Sold ***
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    Apocalypse Rem-Lite. Wood furniture on an AR.

    An interesting build.
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    What is an easy to rack, light pistol to get?

    I am looking for a light, easy to rack pistol that my wife can load and use. The slides are too hard for her to pull back on the ones I currently have. I was thinking of a Ruger SR22 till I tried the trigger on one at the is as bad as they say online. The Taurus TX22 has good...
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    An interesting black powder pistol seen online.

    I was on the B/S/T section of one of my paintball sites and saw this interesting black powder pistol. Its not your typical Cowboy style hogleg . He bought it from the maker a few years ago. Its an under hammer unit. The trigger guard serves double duty as the mainspring. This would be gorgeous...
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    Antibiotics available online, no prescription needed.

    In a non related thread, I mentioned that we can buy antibiotics online with a doctor's script and one of our members asked about it. In the interest of not cluttering the OP's post, I'll post some info here. Prescription grade antibiotics available without a doctor's note. Marketed for fish...
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    Nikon SuperDot...anyone have experience with them? I need a red dot.

    I'm in the market for a red dot to mount on an AR or PCC . I'm looking at the Nikon SuperDot ( $129 @ Europtics). the Sig Romeo MSR at Palmetto ( $99) , the Sig Romeo5 $139, or the Spark AR 2 around $150 . Primary Arms has a bunch of options as well. I have a Spark AR and it seems to be...
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    How to make a sling

    I'm going to start a tutorial on how to make a rifle sling from items purchased on Ebay. I'll show a sewn version and a no-sew option. This is similar to a Proctor Way of The Gun sling. I'll probably post in installments and break up the threads for phone users. It looks like with 72" of...
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    Today's projects from the bench.

    Today's projects from the bench included to finish stripping, cleaning and polishing the internals of the SRs. Pro tip: When assembling small springy parts do so inside a gallon sized zip lock bag. Pro Tip #2 : Make sure that the springy thingy is not pointed towards the bag opening...
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    Whats a good way to darken a shotgun stock?

    I have a shotgun with what I believe is beech wood and its too light in color for my tastes. I'd like to darken it to match the Mossberg Retro series trench gun. I looked on Youtube but did not really find what I wanted. If I were to guess, I'd strip the varnish with Citri-strip ( or...
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    Arfcommers think LEO should not be exempt from gun laws..

    A member on posted that he sold an AK with 30 round mags on Gunbroker to a NY'er. The buyer stated that he is LEO and therefore exempt from restrictions. Seller is in limbo about shipping the rifle and mags. Most posters in thread say to refund the buyers money and cancel sale. "Fuck...
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    Oops ! Guy caught with loaded gun at airport , twice

    Seems that a Florida man was caught at Hancock airport ( Syracuse) with a loaded handgun. Same guy was stopped at the Ithaca airport 3 weeks ago with a gun. " I forgot"...
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    Lee 357 dies....should I get the 3 piece or 4 piece set?

    I'm going to buy a 357 lever action and figure I should get a set of dies for it as well. Is it worth getting the 4 piece Lee set with Factory Crimp Die or will the 3 piece be fine?
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    357 Lever gun. Marlin or Rossi ? Anyone have experience?

    I'm in the market for a 357 lever action rifle. I've read reviews and articles online about the Marlin 1894C and Rossi R92. Does anyone have experience with either rifle? I looked at both in Runnings this afternoon , albeit in 44 Mag. Fit & finish on the Rossi looked good, contrary to what was...
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    What is the LEO exemption? What can they own that we can't?

    I was on Armslist and saw an Intratec AB-10 that is said to be LEO approved. Are they allowed to own pretty much anything they want or, as I read elsewhere, standard capacity magazines and firearms used as part of their official duties? Retirees and high cap mags ( roll eyes) ...
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    How do Chautauqua county ammendments work?

    If I were to sell a handgun to a guy with a Chautauqua county permit , how does that work? Here in Onondaga county, we go to the FFL, they do a NICS, we get a receipt to take to Permit office. The seller has it removed from his permit, the buyer has it added and gets a coupon to give to FFL ...
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    Spam cans of Tulamo 556 $90

    Walmart of Clay ( Liverpool, Syracuse) has a couple of 223 spam cans of Tulamo @ $90/ 500 . Tulamo Brass Maxx .40 cal is $10/box
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    CBS 60 Minutes: Ar15 more powerful than 9mm handgun....

    New Flash! Per a CBS 60 Minutes segment last Sunday, the Ar15 is more powerfull than 9MM hand gun,. Well no Duh! ( Breitbart) :CBS News Scoop: AR-15 Rifles More Powerful than Handguns Ughhh . I looked up the segment on the the CBS site. It is unwatchable due to commercials. It was about why...
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    I need a Bolt Carrier there really a difference?

    I am in need of a BCG , 5.56. I'm looking online at various vendors and there are too many choices. 931o steel vs Carpenter 158 , Phosphate vs Nitride.... I'm not spending the money for a boron or shiny bcg, a black one is fine. There are a couple of vendors with them for $69.99 . Is there a...
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    F/S Reloading gear & supplies Dutchess county

    Checking the BST on Arfcom , ( and a seller in Duthchess county has the following for sale. I'd buy it but too far away from me. I do not know the seller. RCBS rock chucker press, Dies 9mm, 223, 22-250, 243, 3006 lyman case tumbler, rcbs competition powder measure with stand...
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    Otis pistol cleaning kit. $9.00 Walmart

    The local Walmart ( Clay) has Otis pistol cleaning it's for $9.00 down from $19.97.
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    Smollett is nominated for a NAACP Image Award ......

    Smollett has been nominated for the " Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" award by the NAACP Image Awards , for the fourth year in a row. .....of course he has. Now, I do not watch "Empire" so I have no idea if he is any good and he very well may be deserving of it for his work...
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    New shop opening in Mannsville, NY ( little south of Watertown)

    A member on Survivalistboards is opening a shop in Mannsville ( 15 minutes south of Watertown / Ft Drum area) next week. They're going to push reloading supplies and ammo by the look of things. I've only had a couple of PMs with the guy. I suggested he join the party at NYGF. Once I find out...
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    Schrade Priscilla machete $11...

    Schrade Priscilla Brush Sword on sale for $11 , free ship with Prime on Amazon. they get good reviews online. they're on backorder but for this price, I'm willing to wait.
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    "I am the majority" , great pro 2A speach...

    You've probably seen a condensed version of this speech by Mark Robinson, a regular guy, at a Greensboro NC city council meeting about knee jerk gun laws. I find that he articulates very well how I feel as a gun owner. ** EDIT** I learned after posting this that Mr Robinson was speaking out...
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    F/S Pyrodex 54/60 pellets

    I have 4 unopened boxes of Hodgdon Pyrodex 54/60 blackpowder pellets for in-line muzzle loaders. They are 54 caliber, 60 grains. 100 per box and have been discontinued by Hodgdon. Stored in a gun safe. Located north of Syracuse ( Central Sqauare/ Clay). $18/ box obo .
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    357 revolver or 9mm conceal carry pistol. Which to buy?

    So I sold a paintball gun today and was thinking of converting that cash into a CC 9mm like a Shield or perhaps the Mossberg MC1. Then I'm looking at the online inventory of a LGS and they have a S&W Model 28 Highway Patrol revolver in 357......oooooh. That might be cool. Bud's has the MC1 in...
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    Where to get firearm pricing?

    My co-worker is culling some of his gun collection and we're trying to find current values to reasonably price them. I checked Gunbroker and the sold prices vary a bit. One pistol ( S&W CS45 Chief Special) had 3 sold units and prices varied by $14o. Is there another place to get current pricing?
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    F/S Leather slings and 30-06 dies

    I have a couple Hunter brand 1" leather military slings and a 1918 reproduction sling. Slight tarnishing on the brass of the 1" ones. The dies are 30-06 . The one on left is a Lyman the one on right is RCBS F L. $15 ea on the slings ( $35 @ Midway) , $20 for the dies.Syracuse area. Willing to ship.
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    F/S Pacific reloading press, lyman scale,

    My co-worker is cleaning his basement and found a box of reloading stuff, A Pacific press, a Lyman beam scale , three disks from a Lee Auto Disk powder measure, bag of press parts. They need some cleaning up. $60 for all of it. You even get the wheel lug nut removal tool. If you ever find the...
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    F/S Burris FullField II 3-9x-40 scope w/rings

    Great condition Burris 3-9x 40 rifle scope with Warne steel rings. Lightly used ( maybe 75 rounds) on a .223 bolt action rifle. Sold the rifle. Scope is Burris FullField II model # 200162 and has their Ballistic Plex reticle with BDC ( bullet drop compensator ) Rings are Warne 201M , medium...
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    How is a training class conducted?

    I've been watching handgun training classes on Youtube and am curious if this is what to expect if I were to take on locally/
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    2.5 cents / rd. ,22

    Buy a 1600 rd "Black Pack" box of bulk Federal .22 at Runnings for $59.99. Get a $20 rebate. 1600 / $40 is 2.5 cents a piece. TargetSports is out of stock at this time. same price. 500 9mm is $99.99, 350 .40 S&W or .380, is $89.99 300 45 ACP us $89.99 All Blazer branded. 300 American Eagle...
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    Ruger PCC, today's experiment with XD9 mags

    Today I ran my Ruger PCC with a Springfield XD-9 mag. I only had time to run two mags worth ( 2o rounds) . No issues. But Damn that gun is a dirty girl! Powder residue all over the mag and the casings were black as well.
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    Ruger PCC, takes 40 cal mags

    Just because I could, I loaded a Ruger SR40 mag and inserted it into my PCC ( Ruger magwell installed). The mag locks in place and the rounds are stripped from the mag and pop out the front of the receiver when I cycle the action with the barrel removed. With the barrel in place, the round...
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    Looking for a FFL in Cortland/ Ithaca area for a transfer

    There is a guy from Ithaca that is interested in buying my pistol. I'm looking for a FFL that will do the paperwork for us. Cortland is close to halfway from either of us. Any reccomendations?
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    Winchester M22 1000 rd @ Walmart

    Local Walmart ( Central Square) has Winchester M22 1000 rd boxes @ $41.xx ( $50 regularly). Dont know if it's better than average. 40gr 1255 fpsa
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    Is there any reason NOT to get a 40 S&W? Any guns to avoid?

    I'm a horder (whoreder) by nature. Its a sickness. Have always wheeled and dealed to feed my hobbies. Paintball? Sure. I had 18 guns and enough gear to outfit 5 people. RC car racing. Yep. 2wd buggy 4wd buggy, 2wd truck, 4wd truck 2 or 3 classes of carpet racing cars. not to mention spare...
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    How it ends, Netflix spoiler thread

    Overall I found the movie pretty good. they could have really done some silly things with it. A couple of things were "wrong". - where is all the traffic? They saw what..5 cars once they left Chicago. The roads were totally empty and clear. -Where did all the people go? Most every place was...
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    00 buck $2.50/ box. Walmart

    I'm at the Walmart in Rome and they HAD 6 boxes of Suprema 12ga 2 3/4 00 buck for $2.50 per box of 25. 10 cents a shell. And I got some beer. Isn't America great!