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  1. Uzi

    DC police did notice a suspicious man dressed in Antifa garb wearing a concealed firearm. 9/18/21

    That earpiece looks like wireless earbuds. I like to wear mine with my FBI shirt and black sunglasses while going out for walks around town.
  2. Uzi

    Alligator captured in Hopewell Junction

    This might be a good thing for the gator now. It will probably be sent off to a care facility where it will be spoiled to death, maybe a nice one out of state. It's still tiny yet and will have many years of life to live. If it wasn't captured now, the soon to be overnight freezes in the coming...
  3. Uzi

    Who here is brave enough to buy this?

    Someone got screwed. No magazine. Doesn't even have a zinc receiver; it's freaking plastic. Probably cheaper to buy brand new too. A sucker born everyday.
  4. Uzi

    Interim camps for non vaccinated?? CDC website

    Woah, seems pretty authoritarian, but will there be snacks?
  5. Uzi

    Spikes new lower design samurai

    I've always been a big fan of the simple and subtle spikes spider logo on their basic lowers. It's not unlike the spyderco knife logo which I like, and is also subtle and tasteful looking. I opted to buy a few and am very happy with them. Samurai are cool but... These types of outlandish 3d...
  6. Uzi

    Full Auto in Chicago Street

    For those that don't already know at this point, a small piece of thin sheet metal the size of a credit card can allow you to make not one, but three full auto ar-15's. Anything but complicated and expensive.
  7. Uzi

    I want a "Giggle switch" ~~~

    I think it was Wish that was supposedly selling the china made glock switches until the feds found out. I believe a lot ended up making it to the streets of Chicago at the time years ago.
  8. Uzi

    Factories struggle to employ workers and compete with fast food restaurants pay

    Most of the food industry offers disposable and unskilled jobs. They're not good career choices. If this plandemic brings out different opportunities for people that don't like a slave life with a shit slave job, I don't see anything wrong with it. You can't blame anyone on unemployment right...
  9. Uzi

    US government said we’d add 1 million new jobs in April but we added 260,000 instead

    I blame stoOpid America, not just the young work force. Plenty of dumb fucks of all ages too ya know! Nobody willing to make sacrifices in their lifestyles when needed. Everything needs to be on demand and now. We've been losing a minimum of 500,000 to 1,000,000 jobs per week for over a year...
  10. Uzi

    Gov. DeSantis, THIS is how a true Governor acts

    Lifesaving heroic work during the extremely deadly and dangerous coronavirus pandemic more like! These first responders are forcibly put in positions where they are unable to even social distance 6ft! We need more enforcement to close down small businesses and enforce mask laws all over the...
  11. Uzi

    Ma’Khia Bryant: Columbus police release bodycam footage of officer’s fatal shooting of teen

    How dare that police officer stop the attempted stabbing and murder from that teenage ogre! What have we come to when hoodrats can't even freely murder without repercussions.
  12. Uzi

    LEO Posts Video Discussing Why He May Not Renew Concealed Permit

    Another "brave" officer, a public servant of tyranny sharing his heroic story where he did the right thing. Us mere citizens should all be so impressed.
  13. Uzi

    Rookie Question: Transporting rifles, ammo, magazines in NY what is allowed?

    So what if you're transporting a long gun in no car, truck or van, or any vehicle? What if someone wanted to walk, use a bicycle, or a motorcycle instead.
  14. Uzi

    NY legal faux/fake muzzle device

    I don't know man.. That thing looks like an assault thread protector. Has it talked back to you or anyone else yet after the installation?
  15. Uzi

    Cash on hand. What is needed?

    You should have as much cash as you feel comfortable with. We don't all have the same salaries or living expenses or bad spending habits and lifestyles. An emergency fund or savings for one person could be radically different in terms of necessity for another. There are things to obviously...
  16. Uzi

    Picked up a Buffet of Walthers Today

    Massive bold text "TITANIUM COATED" lol. It reminds me of a quarter panel with a fuel injection badge on a modern car or something. :ROFL:
  17. Uzi

    How bad is it? Scratch in barrel extension

    It's probably not going to be an issue, but you might want to try to apply a small amount of Neosporin over the scratch now to be safe. You'll want to avoid any iron oxide formation which can infect the barrel if the exposed area contacts salts from the burnt powder residue. Wait a week and let...
  18. Uzi

    House Bill H.R. 127 2021 Gun Control (Multi-Merged threads)

    Tyrannic government doesn't care about how people feel though. They're all one big team working together. As long as the police continue to enforce unconstitutional laws, ignore criminal politicians, carry out any illegal orders on a routine basis, which the overwhelming majority always have...
  19. Uzi

    Got a nice birthday gift today, black powder pistol kit

    There's really nothing to build. ‍ :idk:
  20. Uzi

    Todays walmart score

    People that actually have the money to pay for things.
  21. Uzi

    AR Mag Lock...maybe compliant?

    There is a reason the maglock isn't being used in NYS for AR sales. The maglock is designed specifically so the magazine can be and remain detachable. It's designed for California's laws, not NYS laws. There's like a 100,000,000 threads on this already. Some here call it debatable, but in fact...
  22. Uzi

    ATF and Pistol Braces part 2..

    Guys, relax! Donald Trump is still president. He won't let this go a single step further. By dinner time tonight, this will probably all blow by like nothing ever happened. Your main concerns should really be what hand guns and rifles you plan on getting when Trump abolishes the safe act and...
  23. Uzi

    Does anyone use a Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 Trigger Guard Holster?

    I'll never understand why people would want to run this type of "holster". It's a fucking awful idea whoever came up with it, and I wish I could punch them in the face.
  24. Uzi

    ATF and Pistol Braces part 2..

    This is precisely why I decided to purchase a cheaper atf approved brace and not bother to upgrade it.
  25. Uzi

    Poughkeepsie Police nab misunderstood youth with Uzi-style weapon

    Those scary Uzi guns fire 30 caliber clips in half a second I heard. :tinfoil:
  26. Uzi

    Mandatory vaccine for NY (anyone confirm?)

    Motherfucker! Ugh!
  27. Uzi

    Election Coverage And Results Thread

    Biden wins 2020 presidential election
  28. Uzi

    ATF at it again, this time AR and AK pistols as AOW

    It's okay, Donald Trump is pro second amendment guys, he won't let this happen or anything like it. :ROFL:
  29. Uzi

    Fall hunting is like a walk in the park

    Where was this photo taken? It's not dark, overcast, gloomy, wet, cold, or depressing looking, and I see a strange blueish color in the sky?
  30. Uzi

    Rochester Police Captain tells it like it is.....Finally!

    So, it's nice that he recognizes more gun laws are not the answer and he doesn't like the crime... fantastic, but wait... enforcing these existing unconstitutional gun laws while putting emphasis on keeping Joe Shmoe in jail longer for carrying 1 rounds too many in the city or state for his...
  31. Uzi

    A new approach to an old concept, belly band

    Not seeing anything innovative here really. I've used a band on and off for years to carry heavier handguns. Does work great under hoodies and jackets. I don't like them much though because the trigger is not covered at all, but I have to wonder why I'd spend $200 on this when I can just take...
  32. Uzi

    Gun shop owners struggle during ammo shortage

    Yup, makes sense. I've been wanting to buy another handgun too, but why would I when I can't find any ammo to use it anywhere? It's almost stupid I think to delve into my limited supply of ammo during a pandemic crisis. As much as I want to continue training and refining shooting skills, the...
  33. Uzi

    3 days carrying the Glock 19 in a Galco Miami Classic

    You've mentioned this a lot. It is NOT generally correct at all I think. I think for a good portion of older obese gentleman :cough: nygunforum, it may be true I guess, but if you're healthy and have no overhanging fat laying over your belt, appendix is very quick and king. I can pull out a...
  34. Uzi

    State Police arrest an Ontario County resident for Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd degree (Class C Felony),

    The police departments will spend a half hour or so to stack them all neatly on a folding table and take pictures standing next to them like they captured the head of the mafias weapon stash to post on thier facebook page. Maybe if they found a dime bag of weed, they'd toss that in too for a...
  35. Uzi

    Momumental Ass-Whooping of Antifa Scum

    Shitty video quality and lame bitch fighting. I'm disappointed and was hoping for better footage.
  36. Uzi

    Let’s Talk Statues.

    You're absolutely correct. Many here will continue to repeat that "soon there will be a civil war" and "martial law is coming", and they clearly don't understand modern America. It's like a virus that has spread globally, effecting everyone, far worse than any pandemic we've ever seen. American...
  37. Uzi

    Micro Roni or KPos?

    You're comparing a slide with skeletonized machining which isn't the same thing at all. Just because you machined fancy designs into a critically required component for normal operation like the slide, does not make it a barrel shroud or an accessory that would be categorized or defined as an...
  38. Uzi

    Micro Roni or KPos?

    Just want to say that I'm all for people ignoring the stupid safe act, and good for you if you do, but lets not sit here and pretend this system installed on your Sig or Glock in NYS is not in clear violation of the safe act while clearly meeting its "assault pistol" definitions. You have a...
  39. Uzi

    Plainclothes Louisville Police Raid Wrong Home, Shoot Homeowner Eight Times

    "Oops, Sorry about that. Ima head out." :rolleyes:
  40. Uzi

    Tasers/Stun Guns

    While you're trying to find a store that will actually ship to NY with the ban still in place, The police will be eagerly waiting and ready to get raging boners with drool running down their chin just to make an arrest while finding anyone in possession of one in NYS. Won't matter if it was...
  41. Uzi

    Latest knife restoration with my son. Italian

    The rivets that run through the scales on stilettos are not all the same. Traditionally there are rivets that run all the way through the frame and outside the handles which are peened when the knife is assembled. These are larger, but still clear the blades edge when folded. These will hold the...
  42. Uzi

    Auto knife thread

    Only thing about that exemption is, they still banned stiletto knives, and separately from automatic and switchblade knives. It doesn't matter if it's a switchblade/automatic at that point, it's the type of knife itself that is also still banned by name without its own exemption. On top of...
  43. Uzi

    ..."Show me your Permit"!!...buying ammo

    Don't wait till doomsday to buy your extra ammo. :idk:
  44. Uzi

    Any chance pistol permits won't be delayed because of COVID-19?

    HAHA! two weeks? :ROFL: Check back in 6 months, maybe you'll get a reply from someone. logic doesn't apply here in NYS. If "things are slower", it isn't best to assume you'll benefit from it somehow. Prepare to be very disappointed.
  45. Uzi

    What is the legal consensus on the juggernaut hellfighter kit in NY?

    I mean you're certainly entitled to as many opinions as you wish but, Ability would describe the firearm's operational functionality that it actually possesses. That is what the word would imply within definition. Even if some idiot judge took your misunderstood opinion and ruled fixed firearms...
  46. Uzi

    Ankle Knives

    Anything fixed that isn't a dirk or "dagger", so no stiletto or double edged blades. It's not condoned, but most members here carry illegal knives anyways. At least 50% of them have no clue it's even illegal in the state. So the number one thing to do is not get caught and frisked by police. Why...
  47. Uzi

    Which one of you guys owns a liquor store. Red flag law (merged thread)

    Maybe the woman worker there was an asshole, many women do play the victim, but the son is certainly a loud mouth douche bag. He set himself up ultimately by mentioning "I will physically eject her out" "I will permanent end shit in here right fucking now". That is a threat of assault. He...
  48. Uzi

    Pennsylvania Pistol renewal notification ~~~for those who need to renew SOON!

    Good to know, but I didn't mention anything about open carrying. I mentioned CCW. That means carrying a concealed weapon. Since you randomly brought that up though, I would never open carry in public anyways. It's just a stupid alternative, period. Doesn't matter what state I'm in or where I...
  49. Uzi

    Pennsylvania Pistol renewal notification ~~~for those who need to renew SOON!

    LOL! This really cracks me up because not only did I get a letter months and months before my CCW renewal was due in NYS very recently as a simple reminder, but it is free and can be done online and I don't need to be in NYS in person at the clerks office. So in all honesty this is actually...