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  1. Uzi

    Bumpstocks no more.

    Just a friendly reminder, the unconstitutional anti second amendment bump stock ban made possible by the Trump administration that also redefined dangerously what is considered fully automatic in the process, went into effect on the 26th I believe. I just didn't want to ignore it and pretend...
  2. Uzi

    Washington state bill to ban 'philosophical' vaccine exemptions

    Washington state bill to ban 'philosophical' vaccine exemptions moves forward Washington state bill to ban 'philosophical' vaccine exemptions moves forward Washington state is embroiled in an ongoing battle over the fate of vaccine exemptions. As of Friday, a bill is one step closer to...
  3. Uzi

    Transporting Firearms While Motorcycling/Bicycling/Walking

    So, What's the law on this in NYS? Carrying handguns/pistols/revolvers are self explanatory as they're concealed already. What about everything else? Does one have to LEGALLY use a car/truck to transport their rifles and shotguns? It seems strange that you'd legally have to own any vehicle at...
  4. Uzi

    Police release body camera videos of college students being pulled over at gunpoint

    Leave it to the trained professionals. :ROFL: Police release body camera videos of college students being pulled over at gunpoint Police release body camera videos of college students being pulled over at gunpoint
  5. Uzi

    Ebay "Muzzle Brakes"

    Some of them sure do look interesting on ebay. Almost like gemtech suppressor baffles without the threaded sleeve, just sayin' ;) Also, Sig made something like this labeled as a muzzle brake years ago. Their version did have the threads added, but the muzzle brake alone was deemed a suppressor...
  6. Uzi

    New York Confiscation of Firearms for Domestic Abusers.

    Maybe it's been posted already, if so MOD's can delete this. New York tightens gun restrictions for domestic abusers - CNNPolitics (CNN)People convicted of domestic abuse in New York will now have to turn over all firearms, not just handguns, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. "New York is...
  7. Uzi

    bear flag defense bf10

    I did a quick search and couldn't find anything on these. If it's already been posted, then admins can just delete this post. I didn't hear anything about these though personally. I like how compared to the Mean arms MA loader, these do NOT close your bolt automatically.
  8. Uzi

    SAFE ACT 2017 short version

    Found this online today. Looks like there is also a longer extended version as well on this channel too.
  9. Uzi

    Police Shoot Fat Black Man 45 Times

    Dindu nuffin!
  10. Uzi

    Officer Involved Incident Shows How Fast Everything Can Go South

    Man, That's a quick mag dump!
  11. Uzi

    Comedy Central's "Solve Guns"

    Comedy Central at it again with more anti gun propaganda bullshit. I guess this is on tonight at 10pm. They hated trump's tweet, because it's 100% correct. Jordan Klepper on How He Solved Guns - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | Comedy Central
  12. Uzi

    Moving Around NYS With Existing Permit.

    Quick question, but I had never really thought about it. I don't not plan on moving into another county in NYS anytime soon, however if you already have a NYS pistol permit from one county and move into another, does that mean you need to redo the entire process again for whatever that county...
  13. Uzi

    Legality of "Featureless Rifles" in NYS

    So, since what someone believes a fixed magazine rifle is or isn't years into the passage of the safe act, that begs the question about featureless rifles for me now; Especially the ugly ones with neutered stocks and prick grips. This was taken directly from the safe act website. Judging by...
  14. Uzi

    Best Gun for Home Defense: Shotgun, AR-15, or Pistol?

    Great video, thought I'd share it here.
  15. Uzi

    DFW Magazine Holster - Just a Heads Up

    So I've been using a DFW magazine holster for maybe a few months now and the last week or so I've become pretty disappointed. The retention of the magazine is good enough where the magazine isn't going anywhere, but I have the correct size for my single stack magazine and I've had to tighten it...
  16. Uzi

    Man goes airborne trying to snatch protester's Confederate flag

    Bahaha, He was dropped pretty quick. South Carolina man goes airborne trying to snatch protester's Confederate flag
  17. Uzi

    Monroe County Parks laws / Carrying Concealed

    So out of curiosity, because all counties vary, I revisited laws and regulations for weapons in monroe county again. I couldn't find anything with a few quick searches for surrounding counties other than wayne county, which is roughly similar to what carrying in a NYS park would be like. Comes...
  18. Uzi

    Top 5 Calibers

    I like his list. Let the butthurt commence!!
  19. Uzi

    Cool NY compliant rifle option.

    This is pretty cool. Oh and FUCK YOU andy homo! Sa vz.58 Rifles - vz.58 Liberty 762CSM - Czechpoint
  20. Uzi

    Blacks Beat Up Trump Voter

    I accidentally posted this on NYS firearms. First post there in quite a while. Meant to post it here. Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter
  21. Uzi

    What Did You Buy Today? Thread.

    Lets Talk about some guns or accessories we just bought. Of course Include some pictures if you'd like. I'll start.... Today I bought an aluminum anodized vented barrel shroud and a billet grip stop for the AR's! :ar:
  22. Uzi

    Ouch, that actually hurt!

    So, I planned a nice little range day for today, and lately I haven't had too many positive experiences at the range, but today things were going a little better. I finally got one of my pistols working quite well without any malfunctions, so that was great. I'm testing a product replacement for...
  23. Uzi

    Can you legally shoot a friends "assault weapon".

    Wondering if you went to a range if you were legally able to shoot a friends or families registered assault weapon here in upstate NY. My guess is yes, you can, but I don't know for sure.