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  1. NY Leatherneck

    Riot Evolution: Looters robbing Looters

    Philly, the city of brotherly love.
  2. NY Leatherneck

    NYS Rescinds idiotic DNR order

    Backtracking now. New York state rescinds DNR order for cardiac patients amid coronavirus crisis
  3. NY Leatherneck

    Cuomo to protesters..."Get a job as an essential worker"

    FUAC New York Gov. Cuomo to protesters wanting economy reopened: ‘Get a job as an essential worker’
  4. NY Leatherneck

    NY , NJ & CT Maybe Facing a Federal Quarantine

    Looking like this may become a reality. Not promising for us imo
  5. NY Leatherneck

    This Old Rifle Repair: Episode One

    So I previously posted that I was fortunate enough to receive three (free) Pre'64 Winchesters but not without each needing some TLC. So, I quickly got started on the 1940 Model 94. The stock was cracked a good 5" between both tangs favoring one side. After some research, I went with a impact...
  6. NY Leatherneck

    DONE 1953 Russian SKS + 1100rds 7.62x39

    All numbers matching 1953 Tula arsenal Ruski. Very clean rifle. +1000 rounds 124gr hp TulAmmo +100 rounds 123gr fmj WPA Comes with original cleaning kit in stock. Original sling included (not shown). Also includes 20 stripper clips. Buyer pays FFL transfer fees. Orange County and nearby...
  7. NY Leatherneck

    Bloomberg: Taking a lick of that Big Gay....
  8. NY Leatherneck

    Kansas non-typical buck / 4th largest in the world

    Kansas bowhunter harvests buck with incredibly unusual antlers: 'In complete shock'
  9. NY Leatherneck

    Got this for Christmas....*Hunting related*

    My daughter got me this hand carved euro mount board for this years buck. Looking forward to getting him back from the taxidermist after the beetles eat.
  10. NY Leatherneck

    Feral Hogs kill woman in TX.

    .......& NYS wont let us hunt them.....
  11. NY Leatherneck

    History Lesson- NY Has Always Been Full of Turncoats

    I see many similarities with this history lesson and FUAC.
  12. NY Leatherneck

    Stay away from them squirrel brains boys

    Rochester no less.... Man dies from rare disorder after eating squirrel brains
  13. NY Leatherneck

    When Squirrel Hunters Attack

    Iowa squirrel hunter accidentally shoots own brother on first day of season Not to profile but those names in Iowa? Sounds more like a training camp accident then squirrel hunting....just saying.
  14. NY Leatherneck

    Bolawrap Restraint Technology

    IMO pretty cool in certain situations. 25' effective range. Police officers test new restraint technology
  15. NY Leatherneck

    Brazilian PO mom foils armed robber

    Fast acting, good shoot and nice follow through. Saved some kids too possibly. Off-duty police officer, mom hailed as hero for taking out would-be robber at Mother's Day event near school
  16. NY Leatherneck

    Chester Academy School in lockdown

    My kids are on lockdown in neighboring school district as a result.
  17. NY Leatherneck

    FUAC signs another gun control bill.

    In his race to show he is making a difference.... Love the tacky use of a Parkland survivor next to him and also a Pelosi mention of endorsement in the article. I just cant look at that monkey faced fuck but for a second. New York Gov. Cuomo signs gun law preventing domestic abusers from...
  18. NY Leatherneck

    The scary pistol emoji must be banned

    Google swaps gun emoji for a water pistol
  19. NY Leatherneck

    More Verbal Diarrhea From Andy

    Andrew Cuomo claims he's 'undocumented,' challenges officials to deport him
  20. NY Leatherneck

    My kind of girl

    Way to go....snowflakes are melting. Tennessee college senior defends posing for graduation picture with gun in her waistband
  21. NY Leatherneck

    Tucker calls out Cuomhole

    Tucker: Left-Wing Politicians Protest Guns ... While Being Protected by Armed Bodyguards
  22. NY Leatherneck

    Firearm Necklace Charm Not Allowed on UK Flight

    Unreal !! Woman claims airport security confiscated her gun necklace because it was 'potentially dangerous'
  23. NY Leatherneck

    Hats off to Primary Arms

    Had one of their 4x ACCS Reticle Prism Scopes on my 300BO pistol for a coupke of years. Not many shots through it. I noticed that there were specks on the inside glass and the etched reticle lines in some locations distorted. I sent P.A. some pictures and they said it was out of warranty but...
  24. NY Leatherneck

    Chucky Schumer the RACIST

    Schumer slammed for citing skin color in vote against white judicial nominee
  25. NY Leatherneck

    Proud of my boys

    Happen to hear my 17yo playing video of Dana Loesch appearing on fake news CNN Town Hall with that corrupt POS Broward sheriff. My boys knew all the real facts about semi auto firearms and how B.S. the media makes it all appear and how well Dana did despite the overwhelming pointed and scripted...
  26. NY Leatherneck

    Commiefornia stuck w/ 10 day waiting period

    SCOTUS didn't want to hear this one either. Possibly part of new "sensible" background checks we might see introduced after the last school shooting. US top court rejects challenge to California gun waiting period
  27. NY Leatherneck

    Chiraq Police Commader shot dead

    1st off RIP. Looks like as a higher up he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty, shot while chasing an armed robbery suspect. Chicago police officer dies after being shot multiple times 2nd, when are these fucktard liberals going to get it in their head about gun rights amongst all the other...
  28. NY Leatherneck

    BLM Leader shot dead

    Apparently his life didn't matter Charleston Black Lives Matter leader shot, killed in New Orleans, niece says
  29. NY Leatherneck

    Utah CCW holder helps cop during assault of officer

    Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer
  30. NY Leatherneck

    IWI Tavor TS-12 Shotgun

    Damn, this thing is pretty cool!!
  31. NY Leatherneck

    Got a delivery today

    Figured I would jump right in into the 9mm world. Waiting on the amendment.
  32. NY Leatherneck

    In California?.... Feeling Down?

    Simple, put yourself on a new gun ban list. New California bill aims to protect citizens from gun suicides
  33. NY Leatherneck

    Found great jeans for IWB carry

    So the gf got me some extreme flex jeans from American Eagle for Christmas. Whatever fabric they combine in these things makes you feel like you can run a marathon in them. Not only the waistband has great flexibility but everywhere else does. Come in all different cuts and colors. Makes ccw...
  34. NY Leatherneck

    Using a claw for 3/4 o'clock iwb carry holster

    Anyone use one? If so thoughts....
  35. NY Leatherneck

    Bought 1st striker fired/9mm pistol today

    Went with a Walther PPS M2....picked it up for $299 w/free shipping. Usually my pistol calibers kill the soul...but what the hell went 9mm for a change and my collection didn't have a striker fired pistol either. Could be a new EDC...We'll see. PPS M2 - Walther Arms
  36. NY Leatherneck

    NYS DEC looking to ban deer urine attractant

    Deer urine controversy in NY
  37. NY Leatherneck

    Open Letter to ANTIFA

    On point!! An open letter to Antifa
  38. NY Leatherneck

    Sheriff Clarke resigns

    Maybe a future with the feds? Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigns
  39. NY Leatherneck

    1 more month...

    Seeing this in the morning makes me want to say the hell with work. Let's bring on the season already Got a good pic from the truck though.
  40. NY Leatherneck

    More pressure on SCOTUS to hear Maryland AWB

    Attorneys General from 21 states ask Supreme Court to hear suit against Maryland's assault weapons ban
  41. NY Leatherneck

    Best School Fieldtrip Ever??

    I'd say hell yes!! School under fire for taking 6-year-olds to gun range
  42. NY Leatherneck

    NYer participates in Charlottesville, Antifa public shames him in hometown

    Virginia rally participant receives death threats; says he was there to preserve history Try that shit by me and come to my house Antifa freaks!!
  43. NY Leatherneck

    F/S Marlin 336 A/S 30/30 with ammo

    Decided to sell this one. Nothing special just a 336 in 30/30 with factory included Barska 3x9x40 scope. Selling with 295rds (-5 from Hornady box) of assorted 30/30 boxed ammo as a package deal. Ammo alone easily over $200 value. Great hunting/brush gun. Not much use and in great shape. It is a...
  44. NY Leatherneck

    Another productive pre-season prep day

    Well of course had to start it out with a little fishing...not much just some sunfish but it wasn't a wash. Then my youngest boy and I went out for some sighting in. 1st thing, I had to choose my hunting gun this year. I went with my trusty beater field gun. Browning A Bolt II in 3006. Didn't...
  45. NY Leatherneck

    Pressure is building on SCOTUS to take up the AWB

    Supreme Court's next big gun control case? Post-Newtown laws face new scrutiny
  46. NY Leatherneck

    Got off my ass and shot my bow today

    After procrastinating, I finally went and got her out. Had to put new peep sight tubing in after 1 breakage and then saw some drying on the other end. So I replaced that. Shooting low at my 30 & 40yd distances which required tweeking. Got her pretty good and waxed up the strings. Couple loose...
  47. NY Leatherneck

    Gun Toting Granny slaying them snakes

    Elderly woman kills copperhead snakes with shotgun, shovel and rake handle