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  1. 1911guy

    Border Tensions Escalate as Asian Giants India and China Battle for the Himalayas 7/25/21

    I didn't ask for your permission, Moseyboy, for anything.
  2. 1911guy

    Border Tensions Escalate as Asian Giants India and China Battle for the Himalayas 7/25/21

    I would put Mosinitis on ignore, except for the excellent counter points made by others who challenge him.
  3. 1911guy

    hunter orange.

    I wear an orange garment when I hunt or enter the woods during hunting season. I do not think it should be a law. I also wear it when I snow blow my driveway. I don't think that should be a law, and I hope mentioning that I do wear it doesn't inspire a law!
  4. 1911guy

    In the 1980s, a Far-Left, Female-Led Domestic Terrorism Group Bombed the U.S. Capitol

    But Jan6 was the worst since the war of 1812 ;)
  5. 1911guy

    License Canceled After 50 years?

    32ACP???? It's the "James Bond" that makes it too dangerous. o_O
  6. 1911guy

    Massive anti communist demonstrations taking place across Cuba 7/11/21

    We should all face the fact that none of us is perfect (Except me, of course) :rolleyes:
  7. 1911guy

    Current State Election Audits of 2020

    Glad to hear you weren't hurt.
  8. 1911guy

    Current State Election Audits of 2020

    Does that mean when my mother who had dementia in the nursing home didn't know who I was that I was not her son?
  9. 1911guy

    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    I have one Shotgun primer. I'll let it go for a mere $37.47. PM me. :beer:
  10. 1911guy

    Companies are changing personnel titles to be gender neutral.

    I will label myself as "Commenter Extraordinaire."
  11. 1911guy

    Companies are changing personnel titles to be gender neutral.

    What agency regulates what you call the Head of some office, board, etc?
  12. 1911guy

    South Africa SHTF/ Apocalypse situation

    Are we so sure that's not Portland?
  13. 1911guy

    NYSRPA, Editor of Bullet magazine

    I joined NYSRPA many years ago. When Tom King gave himself a salary I stopped paying dues.
  14. 1911guy

    China's Military Preparing for U.S. Intervention in Taiwan Strait

    Obama took the bold step of providing blankets to Ukraine in the previous intrusion from Russia. :rolleyes:
  15. 1911guy

    Midway and Larry, who can now back pedal like Dion Sanders : )

    I recall that all the drive-by bayonettings prompted that law. :rolleyes:
  16. 1911guy

    Judge overturns California’s ban on assault weapons

    Finally, a good judge in California! Expect appeals and 9th cir.
  17. 1911guy

    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Was Hillary even around back then?
  18. 1911guy

    Albany insanity: expunge criminal records and fingerprint/DNA records for felons

    With all these efforts to make it easy for felons to assimilate into society.... It's obviously working to reduce crime :ROFL:
  19. 1911guy

    NY penal law 265.05 ... Am I reading this right ... LOL ..

    There were no training wheels when I was kid. Lots of scraped elbows and knees... But I still had a bb gun (Daisey)
  20. 1911guy

    Beretta will be importing the legendary Manurhin MR73!

    I think a revolver is a better choice in a survival (non-combat) situation.
  21. 1911guy

    Ma’Khia Bryant: Columbus police release bodycam footage of officer’s fatal shooting of teen

    Do you mean to say that you do not think it's flat????? ;)
  22. 1911guy

    Mad Maxine, Derek Chauvin must be guilty!!!!

    Another perspective. I wouldn't be surprised at a hung jury.
  23. 1911guy

    Adam Toledo, 13 year old shot

    His parents/etc are to blame. Who lets a 13 yr old out that late?
  24. 1911guy

    A well run Democratic city

    Thread title = oxymoron
  25. 1911guy

    Alabama Lifetime Permits and State Database of Prohibited Persons

    ... but subject to removal at any time or whim.
  26. 1911guy

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    Hmmm. Not supposed to start shooting before 9AM.
  27. 1911guy

    Knife Sharpening

    I use a two sided stone, one side fine. Just read up a little and it's pretty easy if you're careful. All those short cut tools are expensive to save a couple of minutes. Once you get it sharp, keeping it sharp is just two or three strokes on the stone once a week or so depending on how much...
  28. 1911guy

    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    I have one 209 primer that I am tucking away for my great grandson's education in 20 years.
  29. 1911guy

    BREAKING: 9th Circuit Rules Americans Have No Right to Carry Guns, Either Open or Concealed

    The ninth circuit is the most overturned in the country. Just saying.
  30. 1911guy

    Deal reached to legalize marijuana in NYS for recreational use (merged threads)

    At one time gambling (numbers, etc) and drug use were illegal and "Gangbusters" fighting those evils was a popular radio program. Since then the state has taken over the organized crime and taxes it for its own benefit. Today, government is organized crime. Evolution?
  31. 1911guy

    Active Shooter Situation at Colorado Grocery Store

    It's so hard to believe someone violated the store's "no guns" policy :rolleyes:
  32. 1911guy

    Ammo vs Hydraulic Press

    I'd much rather shoot it than crush it. But that's just me.
  33. 1911guy

    Shooting bench for truck bed

    I tried that long ago. I found the truck wriggled a lot with any slight shift in body position. Not worth it.
  34. 1911guy

    2021 Gardening Thread

    I'm surprised the left hasn't banned seed catalogs. After all those grow lamps are a waste of energy when you can wait just couple more weeks and get some solar energy on the garden, :rolleyes: :smilingimp:
  35. 1911guy

    Democrats Need a ‘Yes’ Vote on Gun Control from Joe Manchin

    I hope you are correct. But even if you are, it shows how precarious the 2A has become.
  36. 1911guy

    Democrats Need a ‘Yes’ Vote on Gun Control from Joe Manchin

    I don't think Republicans are 100% against gun control.. It looks bad to me.
  37. 1911guy

    Is There a Reason U.S. Media Pushing Weird “Biden Plays Mario Kart” Story?

    I get it now. Best wishes. Enjoy the arcade games : :beer:
  38. 1911guy

    Is There a Reason U.S. Media Pushing Weird “Biden Plays Mario Kart” Story?

    Speaking of dementia == how old do you think Trump was in 1939?
  39. 1911guy

    Open Carry (security vs. us)

  40. 1911guy

    Open Carry (security vs. us)

    The basic flaw in this entire thread is that you make the assumption that gun control laws make sense.
  41. 1911guy

    Running a little experiment on GunBroker auction

    I have one shotgun primer. Make me an offer.
  42. 1911guy

    I need help answering this political question.

    I hate to admit this: I live in Oneida county. Our republican county executive endorsed him in an election not so long ago. Go figure!!
  43. 1911guy

    BREAKING: Former FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Sentenced to PROBATION After Falsifying Document in Trump Spygate Scandal

    Probation and loss of respect is light punishment for what he did to Trump and his workers.
  44. 1911guy

    Israel Threatens Possible Strike On Iran If Biden Rejoins Nuclear Deal

    Israel did a good job or destroying Iraq's nuclear plant without an invasion. Well planned air strike.
  45. 1911guy

    USA shipping containers companies shipping empty containers back to China hurting USA farmers

    I agree with you, BUT the consumer has little choice since stores with reasonable prices only stock China stuff. Finding something made in USA is near impossible.
  46. 1911guy

    While defending against impeachment ... Willl trump be able to make the case of election fraud ?

    Constitution says that Chief Justice will preside over impeachment of a SITTING President. Trump is not a sitting president.
  47. 1911guy

    Pistol applications

    reply to Midnightowl: They voted for Cuomo. He did the the 30 day thing.
  48. 1911guy

    NRA files Bankruptcy