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    7 billion to iran from obamaiii

    What do you think, true or not?
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    (people becoming) New republicans

    So, I cross the the road where some have had a big life changing crash, on my way to camp and guess what people in bars, no masks, and my democrap near land owners suddenly have turned republican. I push the fact I told them so and I will retain my preferred spot on someone else's dock, it's a...
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    12:00 news23 yr old touri murderer

    She is the one that killed a 90yr old in the James st apts. (owned by the Greens /Tim, SU football lawyer), known shit hole place. Well our DA starters off with how the gun crime has sky rocketed and things need to be done to control it? Any one know how this touri person killed, with a knife...
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    Guard could get Congressional Medal of Honor CMH

    Watched on the news that "during the bloody " revolt a brave (black) guard put himself in harms way leading rioters away through the building and the camera man never lost him! The camera / sound man somehow knew the path as they were ahead of the courageous guard. Some rep. from Mississippi...
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    Pellets at wallyworld

    Just got back and had to have the cashier ok my purchase of pellets (it's the new .22 ammo, after chicombidong gets in). I looked at her and said do I look under 16 years old; don't know if it's a king Andy or waldoworlds policy.
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    Clinton is sorry, again,

    I was standing in line at the store and the Star had him and Epstein on it; bill is sorry for being to pervisland 27 times. No I only glanced didn't read it.
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    Any one get a text from the DMV.Ny.Gov

    Stating every driver license holder must update their contact to compliance regulation agreements?
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    Columbus killed in syracuse

    Well spineless Walsh is removing the Columbus statue in Columbus Circle.
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    Sweden wins against covid

    Heard on radio they made it to no longer required mask anywhere. Checked the internet and the first 2 show positive about Sweden then the rest all are the sky is falling bs about what a mistake they are making.
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    John Lewis Clinton, Bush, Obama, bs at his funeral

    Let's think a minute, the demonrats held the black man down yet he joined them, like so many others. Then have the balls to complain how they're treated by the ?? party that they joined only blaming the other party.
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    100 days till this is over!

    Then 4 years of impeachment, stolen election, riots, etc..
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    State budget is in!

    On the radio today I hear the budget is in and where I was sure we could bring the shortfall to 9 billion it is now near 20 billion, of course no information was given on who, what, when, where, why, how. Yet we still don't have resources to fight the icarona19? Odd.
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    This is back in the news, why we had the sand war Check the Russian name now check who is involved "in business with", see any names you know? They were linked in a thread on here by one...
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    We need to start planning on impeachment!

    We should get the paper work, whistle blowers, etc., lined up and ready to go for the next democrat/ communist president. Have it all done and just needing the name of the president typed in.
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    80,000 pounds of bombs dropped on 9-10

    Got to love President Trump!
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    What about Aleppo?

    'What is Aleppo?': Gary Johnson bungles question about Syrian war The democrats had an answer: it's gone! Johnson pot smoker = bad, now politics pots great! But it's Russia Russia Russia, racist, racist, racist, end of the economy, the sky is falling!
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    Here is trouble. Redistricing

    Obama Returns to Politics With Initiative to 'Favorably Position Democrats' Making your vote not count even more!
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    Kidnapper, rapist missing

    christopher block, cuts off ankle bracelet, cops "don't know where to start due to being rural, that's why you don't see police presence ", can you believe that bs? Why is an armed, kidnapping, rapist, even out of prison? Better put up a texting road block up! Maybe a speed trap. Perhaps we...
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    Stabbing in Kawasaki

    No gun in Japland so 30 something stabs 19 killing 2. Living with grandma grandpa. This happened before and they executed that guy; we would send them to prison for a college degree.
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    Two banks give out President Trumps financial info.

    wellsfargo, tdbank gave the info. To maxine and the democrats. Pull your money out and put it into other banks on Tuesday, not b.o.a. they support illegals.
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    Dan Wesson 15-2 sights

    Im calling Wilson sights tomorrow in reply from an email I sent about the fiber optic sight. 3 months before they have any in stock at least they told me, but call if I really wanted on (rear and front sight); Ruger black/red hawk sights fit the DW. Any one have interest in a set; that way I...