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  1. Tucker Schwab

    Rifle weight for hunting

    Hi, I am looking for a new scope for a rifle of mine, the rifle is 8 pounds, and I was wondering how heavy of scope I would be able to put on it. With the heavier scopes that I am looking at, I get more features than a very lightweight scope. What is the heaviest gun you would be willing to...
  2. Tucker Schwab

    Scope magnification

    Hi, I was wondering how much magnification I would want to kill deer easily. I would like to keep this thread free of arguments about how far you should shoot deer. So, how much magnification would you want for every 100 yards? Thanks, Tucker
  3. Tucker Schwab

    CRKT Homefront thoughts

    What is everyone's thoughts on the crkt homefront hunter for gutting/skinning deer?
  4. Tucker Schwab

    Hunting shotgun

    Hi, I'm in the market for a hunting shotgun. I am not completely sure what to buy, but here is what I will do with it and my criteria, hope somone knows of a good gun for this. Criteria: Semi-auto Reliable High quality Under $1,250 Soft recoiling Purpose: Turkey hunting, more specifically...
  5. Tucker Schwab

    hunting with crossbows in NY width

    Hi, I got a question about hunting with crossbows in NY; so I want a ten point rdx 400, and it is not quite wide enough. Could i add material to the end of the limbs to make it legal? I have looked all over and can find no one else talking about this, and no laws against it. I would add about a...