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  1. wizrd

    Remington is shipping new ammo..

    Sunday & Monday - Aug. 1 & 2, saw probably 12 cases of 9mm plain vanilla for sale in the local Runnings store. 115 gr. fmj. New Remington ammo - hopefully a little relief on the shortages. The bad news was, it's $ 24.99 for a box of 50. Runnings has kept their prices very reasonable thru the...
  2. wizrd

    Biden Just Said He Wants to Ban Handguns

    They came for our guns in 1776. We shot them. True story!
  3. wizrd

    PA May Tax Deliveries

    Coming soon to New York!
  4. wizrd

    Larry A. Elder is considering a run for political office!

    If you're not familiar with him, you should be. Mr. Elder is seriously considering a run for political office. If you would like to comment, his email is: - I first became aware of him, many years ago, through his book - "Ten Things You Can't Say in America" - highly...
  5. wizrd

    Guns and Ammo Tax Free in WV

    John Denver may have had a premonition about this!
  6. wizrd

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    YOU, will be one of the first to know, Glenn!
  7. wizrd

    Is gifting a handgun a thing?

    I bought 3 pistols. They were put on my permit. Gifted 1 to my son. Gave my son a paper saying: - Pistol transferred to ... ... ...., - (just as you would in a normal sale/transfer) - he registered it on his permit, - then he received the pistol from me. - I don't really see a problem here...
  8. wizrd

    State fair is back

    If they want CROWDS at the fair this year, - put Cuomo in a dump tank filled with liquid manure! - Bill it as 'Dump Cuomo Day'!
  9. wizrd

    Ammunition found locally today

    A local Runnings store had 6 or 7 brands of 9 mm. (115 gr. plain vanilla) a couple days ago. - Most I've seen in a long time, all priced at 19.99 per 50. Reasonable prices. According to a news item I heard yesterday, - on shipping containers entering the country, - shipping container handling...
  10. wizrd

    City of Kingston to hold gun buy-back

    How much does it cost to 'print' a plastic gun? -- could be a business opportunity here...just wondering.
  11. wizrd

    Gun Confiscations in Suffolk?

    Uh...mail gets lost all the time...just saying.
  12. wizrd

    Businesses having trouble staying afloat because of lack of workers

    Picking up a couple burgers at a central NY Wendy's drive-thru Saturday. Young man out back, taking a smoke break, - "Excuse me," - he says, "Do you know anyone looking for work?" - I talked a little with him about the job, employment situations right now - his point was - "If we don't find...
  13. wizrd

    WTB Air rifle Scope and mounts

    A $ 50 Tasco air gun scope will get things done for you.
  14. wizrd

    Oneida County PP Questions

    Oneida county - you HAVE TO complete an accepted pistol-safety course BEFORE they will give you an application for a pistol permit. Wait time seems to be about 6 months, after submitting paperwork. Their number is 315-798-5821.
  15. wizrd

    Thompson center firearm dead?

    Hell, this is a surprise? - They cut back various production of T/C stuff long ago.
  16. wizrd

    New knife?

    We're gonna need a group picture of that purchase.
  17. wizrd

    Hard Time Finding Light Bearing Holster

    Ritchie Leather makes some great leather holsters - they will build one 'light specific' to your flashlight...just saying.
  18. wizrd

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    Tickets aren't out yet, Glenn. Not sure yet exactly when the raffle will be, either Sept. or Nov. -- Don't worry, I'll make sure you hear about them when they're finally out. -- You've been kind of scarce around here lately - good to see you're back.
  19. wizrd

    New knife?

    A small zip-tie attached at the hole on a Spyderco will accomplish the same thing. It's a neat function, but if you use it all the time - your going to wear out the edges of your pants pockets...just saying.
  20. wizrd

    Ammo Prices ??

    Bought a bulk pack, 800 Federal .22 LR. yesterday. Price was $65.00 - an increase of $20 from 3 months ago. This price was from a big-box store that has been keeping it's prices very reasonable. Ten months ago, same ammo was $ 70 for a case of 1600.
  21. wizrd

    New knife?

    Steel Will Scylla, listed as a 'top opener', drop point has become my new favorite EDC, - around a $50 price on the net. D2 steel, which is planer blade steel. The top opening feature also allows it to deploy instantly when pulling it from your pocket, you just catch the edge of your pocket...
  22. wizrd

    One more step towards socialism. Mandatory $15/month internet access for poor people

    Anyone in favor of this bullshit is one dumb bastard, - just saying.
  23. wizrd

    Big Green Is Back (Remington Ammo)

    Did find some Remington .300 Savage, at Gander in Cicero yesterday. - At $ 49.95 per box of 20 - I'm glad I don't own one.
  24. wizrd

    Baby killed, two other children shot on Grant Ave. in Syracuse

    Whoever is responsible for this should be horse whipped, - flogged until dead, - in Clinton Square. With food vendors and bands there, make it a damn festival.
  25. wizrd

    House inches closer to enacting slavery reparations

    I want reparations to America, from the black community for the 13 billion dollars in damage done in race riots - DURING MY LIFETIME!
  26. wizrd

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    The benches at the rifle range are close to the road. Only a 20 foot carry from car to bench. Us old retired gators like the convenience. Outdoor ranges are not supposed to be used before 9:00 a.m. -- As for the 'rapid fire' - most guys I know don't have enough ammo to do that right now...
  27. wizrd

    Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Adviser

    You thought those were crickets you heard, by the governor's mansion that night - but you were mistaken, - they were zippers!
  28. wizrd

    Knife Sharpening

    Good review, Brother - thank you.
  29. wizrd

    Troopers in Williamson arrest woman for Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd. Degree

    Legal to smoke weed TODAY - APRIL 1, 2021 in NYS. That's the headline story in newspaper tonight...just saying. It's OK right now, - to carry up to 3 ounces, have 6 - 12 plants cultivating, - possess up to 3 or maybe 5lbs. - (I forget which) - and smoke it in public, sidewalks, streets...
  30. wizrd

    Knife Sharpening

    Miles, - we're gonna need a detailed report on that sharpener - just saying.
  31. wizrd

    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    a local Runnings store had SOME primers last week. They split up the cartons, and were selling the primers for $ 3.99 a hundred, limit 200. This isn't anywhere near 'gouger/scalper' pricing. Seen them at $30 a hundred locally, and also at $ 300 per thousand, locally.
  32. wizrd

    The World Is Facing a Coffee Deficit in Supply Chain ‘Nightmare’

    Article in local paper on 'backups' of unloading ships at ports. Said untold numbers of ships are waiting unloading, - with some ports having 50 - 60 ships backed up. - Normal numbers are maybe 4 or 5. - It went on to say that a large container ship can take 8,000 trucks to unload it's cargo...
  33. wizrd

    Trail cam pics

    Town of Verona, near hamlet of Churchville, off Happy Valley Rd. - This lion is constantly lurking edge of woods, couple hundred yards off the road.
  34. wizrd

    Nothing beats homemade pastrami ..

    3 -4 weeks ago, in Rome NY - a guy caused a big stir. - He was grilling - a whole 'canine type' animal carcass, on his gas grill. Neighbors saw it, freaked out, thought he was cooking a dog, - called police, animal control, DEC, big to-do in the local news, - DEC had some of carcass tested -...
  35. wizrd

    DONE 12 Gauge Ammo Boxes

    Stop by any popular trap, skeet or clays range - every guy will have an empty box in his vehicle.
  36. wizrd

    BREAKING: 9th Circuit Rules Americans Have No Right to Carry Guns, Either Open or Concealed

    " Shall NOT be infringed " - I KNOW what that means. - How do you say - "Bring it, motherfuckers." - in Latin?
  37. wizrd

    Revolver Capacity

    "...shall NOT be infringed" = fuk 'em!
  38. wizrd

    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    Wake me when they start auctioning off 'single' primers.
  39. wizrd

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    Will be later this year - look for it to happen in September or November 2021. Due to ('ah-hem' - covid restrictions) - AND a lack of available firearms at the shops, - instead of awarding firearms prizes every day for the month, - one winner EACH day of the month will receive $ 500.00 -...
  40. wizrd


    A book by Jim Cirillo - "Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights, - tales of a modern day gunfighter" - covers this topic of learning to shoot WITHOUT using your sights, - excellent book. Jim had the dubious honor of being the NYPD officer, in a special undercover unit, with the most 'shoots' in his career.
  41. wizrd

    Thruway Sporting Goods in Walden?

    Every place - has the smallest stock of long guns in 30 years...just saying.
  42. wizrd

    Scam- Tyler t grip order

    NOT mail fraud, by definition - the post office won't investigate cases involving less that $50.00 - Just saying. OP states he out $ 46.00.
  43. wizrd

    Who ships automatics to NY?

    Have dealt with Cutlery Shoppe a lot - check back occasionally for some good sales.
  44. wizrd

    Who ships automatics to NY?

    Automatics still cannot be shipped thru USPS, (illegal laws) - sellers use UPS or Fed-EX. No problem with the cutlery shoppe shipping to NY.
  45. wizrd

    Who ships automatics to NY?
  46. wizrd

    Anyone ice fish on here?

    If you use face book, - Oneida Lake Diehards specifically targets Oneida Lake. Some guys on there will gladly help you if your looking for some 'first time' ice fishing experience, or tips. Tons of fish pics, and lots of tips for the beginner.
  47. wizrd

    Pistol permit psych eval?

    Have your wife wear a pro-Biden shirt to the test facility - problem solved.
  48. wizrd

    Ammunition found locally today

    You can bitch about the big box stores, but I haven't seen any that are asking really outrageous prices for ammo. But, it's New York state - and every day in business may be your last...just saying.
  49. wizrd

    Andrew Cuomo Says He Won’t Support an Independent Investigation Into New York’s COVID Nursing Home Disaster

    If you remember a while back, Cuomo disbanded his own commission on government corruption - when the pointers started sniffing around his office.
  50. wizrd

    I am stupid. So tell me how States can legalize Marijuana in defiance of Federal Law ?

    Some of you seem to sometimes forget the most basic human right - the right to be left the fuck alone. - And, while you're pondering that, ask yourself - do we REALLY need over 5 million federal laws on the books?