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  1. MilesTeg

    Knife Sharpening

    Well it's been a long time coming....... I need to finally do my own knife sharpening. I had a good friend I would get together with a couple times a year and he would sharpen all my knives and I would get him drunk and feed him. Now that I have 3 kids and he has a new girlfriend we seem not to...
  2. MilesTeg

    Christmas BB Gun

    Well I think the time has come to buy my oldest his first gun. He will be 5 1/2 on Christmas and has shown some interest in guns and shooting. I'm not sure if he's mature enough to grasp ramifications of misuse so it will be locked up in the safe and only used under my close supervision. With...
  3. MilesTeg

    Thinking about getting into long range shooting again

    So between reading through @Podmonkey 's thread and getting out to shoot my "long range" gun the other weekend, the spark has been lit again. When I was doing this before I was in college/right after college so money was tight, so somethings were cobbed together. Also because I had the time I...
  4. MilesTeg

    Frankford Arsenal Wet Tumbler

    Frankford Arsenal® Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler : Cabela's
  5. MilesTeg

    Brownells 1 cent hazmat and free shipping over $150

    The code is VBE. Great deal for all the new reloaders.
  6. MilesTeg


    I'm creating this on the off chance there is someone here that wants to offload a press. Or if you guys know someone who has one for sale. Thanks for the help.
  7. MilesTeg

    Wood Milling

    It's getting about time to log off the family land again. We luck out and my brother is a log buyer so it takes a lot of the guess work out of the experience. But this also throws a wrench in me and my fathers desire to be more independent and do stuff ourselves. So he wont help us in our desire...
  8. MilesTeg

    Brass Cleaning

    When I first got into reloading I read up on the different ways to clean brass. I decided to go with ultrasonic for a few different reasons. Anyways my brass always turned out nice but not the sparkling clean of wet tumbling. No big deal up until I decided to use 9mm brass to cover up the screw...
  9. MilesTeg

    New G Code holster coming out

    Well I've wanted to try a different holster for a while now I might hop on this one depending on price point.
  10. MilesTeg

    Anti virus - Android redirection / Browser Hijack

    The site keeps redirecting me to McAfee website on my phone. It's a galaxy 7 of that helps. So far it only seems to be this website.
  11. MilesTeg

    New Bench Build

    Well with the house planned to be set on Monday it looks like I will have space enough to start reloading again. I have been throwing around different ideas in my head on what bench I wish to build, but can't make up my mind. So I figured you guys would have some ideas tips or suggestions. Here...
  12. MilesTeg


    Now that I have 5 acres to mow I'm on the lawnmower for a long time. I have also started to notice my hearing is a little off after all that time on it. So my thought is I would use my Howard leight and plug my phone into them. So 2 questions has anyone tried this with their hearing...
  13. MilesTeg

    Shield RMSc sight

    Anyone thinking about adding an optic to their carry gun here's a deal for you. This is the guy that did the work on my custom gum he does excellent work.
  14. MilesTeg

    New AR bolt action idea

    Just hit my Instagram. Pretty meat if that's what your looking for. I wonder if it could compete with RPR for cheaper.
  15. MilesTeg

    Hard Sided Gun Case

    I just came across these guys, no sale but the prices look great. If anyone here has tried them I would love a review. Variable Tactical
  16. MilesTeg

    WTB G22 Magazines & Conversion Barrel

    I'm looking for at least 2 magazines for my G22. I am also looking for a 9mm conversions barrel and (4)magazines to go with it. I have read some on the conversion barrels but am open to discussion and recommendations here.
  17. MilesTeg

    Kydex Wallets

    I've seen more and more of these type of wallets over the interwebs. I was wondering if anyone here has tried them out and or any recommendations for them. My main hold up seems to be the huge swing in prices, IDK if it's worth the extra money or not.
  18. MilesTeg

    9 Critical Concealed Carry Lessons

    I found this YouTube series over the weekend. I haven't made if very far in it yet. So far I think it's a pretty fair discussion on the various topics. The reason I am making this thread is to discuss video #3 about edge weapons. This video has changed my perception on how to deploy a CC firearm...
  19. MilesTeg

    Safe Reccomendations

    Well I think it's time I buy a drawer safe for my bedside gun. I think I have it narrowed down to two but am open for more recommendations. VAULTEK SAFE – SMART & RUGGED BLUETOOTH SAFES Hornady RAPiD Safe 2700KP XL Personal Electronic RFID - MPN: 98172 I'm also looking for recommendations on...
  20. MilesTeg

    Once Fired Brass

    I just came across these guys. The 5 gallon buckets I think are a smoking deal. I haven't bought from them and don't know their shipping prices. Once Fired Bulk Brass Cases
  21. MilesTeg

    AR-10 Stripped Upper/Lower Set

    Smoking deal just came into my email. I wish I had the money to hop on it. Shopping
  22. MilesTeg

    Sight Pusher

    I'm in the market to upgrade a few of my stock pistols sights. I'm looking for recommendations on a sight pusher tool. I have seen some for cheap and some that are stupid expensive. I'm not looking to use a drift to push out the sights, I would rather use the proper tooling.
  23. MilesTeg

    Madison co. Pistol Permit Amendment Change

    Well I was at the LGS yesterday helping my father pick out a new pistol. Come to find out Albany sent out a letter to all the counties stating that the judges had to review all new amendments. So the new Madison county judge has interpreted this as he needs to personally review every amendment...
  24. MilesTeg

    Upgrading my EDC

    Well considering my new pistol hasn't come in yet, my desire for something new gun related hasn't been satisfied yet. Although an AR build sounds appealing, the smart thing to tackle would be my EDC. My current EDC consists of a bone stock G43 with the pinky extension magazine. I carry it in an...
  25. MilesTeg

    AR Kits

    I have a buddy that wants me to help him build an AR. I've built a few before so no worries on the actual build. He has no interest in piecing every part out and would rather buy a kit. I haven't been in the market for a kit gun in a while and have no clue what's out there. He's looking for a M4...
  26. MilesTeg

    Custom Pistol Build

    I've been debating on what to take on for my next gun related project. I was going to start a poll and get everyone's opinion, but as it so happens I clicked one internet picture and now I'm obsessing. So now the next project up to the plate is a custom built Glock variant. The plan right now...
  27. MilesTeg

    Reloading Componets on Sale

    I've seen this sort of thread on other forums and like to see what's available. Please share sales that you find! I know 357 Sig has a big following here so I came across this sale and had to pass it along. .357 Sig Speer Brass Primed Cases #1 *PULLED*
  28. MilesTeg

    New Shotgun Slugs

    Watch out frying pans there's a new sheriff in town!
  29. MilesTeg

    Bullet Casting

    I've been meaning to start this thread for a while. I've done a lot of reading and research on the subject and have found this to be an interesting topic. The purpose of this thread is to generally talk about the topic, do's, don'ts, equipment, procedures, personal experiences. I will follow...
  30. MilesTeg

    Carrying a Sidearm while Hunting

    I'm looking at carrying when I'm deer hunting this season. I was wondering how everyone carries. I was thinking about a drop leg holster.
  31. MilesTeg

    What is it?

    Don't flame me to badly but I don't know revolvers. This is my father's with a 6" barrel chambered in 357 Smith and Wesson. He wants to find out the model because he wants a new holster for it. So it's a two part question, what is the model and any recommendations for holsters.
  32. MilesTeg

    Hunting Rifle

    OK guys it's time to hang up the old shotgun and get a deer rifle. The problem is I can't decide what to get. I've narrowed it down to two but still am torn on caliber. First up Tikka in 30-06. Tikka T3 SS Laminated .30-06 SPRG JRTG320 Second is a bergara. I always wanted a 300 win mag but...