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  1. Russ Woody

    DONE Lee 9mm Factory Crimp Die

    Will buy or trade stuff for Lee 9mm factory crimp die. Ebay is CRAZY priced
  2. Russ Woody

    My Portable Shooting Bench

    I started by laminating 2 pieces of 3/4" CDX plywood together with glue and screws. Then I painted the whole thing with a couple coats outdoor brownish paint. I then glued up some blocks of 2 x 6 approx. 6"x 6" and glued them up about 9" long to look like a 6" x 6" log x 9" long so I can cut...
  3. Russ Woody

    9 mm Dies in Stock

    Midwayusa. Lee 3 die set
  4. Russ Woody

    DONE Lee 4 Hole Turret

    Want to buy 1 or 2 Lee 4 hole Turret Press Quick Change Turret. I have 8 full but like to have extra on hand for deprime, bullet puller, quick trim dies, etc.
  5. Russ Woody

    F/S 178g .308 Hornady AMax 100 pcs.

    Supposedly wants to be shot in a barrel with a twist rate of 1:10. $35 plus actual shipping. USPS priority mail
  6. Russ Woody

    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I bought a handgun last week and did the 4473 on Friday. The FFL lady said it was delayed because NICS was down. OK, I get it. I go in today fully expecting to pick up my handgun and they said it was still delayed. Ok, no worries. Then I get the news that Cumhomo extended our 3 day wait for...
  7. Russ Woody

    DONE .308 RCBS FL Size Dies $50

    Selling my .308 RCBS FL Resize and decap, Seat and crimp dies. Loaded 50 rounds. Practically brand new. Box included. Set # 15501
  8. Russ Woody

    DONE WTB .308 Winchester Dies

    I am looking to get my grandson some .308 dies. I am familiar with Lee dies such as the 3 Die Pacesetter set or the 4 Ultimate Die set. I am not opposed to other die sets as I am an old dog but I can still learn stuff. I need the Full length die set as we are loading for a bolt gun or I would...
  9. Russ Woody

    Price of Powder on Gunbroker WTF?

    I was cruising Gunbroker for some H4198 powder yesterday. Those folks selling powder are fucking nuts. I saw a lot of 1 lb. containers for $100 +. A lot were more than that. My last pound was $38. One add had a "buy now" 8# container for $799. I shit you not. IMR 4064 was way up there too. I...
  10. Russ Woody

    Thanks tech1075 for the brass

    Thanks for sending that brass for my grandson. We received over 100 rds. of .308 brass in that Box you sent us. You the man. We have everything we need now except for the dies which I luckily found on ebay for a decent price. They will be in soon.
  11. Russ Woody

    762x51 Magtech Ammo any good?

    My Step grandson is wanting to buy a .308 and we are looking at ammo that has decent reloadable brass. 50 Rounds of Bulk 7.62x51 Ammo by Magtech - 147gr FMJ M80 ( Is this stuff any good? The only Magtech ammo I had was 9mm and that stuff IIRC had the little shelf in it that...
  12. Russ Woody

    My Elevated Box Blind

    Built this in 2017. The bottom floor is approx. 10' off the ground. I've got 2-3 deer every year since my son and I built this. We built it in the shop and took it apart and got it down in the woods. Each section is 4' wide and screwed together on site. The roof was a PITA to get up there as...
  13. Russ Woody

    Just ordered a Super Redhawk 44 Magnum

    From Buds Gun Shop. Got the one with the Hi Viz front sight. I traded in my Taurus 44 mag. They gave me $300 for it. I bought it for $450. I think I'm good for deer hunting now. I want to develop a 310g load for it. Missouri bullets has a "Hammer" Hi Tek coated. I'm all boned up.
  14. Russ Woody

    My Reloading vendor is moving

    I went to my reloading vendor up in Little York today to pick up some supplies only to find out they are moving to W. Virginia. I damn near got the last pound of Varget but the guy juuusssst before me got it. Anybody have a good vendor in the Cortland/ Tompkins/ Broome/Chenango county area with...
  15. Russ Woody

    Win 296 and Lee Auto Drum

    This stuff leaks out of my Auto Drum something terrible. I tried swapping drums, Over tightening drums that throw inconsistent loads. Does the Lee Auto Disk do any better? This stuff is a freaking mess. Inquiring minds.....
  16. Russ Woody

    Free 22-250 Rem Brass

    Free to a good home. Approx. 70 rds. tumbled but not decapped. Shoot me a PM. Range pick up, all in great shape. I will even pay shipping in NY. Somebody can use them. I am not interested in them at all. Will trade for 45 acp, 38, 357, 44 mag or 762 x 39 brass if I can. Russ P
  17. Russ Woody

    New Guy Central NY

    Howdy from Central NY. Russ P here. I am on several National forums. Glock Talk, 1911 forum, TFL, blah blah blah. Looking forward to getting to BS y'all some. Good luck bowhunting. Russ P