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  1. wizrd

    Remington is shipping new ammo..

    Sunday & Monday - Aug. 1 & 2, saw probably 12 cases of 9mm plain vanilla for sale in the local Runnings store. 115 gr. fmj. New Remington ammo - hopefully a little relief on the shortages. The bad news was, it's $ 24.99 for a box of 50. Runnings has kept their prices very reasonable thru the...
  2. wizrd

    Larry A. Elder is considering a run for political office!

    If you're not familiar with him, you should be. Mr. Elder is seriously considering a run for political office. If you would like to comment, his email is: - I first became aware of him, many years ago, through his book - "Ten Things You Can't Say in America" - highly...
  3. wizrd

    Camden Rod & Gun June 2021 Gun-A-Day Raffle...DELAYED

    Will be later this year - look for it to happen in September or November 2021. Due to ('ah-hem' - covid restrictions) - AND a lack of available firearms at the shops, - instead of awarding firearms prizes every day for the month, - one winner EACH day of the month will receive $ 500.00 -...
  4. wizrd


    Talked to a friend in Connecticut yesterday. He moved to Groton a year ago, to work for electric boat, - building subs. - He requested a mail-in ballot for this years presidential election. - HE RECEIVED TWO OF THEM IN LAST FRIDAY'S MAIL! LET THIS SINK IN!
  5. wizrd

    Just win big on NY's Lotto - Take the Lump Sum!

    A couple weeks ago, NY state sent out letters to people receiving annuity payments from big lotto wins. - The gist of the letter was - "If New York State files for bankruptcy - your annuity payments will cease!" -- A foreboding message? - Be forewarned.
  6. wizrd

    F/S Glock 43 X - 10 rnd. magazine, brand new, unused.

    Bought mistakenly, - packaging opened, unused, new, Glock 43 X magazine. $ 20.00 shipped.
  7. wizrd

    DONE .270 Winchester brass - once fired

    SOLD / DONE -380 cases, once fired assorted brass, (R-P, Federal, Winchester), not cleaned or de-primed. Recently fired, still new & bright. $ 10.00 - PLUS actual shipping charges. First one to contact me gets it, I'll ship it, then you can send me a check or paypal for actual price. PM me...
  8. wizrd

    New Yorker's DO have bragging rights!

    I'm always bragging to my out-of-state friends: " MY Governor's a BIGGER ASSHOLE than your governor! " Never lost that argument yet.
  9. wizrd

    For Trappers...yes or no?

    Yesterday morning, within 50' of a road, easily seen by passers-by. Seems like it would just give anti-trappers more crap to bitch about. Would you trap further from the road, out of sight - or doesn't it make a damn, -- just wondering? No problem with you trapping guys here, just saying.
  10. wizrd

    Oneida County Pistoleers Lost a Friend

    A couple weeks ago, former Oneida County asst. pistol office clerk, Patrick Van Buskirk passed away. Having dealt with Pat frequently since 1990, until his recent retirement, he was always a wealth of information, and had considerable patience when dealing with my questionable arguments about...
  11. wizrd

    Illegal alien rapist & Westchester County - LET FREE!

    Yesterday - on Hannity - ILLEGAL ALIEN arrested for raping 14 year old in Westchester county. (SANCTUARY COUNTY). ICE SAID TO DETAIN FOR ARREST & DEPORTATION. -- Touchy - Feely Westchester lets illegal go free - due to their 'sanctuary status' - You can't make this shit up! -- BUILD THE DAMN...
  12. wizrd

    Oneida County restriction removal

    Word is a course is being offered to HELP get restrictions removed, that permit office & Judge are OK with. At present time, there is only 1 instructor offering this course. Inquiries will have to go through the permit office. I don't know if there are any specifics to take the course, (...
  13. wizrd

    Spyderco Fans - a neat add-on to make a wave opener.

    You can turn almost any Spyderco into a wave-opener in ten seconds, for about ten cents. This one is an Endura Clipit, using a small size zip-tie to create the 'wave opener'.
  14. wizrd

    A knife that COULD pay for itself !?

    CRKT Fulcrum 2 -- bought a couple of these, then bought a couple for my sons, - then I bought a couple more for gifting to friends & family. A patented opening mechanism, which at first - no one seems too be able to figure out. A guy brought one to the club a while ago, passed it around the...
  15. wizrd

    DONE Randall Model 26 Pathfinder Hunting Knife

    Never used, Randall 4" drop-point blade, stainless steel, Nice stag handle, weighs 6 oz. - brown leather sheath. Like new condition. Brass guard, red-white-blue-white-red spacers. $400.00 - priority mail shipping included. 3 day inspection, approval time. Paypal preferred, checks or money...
  16. wizrd

    BENCHMADE 8600BK Bedlam Automatic Knife - New

    New, never used or carried, 4" blade, black, plain edge. 154CM steel, hardness rc 58-60. Tip up, reversible skeletonized clip, textured black G-10 handles. 5.75" closed, 9.75" open, weight 7.3 oz. Lock - Axis pull release. Skull crusher/glass breaker at butt end. Nicely textured, hand filling...
  17. wizrd


    DONE / CLOSED / OVER I have a pre-paid Verizon wireless service card that I can no longer use, - switched service. If you use a pre-paid Verizon wireless card for any service, or know someone who can use it, first come, first serve. No one I know personally uses this to get service, good for...
  18. wizrd

    In need of knife repair...or need one pimped out?

    I had a celluloid handled Case slip joint that developed a bad case of corrosion / rust from outgassing. If you don't know what that is, it is deterioration of the celluloid scales, accompanied by rusting, corrosion to the steel. Anyways, look it up on a knife site for a better explanation...
  19. wizrd

    Camden Gun Raffle Winning Number Tonight

    June 1 - 841, Good Luck! June 2 - 432 June 3 - 927 -- (2nd win) KARMA KNIFE DRAWING SATURDAY, JUNE 9th. Good Luck! June 4 - 999 June 5 - 961 Guns, prizes from: June 6 - 513 June 7 - 052 June 8 - 818 June 9 - 588 June 10 -...
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  21. wizrd

    New plastic permits wearing out?

    A friend updated to the new plastic cards in Oneida county about 18 months ago. His permit is damned near unreadable now, picture worn pretty badly, printing worn off. Anyone else experiencing this yet? Is this still good, or does he have to purchase another? Planned obsolescense?
  22. wizrd

    Knife Show Sept.30 - Oct.1, 2017 Easton PA

    Not too far down Rte. 81. -- Great knife show - no guns. -
  23. wizrd

    SCOPE helps local shooter!1t5yKgBpsDCdVzg/
  24. wizrd

    Oneida County pistol stuff...

    Registered a new pistol the other day, and upgraded my old paper permit to the new plastic one. The clerks in the pistol office said there will come a time that the old paper permits will not be accepted anymore, there is no specific cut-off date for this, but they suspect it may happen by the...
  25. wizrd

    So, you didn't sell much at the gun show?

    Small gun show, in Clinton NY this past Sunday. You may not have sold much there. Maybe your business plan needs some tweeking. You had a Ruger Mini-14 5P for sale, - priced $ 200 MORE than my local shop, your Marlin 336W was priced $ 225.00 more than my local shop, - your Henry Carbine was $...
  26. wizrd

    Vernon National Shooting Preserve Gun Auction

    Saturday, May 13 -- 10:00 A. M. - at Vernon National Shooting Preserve. Auction by Hessneys Auction Service. See list at Hessney's page.
  27. wizrd

    On engraving costs...

    The subject of custom engraving comes up on this forum once in a while, wether it's concerning guns or knives. Looking into a new knife purchase, some engraving options were available for the knife I was interested in. We are talking a base price knife of $ 275.00 now. Laser engraving - of the...
  28. wizrd

    Cleaning up stainless...

    Bought a used S & W 64 a while back, had a few very minor marks, from regular usage, nothing really bad, a knowledgeable friend said to try cleaning up the minor scratches with this. Works wonders, no polish needed, -- very mildly abrasive, just one step up from jewlers rouge. -- I don't think...
  29. wizrd

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

    ...I used to be wizrd. Last place was kind of giving me an uneasy feeling for a few days, kind you get when you're invited to have dinner with Hillary & Bill.