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  1. Duke

    Biden Commercial

    I happened to see one on the telly.....What a crock of shit he pedals.....
  2. Duke

    Bullet resistant clothing

    I have been looking on the internet at different bullet resistant garments and was wondering if anyone has some input? Something that can be worn under a baggy shirt or a hoodie that would be good enough to protect from handgun rounds and possible knife attacks...I guess price would depend on...
  3. Duke

    Albany Police recover AK47
  4. Duke

    Any Mini 14 owners tried this item

    Mini-14 Clip Guide 582+
  5. Duke

    NYS WARNING – Are Assisted-Openers Now Illegal Switchblades?

    URGENT New York State WARNING – Are Assisted-Openers Now Illegal Switchblades? – Knife Rights
  6. Duke

    Any input on this??

    FALSE: The Dick Act of 1903 'Invalidates All Gun Control Laws' in the U.S. Just found this...
  7. Duke

    Has anyone posted this?

  8. Duke

    Maybe this works for someone.....

    “Tomahawk” AR-15 Stock by Jolly Roger Gun Stocks - U.S ARMY FOR LIFE
  9. Duke

    New guy

    Was on that other forum and didn't post too much and I saw that there wasn't much activity any more. Found this one and I see were most folks went. I enjoy reading about firearms and what's taking place in N Y regarding the hobby.