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  1. Vapor

    Mini-14 Mags stored for over a year

    Long story short, I loaded up some mags around March of 2020. Approximately 12 factory, 10 round, ruger mini-14 mags. I decided to got out and sight in a rifle. The mags still feed ok, but about 8-9 lacked the spring power to actuate the bolt hold open. I opened them up, and yes, the spring...
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    Henry .22

    Do you any of you have any reason why a henry .22 would be a bad buy? Reliable? Reasonably accurate? Fun? I already have 3 semi auto .22s and an old bolt .22. I have alot of. 22 lr. Some of it even starting to get a bit old. I thought this would be a fun way of training for my big lever guns...
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    Bass Pro/Cabelas Owners Aquire Sportsman's Warehouse
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    Biden to Use Executive Orders in gun control And so it begins...
  5. Vapor

    Swfa Black Friday I have a 3-15 and a 12x. Both the regular and HD lines are made in Japan. Not sure who makes the regular, the HD look like LOW. 35% off. Comes with rings, level, and some other stuff. Buy 'em!
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    DONE Bushnell TRS-25

    Basically like new Bushnell TRS. I mounted it to my pc carbine but hated the extra height. NEVER HAS ACTUALLY SEEN LIVE FIRE. Has a little but of damage on the head of the mounting cross bolt, but is not stripped. Can come with a yhm riser that I think would put it at MSR height. $50 w/...
  7. Vapor

    F/S Silver State Armory .308 175 gr match

    One box with 3 rounds out of it. 2 full boxes. .308 175 grain hpbt match ammunition Stored for 1 year in a sealed can. $55 takes all 57 rounds. In the Chenango-Broome-Deleware-Otsego County area. SHIPPING CONSIDRED ON BUYERS COST ONLY. Would consider trades for other ammo, ruger mini-14...
  8. Vapor

    Mini-14 Range Report (includes info on pro mags)

    Well happy 4th everyone. I spent the day with an ar and a mini-14. I took my Weaver vx3 1-3 off of the mini becuse yes...I had never shot them. I set out with 55 grain Hornaday Frontier, Federal 5.56, and Winchester white box 5.56. The irons were perfect. About 2" at 50 yards in...
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    Point Of Impact Shift

    I have this issue with a particular upper. Specs: Wilson 18" 1:8 zero taper heavy barrel Yhm free float quad Running h2 buffer Larue trigger Swfa 12x (currently) Adm mount Usually shooting off of a harris bipod and a yhm picitinny adapter I have twice zeroed two different sets of irons...
  10. Vapor

    I couldn't do it...(Ammo price)

    I couldn't do it... One of my local gun shops wanted $24/ box for Federal 180 grain soft point .308. I'm used to paying less for Gold Medal Match at Cabelas. Usually this stuff is $15-$19.99. You can't tell me that people are buying that for self defense... I went ahead and bought some 5.56...
  11. Vapor

    Franken Upper and Burris MTAC Range Report

    My local range finally opened. I decided I would take and zero one rifle. I took my 20" Fraken upper. Unknown upper (Anchor Harvey) 20" melonite yhm fluted 1:7 barrel 15" Seekins keymod rail PSA premium BCG Low pro gas block Bcm gunfighter ambi ch Troy sights (Previously checked for zero)...
  12. Vapor

    Practicing Mag Changes (Ar and Mini-14)

    So, I have not been able to make it to the range in awhile. Weather here has been cold, wet, and muddy. I've also been conservative on ammo. So, I thought I'd do some pretend magazine changes in the air from know, on the ar15s and minis I used to own before the boating accident...
  13. Vapor

    Suggest A Good Ar-15 Scope

    Okay gents... I have a 20" upper which is beautifully light weight with a nice fluted barrel and all that jazz. Shoots like a dream with irons, but I always feel an optic unlocks all the true potential. This optic will go in a Larue qd mount. So, that being said I am at a loss. I have an 18...
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    $5 AR Mags
  15. Vapor

    Mora Kansbol and Edris Workout

    So I know I posted that I bought a Kansbol for my girlfriend for her birthday. Seeing it reminded me that I got one awhile back with an Eldris for myself. Disclaimer, I am not a professional wood carver or bushcrafter... The Kansbol was excellent. Very sharp, good 90 degree spine, and very...
  16. Vapor

    F/S Warne Ar15 Scope Mount

    Warne ar15 scope mount. Great shape, lightly used. This is the type with 1/4" nuts holding it on. Torque to 65 in lbs for repeatable zero. Torque ring halves to 25 in lbs (unless using a vortex, scope bodies are thin, torque to 18 in lbs.) 0 moa if you're wondering. $60 shipped within conus.
  17. Vapor

    Girlfriend's Birthday

    I'm taking her to an AHL game and dinner to place she has never been... But she asked for hikining boots (which she picked out and tried on.) And a start on a little bushcraft kit. I picked out a Mora Kansbol and Bahco saw without her knowing. I actually own both myself (I own like 6 Mora...
  18. Vapor

    Happy Birthday to me (New Ar Build)

    Decided I wanted to do a new build for my birthday (End of March). Some parts are still in goes the waiting game... Never had a 20" upper so here goes...: Upper: 20" fluted 1/7 yhm melonite barrel 15" seekins keymod rail Low pro nitrided gas block STD charging handle (for now...
  19. Vapor

    Cold Steel Ti Lite

    I can't put this cheap sucker down. I just sit and flip it open and closed all day... Does anyone have the big ole 6" one? How do you like it?
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    WYCT or What Are You Carrying Today

    I thought I'd get this started... Trying to like this freek...but it was a struggle to not choose the endura.
  21. Vapor

    Should I get a Shockwave?

    I'm feeling this Should I grab a 20 gauge shockwave for a toy and a trunk gun? I'm a big dude. I can handle a 12, but I feel like I'd be faster with a 20... I's christmas...
  22. Vapor

    Pm2 or pm3?

    I can get spyderco paramilitaries discounted at work. I can get a pm2 in s30v and black with camo handle. A pm2 in s110v and blue. A pm3 in s30v Anybody have any thoughts? It sounds like s110 is a bear to sharpen. I also usually prefer naked blades so I'm leaning pm3...
  23. Vapor

    Mini 14 Magazines -Pro Mag

    Do I remember someone on here saying the pro-mag 10 rounders work ok? Found some for less than $15. They look just like my ruger factory mags.
  24. Vapor

    Help me choose a "nice" Rifle

    I'm thinking of a nice, walnut bolt gun. Something pretty but tough. I have already pretty much settled on a .308. I've already got a long range rifle in .308. I do already also have a .243 and 6.5 as well, but I want a truly big game gun. Probably will top it with a vx3. I was thinking of...
  25. Vapor

    SWFA SS Scopes

    20% off swfa ss scopes Riflescopes 20% off Free sunshade Free shipping w\promo Made in Japan Mil\mil Rugged, more so than vipers , Leopold, etc. Forever warranty 11% the rest of the site. I ordered a 12x and a made in USA Weaver qd mount for under $300 shipped. I have a 3-15x. It...
  26. Vapor

    F/S Ruger Rings

    2 sets of factory ruger #5 rings. "Used" in the sense that they aren't new retail packaging. One set was mounted and removed. Another was never even mounted. Came from mini-14s $35 each set shipped. (These are $34 each ring at brownells.)
  27. Vapor

    Mini 14

    Mini-14 Ranch Rifle / .223 Rem 18.5 5 Round Blued Ruger 5801 The price varies a bit, but for today it's $727 with $8 shipping. don't forget you get 2 mags and b both a rail and rings with every mini.
  28. Vapor

    M1A thoughts?

    So as some of you know, I have a stable of .223 rifles. I have had a gaggle of 7.62x39mm rifles. I've never had. A 308 semi auto. I don't really enjoy the thought of a thordsen stocked ar10. I have a friend with one, and it balances about as well as a democratic lead government's budget...
  29. Vapor

    Hypocrisy of Accuracy Expectations

    I often here these rehashed over and over again in the gun world... "1.5-3 moa is great for a non-free float chrome lined m4gery!" "2.5-4 moa out of an ak is doing great, 2.5 edging toward the better ak rifles out there!" "The 580 series mini-14 is ONLY capable of 1.5-2.5 moa with wal mart...
  30. Vapor

    Pin and Weld

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a smith/shop to pin and weld a thread protector in the Broome county area?
  31. Vapor

    DONE Pinned 10/30 Ak47 Magazines

    These are all Permanently riveted to 10 rounds. All prices shipped 3 tapco black magazines $15 each 3 bulgarian mags (not reinforced/commerical) $15 each 3 magpul pmags, reinforced versions $18 each 3 New production Serbian BHO mags--all steel $18 each-NEVER USED-basically new All in great...
  32. Vapor

    DONE Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7x and MI ak side mount

    Bushnell Elite 3200 with rain guard MADE IN JAPAN BY LOW 2-7x33 Good eye relief, very precise clicks, very nice glass Comes with low burris xtreme tactical rings I don't currently have a use for it is all. $130 shipped MI gen 2 mount. $80 shipped Would also trade for a 1.5-4 Leopold vx...
  33. Vapor

    DONE 7.62x39MM

    500 rounds of golden tiger 124 grain fmj Loose in a 30 cal ammo can. $100. Local pick up only. 1100-1200 rounds (I actually lost count, im not going to count it)122 grain tula FMJ Loose in 50 cal ammo can. $200 local pick up. Both been in their stored ammo can since purchase with desiccant...
  34. Vapor

    Burris E1

    Burris Fullfield E1 3-9x40mm Riflescope, Color: Black, Tube Diameter: 1 in, Up to 58% Off w/ Free Shipping — 3 models Use the coupon code, it brings it down to $116 for the simple cross hair version. I think the deal ends today.
  35. Vapor

    DONE Saiga 7.62x39, Yugo Sks, Ammo, etc.

    Up for sale, two New York legal semi autos. 1. Saiga in 7.62x39MM The good: Magpul Zukov fore end--steath gray Dinzag bullet guide--threaded, red loctite, and staked (like your ar 15 gas key) Romanian windage adj rear sight The bad: The mag catch was replaced with a new spring and...
  36. Vapor

    Stag Varminter

    Thinking about trying one of these out. Stag can ship one with a Thordsen cheaper than I could buy one. Stag 15 Varminter My only concern is a 24" upper is a heavy beast. Most reviews seem quite positive on accuracy and Stag rifles in general. I already may have some 16" this...
  37. Vapor

    Rat 2

    I already have 3 rat 1s, including one in D2 on the way. The question is, do I need a rat 2? Might be a nice addition as a beater when I want to baby my mini grip. I think I do...
  38. Vapor

    Benchmade Griptilian &section=product (Go to the second page and beyond. First page is just handle scales) Most of the minis are $77 The full sized are $84 They ship free via usps first class.
  39. Vapor

    You can't just have one

    Just came in the mail. The 154cm versions were on sale recently. Benchmade is making then in s30v next year. I'm fairly certain someone got me a Freek for christmas too. Im really looking forward to it. The axis lock is the most fun I've had with knife lock in a long time. I bought my lady a...
  40. Vapor

    DONE Cold Steel and Spyderco

    Cold Steel Finn Wolf--never used, or carried. Opened once or twice. Sat in a drawer for months. $20 shipped. Spyderco Resilience, used, touched up with a ceramic a few times, carried, but never used for anything more than opening boxes or mail. Great shape. $35 shipped.- Spyderco...
  41. Vapor

    F/S Spyderco Tenacious and Byrd Meadowlark

    Tenacious Bought this awhile back, and never carried it. No packaging, but it is brand new, never been used to cut, been carried, etc. $30 shipped Byrd Meadowlark New in box. Never used. $15 shipped (Chinese Delica clone) $42 shipped gets you both.
  42. Vapor

    Unadilla Gun Show Aug 12th

  43. Vapor

    Wheeler fat wrench

    $37 with free shipping using code mft.
  44. Vapor

    DONE Nikon 3-9x40 bdc Scope

    Nikon 3-9x40 bdc 1" Tube Hash mark circles for 1-600 yards Based off of the older prostaff Generous eye releif and good eye box No fast focus (a plus imo) Non finger adjustable turrets Mounted in tps rings once on a warn one peice mount...i'm not even sure there are ring marks Never shot I'm...
  45. Vapor

    SWFA SS scopes on sale

    SWFA Grab a 3-15 Or 10x while you can. Free shipping over $49. 10% site wide. So I blew my gun budget for awhile on a 3-15. I don't even have 30mm rings lying around.
  46. Vapor

    F/S Mis mash garage sale of parts, knives,etc.

    I have a bunch of "junk" that is time to pass on to some one why maybe could use it more than me. Savage model 10/11 Boyds Laminated stock, barrel channel for a hog hunter, blind mag, nutmeg color. No mag included. Overall good shape with metal trigger guard. $75 shipped. Weaver picatinny base...
  47. Vapor

    Lee Armory NYS legal AKM

    "INTRODUCING!! Lee Armory AKM Rifle in 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 for our #banstate or Texas Pig Slaying customers! These are 100% featureless: Monte Carlo Stock, Ships with a 10 Round Mag, No Bayo Lugs, No Threads (threading available). This wonderful NY, NJ, CA, Ban State Compatible rifle will make a...
  48. Vapor

    Savage Model 10 Stock Options

    I've got a heavy 20" barrel model 10 in .308. Its wearing a reasonable quality weaver mil dot scope, tps bases, rings, and cheap Caldwell bipod. Off a bench with the bipod, no rear bag, i was getting 3 shot 0.5" groups the first time i shot it. Since then, i've been mulling over the stock. Its...
  49. Vapor

    DONE Vortex diamondback 4-12x12x40 Dead hold bdc

    Vortex Diamondback 1" tube 4-12x40 with dead hold bdc Some light right marks. Took out once, mounted on a .243 bolt gun. The eye relief was a bit short for my application. Thats the only issue for me. Comes in orginal packaging, lens covers, and butler creek caps. Spf
  50. Vapor

    Yugo Sks @ Classic

    Yugo SKS For Sale M59/66 - Very Good to Excellent Condition : Classic Firearms Get while you can.