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  1. Acer-m14

    Fishers .. do you know what a SPIRAL WRAPPED RODS MEAN ?

    1:20 min mark .. but just watch the whole vid if you love fishing ..
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    Nothing beats homemade pastrami ..

    from FB NYhunt group .. EQ cure for 21 days, 1.8% salt, .25%#1, BP, garlic, coriander, onion and clove. Smoked with cold apple for 48hr and then brought up to 165*. i think the poster was joking and was just saving the hide .. .. but ... the way things are going .. the woodchucks...
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    Warrantless Search Of Ham Radio Operators? No Fourth Amendment Rights?

    putting this here .. prepping coms .. this is even about no licensed radios .. like CB's .. and other non licensed radio transmission use ..
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    45-70 derringer ...

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    Democrat Congressman Vicente Gonzalez as on his three most recent financial disclosure .... China ..
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    did SCOTUS punt again .. The Supreme Court on Monday turned away Republican challenges on Voting

    "That is a position that received only three votes when the Supreme Court in 2000 decided Bush v. Gore. But, as Gorsuch has written, “The Constitution provides that state legislatures — not federal judges, not state judges, not state governors, not other state officials — bear primary...
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    FPC Lawsuit Results in Win for Second Amendment Rights

    "PITTSBURGH, PA (February 17, 2021) — Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is pleased to announced that it has resolved its Cowey v. Mullen right-to-carry lawsuit filed less than three months ago with a binding settlement agreement resulting in permanent, positive changes to the carry...
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    NRA Bankruptcy.. how bad is it .. WOW!!! ..

    vid from Feb 16, 2021
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    New Zealand just proved it 100%... Gun Control does not work! .. like we didn't know ..

    We need Criminal Control .. and that's a FACT JACK ;) remember NZ is a Island .. :) guns didn't come in from the other Islands (STATES for the USA) in the area lol .. " In criticizing...
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    Bill puts a great analogy at the end ... impeachment is a joke now .. its meaningless .. but we can restore it and make it better ..
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    Need help with info on shotgun

    Double barrel.. 12ga.. Engraved on side is RICHARD Not a Damascus barrel
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    Byrna HD Personal Security Device ... CS ball co2 pistol .. legal in NY ???

    from byrna website California is the only state they list with issue ..
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    DEC Releases Draft Statewide Deer Management Plan

    DEC Releases Draft Statewide Deer Management Plan PUBLIC COMMENTS ACCEPTED UNTIL DEC. 28
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    hunting with a AR and need to block the 10 rnd mag ..

    i know this is late .. but if you need to block the 10 rnd pined mag to 5 ,,.. the Mosin 7.62x54r case works for the Grendel round .. and the rim sits just cozy on the spring .. no trimming needed ..
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    Lawsuit Targets New York City's 2A Restrictions

    :idk: anyone seen this suit ?
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    Ted Cruz grills Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for 'censoring' Hunter Biden story

    seen some other good vids in this .. just got to find them again .. one asked what leftist have you censored or something like that .. crickets lol
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    FUAC and Dumbhole does it again .. Billionaire Paul Singer Hege Fund to fly south ..

    is moving the headquarters of his $41 billion hedge fund Elliott Management to Florida, sources told The Post.
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    ATF threatens to prosecute out of business gun dealers who comply with the LAW "This is the system set up by federal law. For example, 18 U.S.C. Section 923(c) makes clear that it is perfectly acceptable for a dealer to maintain a “personal collection” of...
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    I want a new pistol .. well there is now is a new one FK BRNO PSD 7.5 FK

    seen photos of this from mac on instragram a bit before this video .. i think the MSRP was 1650.00 ouch
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    Gov. Brown maintains stance to not bring National Guard in to Portland protests

    PORTLAND, Ore — As many in the community wonder what it will take to the end the violence, Oregon Governor Kate Brown maintains that she is not calling in the National Guard to Portland. Gov. Brown said specifically on Friday that the National Guard is not trained as law enforcement, so it is...
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    Buffalo, New York, Police Department arrive. Man (white) sitting on black guys chest for spitting ..
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    Arrest Warrants issued in Portsmouth VA. including Sen. Louise Lucas and other officials and public defenders

    Portsmouth officials are holding a briefing Monday afternoon to announce “several warrants that have been secured against individuals” including Sen. Louise Lucas and other officials and public defenders more than two months after an incident at the city’s Confederate monument.
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    Andy will buy you a drink ... maybe even dinner too .. please come back to NY
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    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is declaring racism a public health crisis bets she wants a vaccine for it too .. lol
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    Rockford Police make 17 arrests after protests on Friday and Saturday

    ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross, Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea and Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana announced charges against 17 people after protests that took place on Friday evening and Saturday morning...
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    Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Monuments
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    Gov't crews show up at Seattle's CHOP to remove barriers .. didn't work out ..
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    Bill Filed In Idaho: Any Jurisdiction That Defunds The Police MUST Eliminate Restrictions On Private Gun Owners

    (1) any jurisdiction in the United States, which seeks to dismantle or reduce funding for a police force, should undertake a review of its local rules to ensure such rules do not place an undue burden on its residents who seek to defend themselves, including the legal purchase of a firearm and...
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    Florida SWAT Members resign ..

    "Officers also claimed they have had a lack of support from the city’s administration, commission and command staff. The officers said they were displeased with the command staff, who took a knee with protesters during a Monday demonstration. "...
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    Grocery store worker arrested after man with knife shot in Brooklyn, NYPD says,shot%20in%20Brooklyn%2C%20NYPD%20says&text=Police%20say%20the%20worker%20had%20an%20illegal%20gun.&text=It%20happened%20just%20after%2011,a%20knife%20dur...
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    Boston Globe: More Laws Needed Because Gun Kit Sales ‘Seem to Be on the Rise’

    Boston Globe: More Laws Needed Because Gun Kit Sales ‘Seem to Be on the Rise’
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    Self defense is a lifestyle change especially for women

    Dene Adams gear ..
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    Trump Can Withhold Millions From ‘Sanctuary’ States, Court Rules
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    amend the education law, to administer an approved vaccine for COVID-19

    AN ACT to amend the education law, in relation to authorizing licensed pharmacists to administer an approved vaccine for COVID-19
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    DemoRanch .. Pistol Barrel Obstructions part 2 .. this is golden LOL

    Starting at the meat n potatoes .. slid the slider back to watch the silly intro .. after watching this .. state your take the high-point .. LOL ..
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    Congressman introduces bill to rescind Kennedy Center’s $25M coronavirus grant
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    Alabama Gun Store Opens Drive Thru To Accommodate “Social Distancing” Rules

    GO BAMA .. come on NY
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    Republican Governor of Massachusetts Closes All Gun Stores, Reversing Previous Decision
  39. Acer-m14

    Candice Owens is Pissed .. She is going to Run for office .. go girl go ..
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    Two Ten-Year-Old Boys Arrested, Charged With Felonies For Playing With Toy Guns
  41. Acer-m14

    Massie Corrects Anti-Gunner Who Says No One Died From Lack Of 2A Rights

    Here was Massie’s retort: Massie Slams Man Claiming No One Died From Lack Of 2A Rights and that lady from NJ waiting and got stabbed from her x .. and there is many more ..
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    Pro-gun Colorado Sheriff Steve Reams is the latest target of Colorado's "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation law

    This time a petition to seize his firearms was filed by a jail inmate!
  43. Acer-m14

    Stand-Your-Ground Law About to be Unveiled in Albany!

    i can see one thing in the bill that need to be changed .. what if a person babysitting and has no pistol permit and needs to use the parents pistol ..