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  1. Rondo223

    Of Pistol Caliber Lever Actions

    I've wanted a Marlin in .357 for a number of years but availability and price have prohibited me from picking one up. I do have a model 336 in 44mag to go with my SBH though. This goes along with my .35 Rem, .338ME and 45-70
  2. Rondo223

    Biden to sign Juneteenth bill, creating first new federal holiday in decades

    I was actually referring to the liquid version.
  3. Rondo223

    Black Lives Matter activist shot in head

    NAAAHHHH if She knew Hillary it would have been reported as suicide.
  4. Rondo223

    40mm Granades found in a guys backyard

    Why can't I find shit like this?
  5. Rondo223

    reloading supplies on rochester craigslist

    $25@100 primers? I flagged him for being a scalper.....haha
  6. Rondo223

    WTT Looking for .45-70 brass!

    I have some I could part with if you have something I need. What ya got to trade?
  7. Rondo223

    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Well 50 of each to start would be nice. Right now both calibers are hard to find but then most everything is.
  8. Rondo223

    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Just a bump in case anyone has any.
  9. Rondo223

    Scope for a 10/22?? I have one and they are a great scope
  10. Rondo223

    Police chief says new cannabis law is flawed

    Just wave a bag of Doritos in front of the driver and see if they take them :hookah:
  11. Rondo223

    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Right now I am not too picky as I just bought both of these rifles. I am looking for enough to work up a decent ladder for each combination I try. I was able to find a couple boxes of 280 Federal Fusion but still looking for more brass to work a few different loadings. Once I have a little more...
  12. Rondo223

    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    7mm-06 is different although the 280 is based off the -06 case and ye the 7mm express is the original name for the cartridge which is what my barrel is stamped.
  13. Rondo223

    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    On the off chance anyone has any to let go. Looking to buy or trade.
  14. Rondo223

    Let's play a game. Show us something you don't think anyone else here has.

    How many buckets of them do you want? Still should be a few lying around somewhere. Tossed out a truck load of old buckets last spring
  15. Rondo223

    Jack Dorsey (Twitter) defends Trump ban

    And he says this is not over
  16. Rondo223

    Schmitt submits input on upcoming DEC deer management plan

    Everyone should read the plan. There will most likely be things in it that most here disagree with, like the extended season is for bow/muzzleloader not rifle/shotgun. From what I have heard many of the State wildlife biologists are not happy with the plan. It is 80 pages long so make plans to...
  17. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    I'm not listening to anything, sound is off for the night. And I am going to bed soon so I will see what happens in the early hours. It ain't over til Darth sings.
  18. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Sorry it's on their map
  19. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Its on their map
  20. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Even Newsmax is calling Va for Biden with Trump at 52%
  21. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Not one of the big 3 and I am not even going to look at their shuit anymore as they are prdicting shit that is backwards to what the numbers say
  22. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    The maps I looked at did not have Va called yet.
  23. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Went to check out the big 3 and they are not projecting any states that are not a sure bet yet. Funny huh
  24. Rondo223

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Yea they are showing NC leaning Biden Lets hope it changes as the rural polls come in
  25. Rondo223

    1100 LT-20ga Magnum - Small Digs on Mag Tube

    I would recommend ordering extra o-ring seals as they do get beat up over time. The piston seals need to glide down the tube without any issues or you may end up having feeding problems. Also use minimal light lube. Too much lube will cause feeding problems as well. I lost a deer one year...
  26. Rondo223

    Sporting Licenses Go on Sale Aug 10th

    Yea Im thinking I may hit Walmart too. Then stop by Tractor supply and the Kubota dealer to get parts for my tractor
  27. Rondo223

    2020 Gardening Thread

    She quite often buys a bunch of seeds from Fedco seeds out of Maine. A neighbor/friend down the road used to work at Cornell so she got hooked up with them that way. They generally get a group discount. She also sources from other outlets as well. We emptied the plants out side of all the...
  28. Rondo223

    Sporting Licenses Go on Sale Aug 10th

    I am in the same boat. Do not call the number on the decals site as it is not in service. I called my local DEC and they are aware of the fact and gave me the number in Albany to ask about Licenses. It is 518-402-8843 But the recorded message just tells you to go to a licensing agent and have...
  29. Rondo223

    Drive by shooting in Binghamton

    I wouldn't know I haven't been in there in several years
  30. Rondo223

    Drive by shooting in Binghamton

    Probably had just left Dick's with a truck load of ammo and was lightening the load a little.
  31. Rondo223

    2020 Gardening Thread

    The GF has been growing Opalka tomatoes for several years now for her sauces n such. Very prolific with 3x6"+ fruits. Very meaty with very good flavour. She also grew some Amish paste and they were god as well We will probably end up tossing a bunch as she has so many tomato products canned now.
  32. Rondo223

    Identify this fungus

    Looks like a nice bunch of Chicken of the woods. Very edible Jack O lanterns are gilled mushrooms and Chickens are polypores.
  33. Rondo223

    Identify this fungus

    Take another pic and post it after a week or so
  34. Rondo223

    Identify this fungus

    Chicken of the woods is orange to yellow. Hen of the woods is usually grey to brown and they can get huge. I collected 3 of them a couple years ago that totaled about 60lbs worth. Chicken of the woods will be founbd growing on dead stumps or fallen trees. Hens will always be found at or near...
  35. Rondo223

    Identify this fungus

    It does look like a coral mushroom which are not typically considered choice or even edible. But being under an oak it could be an immature Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondosa) which is a choice edible. Google it and see what develops as it grows. If it is do not let it go too far as they do get...
  36. Rondo223

    Canning. Any Canners out there?

    But being just 2 of us now we mostly can everything in pints anymore so maybe that makes some difference.
  37. Rondo223

    Canning. Any Canners out there?

    Our canned carrots are perfect as far as texture and taste when canned in the pressure canner.
  38. Rondo223

    Canning. Any Canners out there?

    As mentioned above start with water bath to learn, but that is mainly for high acidic foods like pickles and tomatoes. Other veggies and meats will require a pressure canner. I agree the All American are the ones to get. I have the 15,30, and 41 qt models. The 41 qt will do do a double stack of...
  39. Rondo223

    Little kid gets his MAGA hat stolen

    I'd have thrown the bitch over the fence if I was there. And I had not slapped her yet
  40. Rondo223

    Thailand shooting

    Was it a Covid death?
  41. Rondo223

    I might have to take a road trip...

    I have been there several times. Prices run a bit high but they usually have nicer stuff both new and used. I did buy my Marlin MXLR in .338ME there for a reasonable price probably 10 yrs. ago. As said stop by Kittery trading post just as you pass the bridge into Maine. The selection there...
  42. Rondo223

    NYSP makes three arrests in Enfield home invasion

    Being Tomkins Co. I'm surpirsed they didn't throw the home owner in jail. Of course that still could happen
  43. Rondo223

    Multiple people’ shot near Chicago funeral home

    He said business has been dead
  44. Rondo223

    Preparing for .44 Magnum

    Shooting with one of these makes it not bad at all.
  45. Rondo223

    Preparing for .44 Magnum

    Do not load H110 below min recommendations. Best to run it at the top end of the data. Never used Longshot. For my target loads I just use Unique.
  46. Rondo223

    Man allegedly arrested for defending his land in NY

    Im glad I don't have to worry about any restrictions :cowboy:
  47. Rondo223

    DO NOT EVER BUY Bruce Springsteen MUSIC

    Bruce who?