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  1. ikilledkenny

    2021 Gardening Thread

    its never too early in the year i guess? seeding some lettuce, parsley and basil
  2. ikilledkenny

    Striker Fired Steel Frame Pistols

    Striker Fired Steel Frame Pistols with the following striker fired steel frame capacity (10+) compact no manual thumb safety are there any on the market? walther q4 is one i found. [any one have this?] kahr t, k seems low capacity?
  3. ikilledkenny

    Fabric / Brand recommendation

    after yesterday's mis adventures, my clothes were so noisy, that it spooked dear instantly (it will take a while for me to get over the missed buck, i hate failures) any brand/fabric/camo recommendations, that can help stay stealthy, warm, dry, invisible. appreciated.
  4. ikilledkenny

    I Voted

    First time ever. I am excited, worried and grateful Trump all the way!
  5. ikilledkenny

    holster for p320 rxp xcompact looking at both models, front sight for my model 'RXP xcompact', is slightly taller than 'xcompact' looking for a kydex owb holster and cant seem to find one specifically for this model. does...
  6. ikilledkenny

    DONE dp-12

    1200 includes case (Plano All Weather Rifle MiUSA) only thing added to the shotgun was iron sights ( Standard Manufacturing Flip Up Front & Rear Iron Sights ) shot 3 times i think, may be a total of 100 slugs only. you pay FFL Fees.
  7. ikilledkenny

    PA Resident

    not sure if this is appropriate forum [or i should be checking in a PA forum?] living in 2 states. question: Can you have a drivers license in one state [ny] and have PA ID card [non drivers license], if you are a dual resident? does PA allow this (or do you have to surrender ny license and...
  8. ikilledkenny

    Filson summer sale bought a bunch of stuff yesterday. you rarely see this kind of sale from filson. they still make some of their flagship stuff [tin cloth] and others in US of A. last decade or so they have been outsourcing quiet a bit. each product under description should...
  9. ikilledkenny

    12g ammo for home defense recommendation?

    ammo recommendation? is 00 ok? i have bunch of #7.5 for clay shooting and a few #1.
  10. ikilledkenny

    Westchester pistol permit for the: Westchester County/ NYS Basic Pistol Safety Course this was the list of instructors that was on the website? any recommendations or just pick one and go?
  11. ikilledkenny

    M1A Scope recommendations

    I am looking to purchase a scope for my m1a. it is a M1A Scout squad. is it recommended to get it mounted by a professional or DIY?
  12. ikilledkenny


    hello from westchester. took NRA's Basic Rifle Shooting Course and Shotgun Course (last year). was very helpful [for someone like me who had zero exposure to firearms]. pretty much lone wolfing it to range when ever i get some time. [tough to find time with work schedule] Bit intimidating with...