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    Condition of illegals crossing the border illegally

    What's a Congress? Obama killed that off years ago.
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    Microstamping on Senate agenda Wednesday 5/19

    3 sides to every story. Hers His Truth
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    I guess we’d better stop farting methane is super bad for the earth now

    I put one in a plastic bag and then gave it to one of the guys asking if it smelled funny
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    Microstamping on Senate agenda Wednesday 5/19

    Yes, but we have more checks so money isn't a problem; they are just numbers, some with a - in front of them whatever that means!
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    Gov. Cuomo says his accusers just 'want attention' and 'are jealous'

    Funny thing is as bad as we Boomers are with the non pc jokes and stuff, ever hear and see the filthy stuff the younger crowd is all about?
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    Microstamping on Senate agenda Wednesday 5/19

    Um every gun already micro stamps, Gun barrel on the bullet Chamber on the case Just no data base
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    We tried Democracy and it failed - adoring El Salavadorans swoon over their millennial dictator

    Great reporting per normal, They love him so much they are leaving for America in droves. However it looks like the U.S.A. will need to do the same if we are to ever recover from communist rule. Purge
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    Gov. Cuomo says his accusers just 'want attention' and 'are jealous'

    Like the bill Clinton of ny, think about that, nothing happened to slick willi and now it's funny.
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    Boogaloo Boi Steven Carrillo (Article: How an Active Duty Airman Tried to Start a Civil War)

    I agree, thanks for showing an example of the poorly written propaganda that is being released on the populace daily.
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    Cuomo says not so fast on the mask removal

    Talked with 2 little old ladies today, when I was walking out of bjs, they asked if they needed to wear a mask inside still. I didn't have one on, had just removed it from my chin. Told them it looked like the store still wanted them to. Wow, they both went off on "this bull shit needs to stop!"...
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    No peace in Israel

    Thanks joe Obama!
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    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Guess your going to sleep, sleep, sleep.
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    whats is with all the mass casualty shooting this year

    Years of black ops training, just look at WWII japs, islame bombers, Germans, humans for the most part can be made to do anything.
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    Boogaloo Boi Steven Carrillo (Article: How an Active Duty Airman Tried to Start a Civil War)

    I did. You think that all is right with the U.S.A. and how it is being controlled by the politicians? Or are you just a sympathizer for the downfall?
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    Tire shortage?

    Had 25k on factory generals (no grip on grass) but tread was still there, was going to change for upcoming winter, saw a bolt sticking out of one took them to my guy for plug and had 2 tires with bolts in them. Had been thinking since the pipeline was shut the price of gas just went up might as...
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    whats is with all the mass casualty shooting this year

    After watching the presidential election how do you feel about government? Now if you were brought up in an atmosphere of poor me, white man bad, gangster rap, gang mentality, lack of parental supervision, failing schools, how would you be? Not condoning but see why.
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    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Who cares about President Trumps tax return, err party affiliation so long as it isn't communist. If he was a dem, repub, cons, ind, none of the above, it is what they do that matters. People change parties just to be able to run. We did however get to see what happens when a business man vs...
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    Lawsuit Claims to Have Cracked Dominion Code

    Yes but President Trump said things about whores, is lame, mezkins, freeloading countries, freeloading un, he was a bad man baaad man. You libs would melt if you were on my job site, because on my job site you are an American man or you are verbally ground up; that's why my guys love to work for...
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    US Soldiers Selling Guns To Criminals

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    US Soldiers Selling Guns To Criminals

    Didn't read other than your head line so I'm going with, they were exercising their male white privilege
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    Help me with my marksmanship

    #1 but my guns if I had any have screws on them for lefty/righty and uppy/downy
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    NRA bankruptcy filing dismissed

    Still have the stickers on my shed and smoke house but dropped out many years ago, when I realized it was all about the money.
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    Use of deadly force laws?

    In the 70's I lived in Texas, the police told me to drag them back into the house before they got there, has it changed? Pig farm, "that's where the saying greedy as a pig". Snatch
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    No peace in Israel

    Look at history, look at today, some are trying to live free others like to be controlled; be it religion or money. We see it here in the U.S. today; we are letting our freedom be removed with out a shot fired (unless you count the "crazy " people who did warn and fought). If rockets were coming...
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    No peace in Israel

    The Hydra, "I have two guns one for both of you".
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    How tiehm’s buckwheat could stop a lithium mine in Nevada

    But but, said the Spotted Owl.
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    No peace in Israel

    When will "we" just cut the head off of the snake.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    he has covidear.
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    Some police departments are now training for shoot to wound

    Time to just go English bobby style. Cops with no guns.
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    Police: Active shooter dead, fire contained at Woodlawn townhome

    How odd, in my neighborhood shooting and burning houses are normal everyday occurrences. Hell we are down to only two houses left and 5 people!
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    You cannot buy marijuana in New York State and also buy or possess a firearm!

    Female Body Inspector, my guess all of them; except Bruce over there.
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    Smith and Wesson Model 41 past value///

    So $400 should do it.
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    You cannot buy marijuana in New York State and also buy or possess a firearm!

    Good to know the next time I fart in the car, she too owns it!
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    Petition for inflation(UBI $2,000/month)

    New word: blowtichian Looked it up, only references some kamala Harris Vp some where?
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    Black gun owners are often portrayed negatively. One photographer set out to change that.

    Most mugshots, err pictures of black criminals with guns are just that. Just like the same for white, yellow, red, or any other color; no one is faking pictures of blacks with guns. 80% of the crime only ~20% of the population do the math you dumb liberal fxxxers.
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    9mm Reloading question

    Speer #9 100grn hp 630 start 10.1-10.7 550 mag primer Blue dot 9.2-9.8 500primer Al5 7.8-8.2 Herco 7.0-7.4 Hs6 6.3-6.7 UNIQUE 5.7-6.1 Hs5 5.4-5.8 Sr7625 4.7-5.1 Red dot 4.3-4.7 230 4.2-4.6 Bullseye 4.1-4.5 700x 3.9-4.3 Cartridges of the world 105grn unique 7.0 Lyman cast book #3 92grn cast...
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    Gun control press conference today 5/7 @ 10:30am

    school-to-prison pipeline, Think about that for 20 seconds. Why is it? Democrats. No family No responsibilities for, personal actions, food, shelter, rent, heat, phone, internet, etc. No reality in history No self worth.
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    Just as I expected - Now the liberals are going after natural gas emissions

    If you look I said this years ago. NGas, coal, depending on locations for industry Fuels for transportation, commercial, industrial Total electric for citizens comrades, mass transit expect outages and throttling
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    Couple carjacked in New Rochelle

    What's an ATM.
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    Transporting Long Guns

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    Biden administration considers chat app surveillance

    Just talk about the times on pedoisland how bill, joe, etc, had sex with you repeatedly after drug induced slavery.