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  1. 1911guy

    F/S Camden Rod & Gun Club Annual Raffle for 2020

    Tickets are $25 and good for every day in the in the Month of June 2020. Value of the gun can be used to trade on another gun with you bargaining with the dealer (Frank's Shooting Supply in Canastota) or you can take the cash value that we have established for that day. Gift certificates for...
  2. 1911guy

    2019 Camden Rod and Gun Club Annual Raffle

    Chance to win every day in June of 2019 (Click to see the ticket)
  3. 1911guy

    Camden Rod&Gun Annual Raffle (2018 Old Thread)

    Annual Raffle Camden Rod & Gun Club One ticket good each day in June 2018. One Thousand tickets for sale, number 000 thru 999. Winning numbers based upon the NY Lottery Evening numbers drawing. Possible to win each day (but highly unlikely J ) Ticket provided for a $25 donation. So you get...
  4. 1911guy

    Camden Rod & Gun Club Annual Raffle - month of June

    One $25 ticket gets you a chance to win every day in the month of June. Tickets based upon evening number drawing from NY State Lottery. PM Wizrd . You can pay through Paypal AND INCLUDE PHONE. Scroll down.
  5. 1911guy

    Military Politics.

    I will just relay this email I got from a friend. The circumstances are absolutely true but as far as I know have never been made public. That's a shame. We need more Generals like Gen Sullivan. If you read the book “The Eleven Days of Christmas” highly recommend he rebelled at SAC’s...