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    F/S Anderson stripped lower receivers $89.00

    Anderson stripped lower receivers. Model AM-15 Multi caliber Brand new Have ones with no logo and have others with American flag logo , “Dont tread on me” logo, The punisher skull logo and the Spartan Molon Labe logo. $89.00 Includes transfer fee Must be 21 years old with valid NYS drivers...
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    F/S 9MM ammo for sale

    For sale (50) count Blazer Brass 115Gr $38.00 per box (100) count Winchester 115Gr $ 75.00 per box (350) count Remington range bucket 115gr $300.00 (** SOLD **) Rochester area F2F only I take cash,Venmo,PayPal,cash app
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    DONE Winchester 5.56 green tip

    For sale Rochester area Winchester 5.56 200 round range pack 62 grain green tip $175.00 each one left Prefer F2F Cash/ cash app / Venmo / PayPal Thanks
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    Marlin 45/70 ammo question

    Hey all , I’m hoping someone with knowledge about what ammo I can and can’t use in my 45/70. I have a newer Marlin 45/70 with the big loop. I usually shoot factory ammo out of it and it runs perfect . I got a great deal on some ammo that I am assuming was reloaded . I attached a pic of the three...
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    .222 Rem

    Can anyone please help me identify who made this rifle and the value of it. A Guy is trying to sell gun to me in part of a package deal. I’d appreciate any and all help . Thanks in advance Tony
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    Hello from Monroe County

    Hello all, Greetings from Rochester. Thanks for allowing me to join. I am a fully licensed FFL dealer and joined to mostly look at this sites classified ads. Im always looking to buy,so drop me a message some time. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you. If you ever need FFL services please...