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  1. thegatman

    2021 Syracuse Gun Show, day 1

    Did they limit number of entries?
  2. thegatman

    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    Rolled up to show at 10 am. Line was at least a 2 hour wait. Turned around and left.
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    You know you have too many guns when…

    When you have to build another room to hold them all.
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    Gun Humor thread

    What about “take cover” that this guy doesn’t understand.
  5. thegatman

    Why can’t I find slugs??

    FFL friend has some 12 gauge sabots and regular slugs. He is in the Rochester, NY area. PM me and I will let him know.
  6. thegatman

    Use of night scope for hunting deer in NYS

    A friend has a ballistic scope that calculates trajectory and such. It also has night capabilities. Is this legal in our great state? Now with the hunting times changed, I think it would be beneficial. ATN X-Sight-II Smart Day/Night Hunting Rifle Scope with Full HD Video rec, WiFi, GPS...
  7. thegatman

    DONE GOOSE LOADS - Winchester Super X DryLok 12 gauge 3.5 inch BB - $12.00 a box

    Goose loads Winchester Super X DryLok 12 gauge 3.5 inch BB - $12.00 a box Local pickup only PM me with details.
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    DONE Ghillie suit. Extra large - Great shape - $50.00

    Ghillie suit in great shape - extra large. $50.00 Local Pickup or shipped (extra) PM me for payment.
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    ATF has a new regulation per an alert from the Firing Pin in Bergen NY

    A one day fishing license counts as govt’ issued documentation. I used my passport in my last transaction.
  10. thegatman

    Moving to Maryland?

    Good luck.
  11. thegatman

    DONE Meprolight Bullseye sight for Smith and Wesson Shield - $30.00 or B/O This sight fits the Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/40. I recently switched to a Lasermax so I do not need this sight. Easy to install and easy to use. $30.00 or Best Offer. Shipping included. PM me for payment details.
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    Tree stand thoughts

    I use tripod stands. Pretty portable. Can be moved to new area very easily. Do not need a tree. A little uncomfortable but easy to set up. Make sure you get the one that has locks on the legs to prevent it from folding up while you are in it. Downside: You can’t use a harness as there...
  13. thegatman

    Are Thunderbolts still ThunderDUDS?

    Had the same problem. Cleaned a batch by hand with solvent and relubed them. No problem so far.
  14. thegatman

    Morning prowler

    Robin, I am glad you are safe. Stuff like this is happening everywhere. I was surprised you didn’t confront with a flintlock.
  15. thegatman

    What gun did you pass on and regret it?

    Dem days are all gone bois
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    school me on gun broker .com

    Stay away from Gunbroker. Lots of scammers. They post guns they don’t have with listings from other sites. Always look for their rating. If they are NG or 0, stay away. Best way to check is ask them for a specific picture that is not in the listing. See if they respond. If you get ripped...
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    Hev’s bullets and more

    Correct on that.
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    DONE Small pistol primers. 500 count - $50.00 or B/O

    Bump with lower price
  19. thegatman

    DONE Powder coated bullets 200 grain 40 caliber /10mm

    Sold awaiting payment.
  20. thegatman

    F/S Federal small rifle match primers - 300 count. $35.00

    Federal small rifle match primers. 300 count. $35.00. Local pickup Rochester area. PM me for details.
  21. thegatman

    DONE Small pistol primers. 500 count - $50.00 or B/O

    Tula small pistol primers. 500 count - $50,00. Local pickup only. PM me to discuss payment. Rochester, NY area
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    Wolcott gun range, no friend to the 2nd

    You are all welcome to shoot at the Mendon Conservation League in Mendon, NY.!IMG_1398
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    DONE Powder coated bullets 200 grain 40 caliber /10mm

    For sale. $15.00 per hundred with flat rate shipping of $9.00. 300 hundred available. $40.00 plus $9.00 flat rate shipping takes all. PM me for payment info. These bullets are coated in red Hi-TEK coating and nicknamed "Lipstick" rounds These hard cast bullets are made from 92-6-2 alloy and...
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    Charlottesville Removes Robert E. Lee, Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea Statues

    Remove all statues. Waste of time and materials.
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    Primer alert / reloading thread.

    Check out Hessney ammo auction.
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    Gun Humor thread

    Fly by delivery?
  27. thegatman

    WTB Updated- WTB Mosin...

    Hessney auction has a Garand up now.
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    So where have all the Mossbergs gone?

    Check Hessney Auctions
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    DONE Pool Alarm for above/in ground pool - $75.00

    This is a must for anyone with kids. Brand new. Box and instruction a little damp but dry now. FTF or pay actual shipping. Let me know with a PM.
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    Motherload of Firearm Manuals

    Thank you. What a resource.
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    Scam but look at the prices

    These guys are posing as a gun shop in Marietta, GA. The site is fake. This business doesn't exist. When you call them, you get a message from Google voice. After that, the number will call you back, and some foreign guy, claiming his name is James, will repeatedly ask you if you can hear him...
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    Gun Humor thread

    There’s an App for that.
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    Gun Humor thread

  34. thegatman

    Husband of Rochester mayor led away in handcuffs

    assault rifle? I didn't know anything about a state restriction. oh yeah forbidden in the city per Mayor Warren's stint on City Council.
  35. thegatman

    Could she be dumber than AOC?

    Yeah. That will work.
  36. thegatman

    2021 Gardening Thread

    Update. Soil delivered. Waiting for warm up.
  37. thegatman

    BLM attacks man, steals his gun

    stay out of the area.
  38. thegatman

    Thompson center firearm dead?

    Ooops. Luckily I got rid of all my Thompson center products. I went with CVA.