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  1. Duke

    Petition for inflation(UBI $2,000/month)

    ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.
  2. Duke

    US Catholic Bishops to Vote on Denying Biden Communion

    That and standing in front of the American flag.......
  3. Duke

    Coca-Cola president lauds the decisive action of the Chinese government as the company continues to invest

    That was once a symbol of America....Now it's commie sugar water to me...
  4. Duke

    Hunter Biden’s Gun Was Taken by Hallie Biden and Thrown in a Trash Can Near a High School (On October 23, 2018 )

    Those guys are a higher form of life than you or I...The guy on the right has a flag pin and must be a true patriot.....
  5. Duke

    The Gun Show thread

    Polish community ctr. Albany, N Y 3/27-3/28
  6. Duke

    WH Press Sec: Joe Biden Looks Forward to Repeal of Gun Maker ‘Liability Shields’

    What happened to the millions of people the tobacco companies killed.....
  7. Duke

    Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Adviser

    How would FUAC feel if someone did that to his daughter.... What a scumbag...
  8. Duke

    DOJ Opens the Door to Seeking New Domestic Terror Powers

    Obummer is the voice in the ear piece.....
  9. Duke

    White House release on Parkland Anniversary and what we get to look forward to

    This means I'll have to surrender my folding shovel.....
  10. Duke

    van der VEEN destroys the media

    Donkey Punch.....
  11. Duke

    A tribute to Trump

  12. Duke

    Incoming Transportation Secretary wants to implement a mileage tax

    And what happens with the old batteries???
  13. Duke

    Trump Gives Permission For National Guard Troops To Stay In Trump Hotel DC

    At least the soldiers aren't in Benghazi......
  14. Duke

    Pelosi Asked For ‘Crew-Manned Machine Guns’ In Washington

    I hope these people live in fear every day for what they do.....
  15. Duke

    Imitation weapons bills advancing in Senate

    There goes my idea for I phone shoulder holster......
  16. Duke

    Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says

    Should we start a pool for the first mass shooting????
  17. Duke

    Dearest Nancy Pelosi, you traitor

    Just another day in the......
  18. Duke

    Amazon says it cannot ship knife to my location .. WHY?

    Amazon....demorat supporter
  19. Duke

    Cuomo Announces Plan To Legalize Marajuana In NY

    I thought he was into the Ghey recreational drugs.....
  20. Duke

    I think Biden is going to try to arrest Pres. Trump

    Interesting voice clip on the net......
  21. Duke

    Pelosi Reelected as House Speaker in Tight Vote

    More Fraud....
  22. Duke

    Robert Kennedy Jr Warns of COVID Compliance Creating The Dystopian End Game

    Spot on Robert Jr.....Most people have no clue of the past atrocities...When they wake up it will be too late...I heard these voting machines were also used for our local elections
  23. Duke

    Air Guns that are practical for self defense ?

    AirForce Talon P
  24. Duke

    Air Guns that are practical for self defense ?

    FX Dreamline Tact
  25. Duke

    Biden to Use Executive Orders in gun control

    Sorry Joe I sold my gun to buy skateboards......
  26. Duke

    Cuomo calls himself and Fauci the Pacino and Deniro of Covid

    He's a garbage can grease ball.....Said from an Italian....
  27. Duke

    What is your timeframe for expected full out SHTF

    Saw a lot of military vehicles going west on the toll road today.....What's up with that??
  28. Duke

    Bullpup build #2

    Commie Guns......
  29. Duke

    Dr. Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, AOC nominated for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

    Asshole of the month would be more fitting...
  30. Duke

    Hunter Lied On His 4473

    Move Along....Nothing to see here...
  31. Duke

    With Biden in charge, is the GOP a dead party

    FUAC will rise to power.....He's getting a Emmy....
  32. Duke

    I finally agree - your Governor is worse than my Governor

    Ole FUAC looked a little stressed there.....
  33. Duke

    Angry driver taunts Trump supporters before driving full throttle into a pole

    Almost as good as the stumbling Hilary videos......
  34. Duke

    Which CRIME FAMILY is more corrupt ? Clinton or Biden

    He's not Italian......He's Garbage Can.......
  35. Duke

    Biden’s corona virus girl and new lockdown plans

    What are the flu and natural cause rates lately???