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    Gavin Newsom invites worlds homeless to come to Kalifornia
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    ATF nominee mocks gun buyers as Tiger Kings prepping for Zombies

    ATF nominee mocks gun buyers as ‘Tiger Kings’ prepping for zombies
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    Immigrants like me have to reject the new America hatred

    Great article well worth a read Immigrants like me have to reject the new America-hatred
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    Facebook oversight member says Free Speech is not an absolute human right

    FB oversight member says free speech ‘is not an absolute human right’
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    White House welcomes U.N. probe of racism in America

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomes UN probe of ‘racism’ in US
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    Chicago rapper shot 64 times outside of jail right after release

    Chicago rapper KTS Dre shot at least 64 times, killed after jail release
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    Biden White House runs interference for latest Hunter sleaze

    Biden White House runs interference for Hunter’s latest sleaze
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    Trump sues Face Book, Twitter and Google for censorship of American People

    Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google for ‘censorship of the American people’
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    Facebooks new extremism warning causes concern among conservatives

    we truly are living in a Bizzarro World Facebook warns users of extremism as conservatives slam ‘Orwellian thought police’
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    Blinken - Americans can now choose gender on passport

    Blinken: Americans can pick their passport gender Applicants for a US passport will now be able to choose whether they identify as male or female and won’t need medical certification if their choice differs from the gender listed on other documents like a birth certificate, Secretary of State...
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    Americas first black billionaire calls for reparations and wants his cut too

    BET billionaire Robert Johnson calls for $14T in reparations — and wants a check too America’s first black billionaire, Robert Johnson, is pushing hard for the government to pay $14 trillion in reparations — and he wants his check just like everyone else. “Reparations would require the entire...
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    National Archives' racism task force says own Rotunda example of 'structural racism

    National Archives’ task force cites Rotunda as example of ‘structural racism’
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    Biden to blame crime wave on guns rather than post protest tolerance for lawlessness

    Biden to blame crimewave on guns rather than post-protest tolerance for lawlessness
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    Chris Cuomo ripped on Twitter after seeking examples of bias

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo ripped on Twitter after asking for examples of his bias
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    The tide is turning against the woke liberal blob that’s misruling us

    The tide is turning against the woke-liberal blob that misrules us
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    Biden’s land management nominee collaborated with Eco Terrorists , traded testimony for immunity

    Biden Land Management nominee ‘collaborated with eco-terrorists,’ traded testimony for immunity
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    Why The Biden Regime may only have months to live

    The Three-way Squeeze | Kunstler
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    Get ready for a full scale Democrat Civil War

    Damn wouldn’t this be nice Get ready for a full-scale Democratic civil war
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    Biden wants to double Tariffs on canadian Lumber

    Biden administration could double Canadian lumber tariffs even as wood and construction costs soar
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    Putin to press Biden on Capitol Rioters Human Rights

    LMAO Putin to press Biden on human rights of Capitol rioters, Russia says
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    “Looks like she’s 19” uproar over Biden’s remark about girl at Virginia Military Base

    Creepier and Creepier Uncle Joe gets ‘Looks like she’s 19’: Uproar after Biden’s remarks about girl at Virginia military base
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    Chicago Mayor - No interviews with White Reporters

    Chicago’s mayor refuses to give interviews to white reporters
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    We tried Democracy and it failed - adoring El Salavadorans swoon over their millennial dictator

    'We've tried democracy and it failed': Adoring El Salvadorians swoon over their millennial dictator
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    Caitlyn Jenner officially running for California Governor

    Caitlyn Jenner Jumps Into California Governor’s Race
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    Biden Admin to sell critical piece of 9 / 11 history to Indonesia

    Critical piece of Sept. 11 history set to be sold to Indonesia
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    Will America survive Joe Biden ?

    Will America Survive Joe Biden? | Kunstler If you want to understand the complete failure of moral authority in America, seek no further than the gothic doings of the Biden family, especially now that the President’s degenerate son, Hunter, has been rewarded with a $2-million advance-against...
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    China warms U. S. Not to boycott Winter Olympics

    China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics
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    AOC - “ calling border crisis a surge pushes white supremacy "

    :banghead: AOC says calling border crisis a ‘surge’ pushes white supremacy
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    Trump launches official post presidency website

    Donald Trump launches official post-presidency website
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    Kamala discusses “ empowering “ women with Bill Clinton

    You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried
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    Buttigieg pushing mileage tax

    Death by a thousand cuts Buttigieg: A mileage tax 'shows a lot of promise'
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    Pelosi says Biden’s approach to migrant crisis shows “ love of children “

    Well she’s right about his “ love for children “ Pelosi says Biden approach to migrant crisis shows ‘love of children’
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    AOC calls for full investigation into Cuomos nursing home scandal

    AOC calls for ‘full investigation’ into Cuomo nursing home scandal
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    L.A. School Board votes to replace school resource officers with " Climate Coaches "

    WTF ? LA school board votes to replace school resource officers with "school climate coaches"
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    Biden says Uighur genocide just part of China’s different “ norms “

    Biden dismisses Uighur genocide as part of China’s ‘different norms’
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    The ugly truth about “ Honest Joe “

    Ugly truth about ‘Honest Joe’: Devine Now that the election is over and President Biden is installed in the White House, it’s safe for the truth about his character to dribble out. And what do you know? Turns out the ethical standards of “Honest Joe” aren’t worth a hill of beans. Starting...
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    The Trials of Wokery

    If you've never heard of Jim Kunstler I would definitely recommend checking his writing out The Trials of Wokery | Kunstler
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    France says No Thanks to U.S. “ woke-ism “

    The French are absolutely right to say ‘no thanks’ to US woke-ism
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    Biden gushes about Hunters upcoming memoir

    o_O “my boy is back” Biden gushes about son Hunter’s new memoir in CBS interview
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    Iran issues ultimatum to U,S. over nuke deal

    Iran says US must lift all sanctions to return to 2015 nuclear deal
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    Biden’s family already cashing in on his Presidency

    All fucking scumbags Biden brood already cashing in on Joe’s presidency: Goodwin
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    Biden forming committee to study Supreme Court reform

    Biden assembling commission to study Supreme Court ‘reform’: report
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    Biden picks Trans Gender Woman as asst. Health Secretary

    Biden picks 1st transgender person for Senate-confirmed post
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    McConnel says Capitol Rioters were provoked by Trump

    FUMM Mitch McConnell says Capitol rioters ‘were provoked by the president’
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    Welcome to Schumer and Pelosis new Abnormal

    Welcome to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s new abnormal: Goodwin
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    Octopus of Big Tech is Strangling America Two days after the 2020 election, a defiant Kathy Griffin retweeted the notorious picture of her holding a prop that looked like the bloody head of a decapitated Donald Trump. Earlier last year, Iran’s supreme leader...
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    Liz Chaney will vote to impeach Trump

    FULC Rep. Liz Cheney, No. 3 House Republican, will vote to impeach Trump
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    Heckler interrupts live Schumer press conference

    Start watching at 21:00 Unhinged heckler interrupts Chuck Schumer press conference
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    Trump pits an end to Obama’s 12 year run as most admired man

    Donald Trump puts an end to Barack Obama’s record 12-year streak as America’s ‘most admired’ man
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    Cuomo callously tells restaurants to “be grateful“ for the crumbs he’s letting them have.

    Andrew Cuomo callously tells restaurants to be grateful